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The two officially recognized languages of Burundi are French and Kirundi. to 2,760 m); average annual temperature varies with altitude from 23 to 17 Northwest Africa French (spoken by about 36 million Maghrebis and Berbers people). chief of mission: Ambassador Mary Carlin YATES

uncontrolled cutting of trees for fuel); habitat loss threatens wildlife populations, Environment - international agreements:

However, be prepared for the Portuguese, Spanish or French that you hear there to sound quite different than it would in Europe.

Official Language: Portuguese. =_�:��*�|=^_}=nm���PAd��l�]՛���.�]�I�9c1aAm�Q�p��� R����jË`�w�Q.

cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by prime minister Of its three official languages, Kurundi is the one spoken by the majority of Burundi's population.

Below is the list of French-speaking countries in Africa where there is the highest percentage of people who speak French: Note: Algeria was a former part of the bigger metropolitan France and as a matter of fact, the second largest French-speaking African country with 57% of the population speaking French but has since refused to become recognized as a member of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie due to political tensions with France.

Burundi , officially the Republic of Burundi (Kirundi: Republika y'Uburundi, [u.βu.ɾǔː.ndi]; French: République du Burundi, [buʁundi] or [byʁyndi]), is a landlocked country in the Great Rift Valley where the African Great Lakes region and East Africa converge. English is the lingua franca, but the government also sponsors eight African languages, including Twi, Ewé, and Dagbani. 0-14 years: 46.5% (male 1,497,865; female 1,466,455) The capital cities are Gitega and Bujumbura. Burundi [ Uburundi - Burundi ] Official languages: Kirundi, French National Institutions: Gouvernement de la République du Burundi [Government of the Republic of Burundi] Political Parties: Conseil National pour la Défense de la Démocratie (CNDD) / Inama y'Igihugu Igwanira Demokarasi [National Council for the Defence of Democracy] Exploring Unknown Facts About John Legend’s Parents, His Love Story With Wife Chrissy and... Beth Thomas – Child of Rage Bio: What Did She Do To Her Brother,... Roch Marc Christian Kaboré (2015-present), Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (1979–present), São Tomé and Príncipe: 65% (as a foreign language as the official language is Portuguese), Burundi (another official language: Kirundi), Cameroon (another official language: English), Cape Verde (Portuguese is the main language), Central African Republic (another official language: Sango), Comoros (other official languages: Shikomor and Arabic), Djibouti (another official language: Arabic), Equatorial Guinea (other official languages: Spanish and Portuguese), Guinea-Bissau (the main language is Portuguese), Rwanda (Rwanda recently changed their official language to English but the older generation still speak French), São Tomé and Príncipe (the main language is Portuguese), Seychelles (other official languages: English and Creole). There are almost 250 languages in Cameroon. There are almost 250 languages in Cameroon. highest point: Mount Heha 2,760 m, Natural resources: nickel, uranium, rare earth oxides, peat, cobalt, copper, platinum (not

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