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We’ve saved you the trouble of running your batteries low by rounding up the best of the cheapest electric cars on sale.They're not all there – the Renault Twizy, for example, is more of a plaything than a serious consideration. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. Parkers cannot recommend a deal for you specifically. More recent ones have a bigger 41kWh battery for 180 miles of driving between charges. Renault’s new CEO says the firm is examining the possibility of reducing the range of models it offers to UK buyers as it aims to boost profitability, Honda has quietly phased-out its diesel-powered models in Britain, Have updates made the BMW 5 Series even better? The car is also fully connected through Skoda’s Connect App. The recently-facelifted Hyundai Ioniq Electric seems reasonable enough in isolation, it's been rather left behind by newer rivals (especially the brilliant Hyundai Kona Electric, though that's not available to buy at the moment) in terms of price, range and tech. The original Nissan Leaf arrived to the UK car market in 2010 and was … Thanks to the addition of two doors however, the EQ forfour is much more practical than the two-door EQ fortwo. Skoda’s ‘iV’ name tag signifies its plug-in and fully electric models, and the Citigo-e is Skoda’s first full EV. Like its sister car, the Mii Electric is good to drive, has a decent range, and is an excellent introduction to EV ownership. ZenAuto Limited's company registration number is 10967345. The cheaper SE edition of the Citigo-e iV has fewer toys and only conventional charging instead of the rapid DC CCS configuration that’s standard on the other models. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. It looks worth waiting for given its smart styling, wide choice of exterior colour combinations and a decent range and on-road driving experience. Finally, there’s the fully-electric Ioniq. For a £2,420 premium over the EQ fortwo hatchback, there’s even a convertible EQ fortwo for those more interested in hearing the whirr of the electric motor. 2020 Renault Zoe: prices, specs and release date. It’ll save you almost £2,500 over the SE L version and for some people, who intend to drive their car more around town with only domestic plug-ins most of the time, it will make a fantastic urban option. It also has slower acceleration - 12.7 seconds to get from 0-62mph. For more range, there's the more expensive range-extender version (current BuyaCar prices start at £14,995). Here's the current state-of-the art in terms of tech, price and efficiency in the 'budget' end of the EV market. The e-Pedal set-up makes it a doddle to drive (like a bumper car, you just go and stop with the throttle) It might look visually challenged compared with newer rivals, but if want to make an EV statement, here's where to begin. A petrol powered Peugeot 208 for example starts at around £17,000, the cheapest e-208 (the electric version of the 208) costs around £26,000. We suspect this is going to be a lot of people's first EV – and what a great introduction it would be. It’s a roomy car that can easily seat five people, although rear passengers do sit higher than normal because the batteries are tucked away under the back seat. However, the cars we have listed, we rate very highly indeed. It may be a modern city car, but the SEAT Mii electric still requires an old-fashioned key to start the journey. Cheap convertible cars. Now, electric car prices are much more competitive against those of their more traditional combustion engined cousins and with prices starting from around £11k, the cheapest electric cars are now within the grasp of every new car buyer. It leans a little in corners and will thump a little harshly over some potholes but on the whole, it’s perfectly comfortable. Even though the car first went on sale a number of years ago, the BMW i3 still looks futuristic, thanks to its oddly-shaped windows, rear-opening back doors and stubby bonnet that doesn’t need to accommodate an engine. >> £32,950 - £34,950>> Range 130 miles>> View leasing deals: from £247 per month>> View for sale. Take a look at the used car market and those prices drop even further still; at the moment, electric car prices on BuyaCar start at £6,300 or from £126 per month on finance. >> £36,495>> Range: 250 miles >> View for sale. But there's no escaping the fact it's both expensive and limited in range compared with its more mainstream and newer rivals, such as the larger and more efficient Kia e-Niro, detailed below. Thanks to no longer being offered on Renault's battery leasing scheme, the Zoe can no longer claim to be the UK's cheapest four-seater EV. Electric car range: how far will they really go on a single charge. regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. An increase of 621mm in wheelbase means the EQ forfour can just about fit four adults, and the level of kit inside certainly helps create an upmarket feel - heated front seats, a two-piece panoramic roof, leather upholstery and a seven-inch infotainment screen are all standard. Environmental concerns, political pressure and taxation incentives are all playing a part in leading people towards them – and that is why it's expected that 120,000 new electric cars will be sold in the UK in 2020. Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 Everyone's financial circumstances are different and the availability of credit is subject to status. Mass produced electric cars have come a long way over the past ten years. It's practical, fun, good looking and simple to drive – no wonder it's even more popular now than when it was launched. It's basically a Nissan Qashqai-sized car that in EV form has a five-star Euro NCAP rating and is priced very similarly to its petrol-powered rivals. Although it's closely related to the Peugeot e-208, the Vauxhall Corsa-e looks and feels quite different. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. If you can charge at home and don't regularly travel too far on any one trip you can take advantage of cheap home energy tariffs too. It has a long charging process - three and a half hours - which then allows drivers to travel for up to 62 miles. Being a Hyundai, it comes with a five-year warranty from new which means that strong-value three-year old models will still have two years’ warranty cover remaining - that's two years more than most three-year old cars. Even if you have a very basic knowledge of EVs, it won't have escaped your notice that the Mii Electric is very similar to the Volkswagen e-Up. That's because they're basically the same car, with a few detail differences – and your choice between the two comes down to whether you want a Spanish- or German-badged car. We're really impressed with the Peugeot e-208. A more sophisticated suspension set up over the previous generation makes the EQ fortwo far more compliant and comfortable for longer journeys, so long as the journey isn’t further than it’s 80-mile range. Mass produced electric cars have come a long way over the past ten years. However, due to its extra weight and size (almost 200kg heavier than the EQ fortwo), the EQ forfour only has a claimed maximum range of 80 miles. The first electric offering from Skoda and the cheapest electric car available on the market next year is the Skoda E CitigoeiV. >> £29,179 - £32,870>> Range: 200 miles>> View lease deals: from £209 per month>> View for sale. While our top five offers drivers the smallest outlay, the cars further down the list demonstrate that a wide range of manufacturers are now keen to embrace electric power - which can only lead to more choice, improving quality and more of us getting behind the wheel of a capable and cost-effective electric vehicle. It now comes with 50kW fast charging for those who want to more easily venture beyond the 200-plus miles of singel-charge range. It looks good, feels solid and drives almost as well as its lighter petrol-powered siblings. The 338-litre boot is bigger than a Renault Clio's, so it’s quite practical too. The MG ZS EV is proving very popular as the UK's cheapest family-sized EV. Used deals from £7,499Monthly finance from £142. Like the Peugeot e-208, the Corsa-e looks almost identical to its petrol-powered cousins. We like the BMW i3, which is both funky to look at and dripping with techy, geeky details. Then there are the more accomplished electric cars offering more on-board tech and better battery range. ZenAuto Limited's registered office is Number One, Great Exhibition Way, Kirkstall Forge, Leeds LS5 3BF. >> £28,550 - £32,750>> Range: 210 miles >> View lease deals: from £266 per month>> View for sale. It’s also one of the smallest ‘cars’ ever. It looks just like any petrol or diesel-powered small car, the only giveaway being the large blue bonnet badge concealing its charging point. Once you're on your way it's hard not to exploit the instant acceleration - who'd have thought travelling from 0-30mph could be so enjoyable? The popular two-seater citycar is back for 2020 with a freshened-up new look and a completely electric line-up of cars. It combines all of the appeal of Peugeot's new supermini hatchback – great handling and an interesting interior – and wraps it up in a refined and efficient EV package that delivers a potential range of 211 miles. If you need more load space, it’s possible to fold down the rear seats. The 100% electric, city car offers generous space for up to four people and with maximum torque provides a nippy way to get around town. It might not be blessed with the greatest range, but the MINI Electric Hatch is well priced in comparison with the other cars in this list, great to drive, and has a cool image. Used deals from £20,490Monthly finance from £294. Secondly there's the plug-in hybrid which can be charged to provide pure electric motoring for around 30 miles, offering the back up of a petrol engine for when the batteries run out of charge. Being an electric car, it zooms away from a standstill and can cruise at 70mph on the motorway without difficulty. You are viewing the Parkers beta preview. It's been around since 2011, and is still the bestselling EV you can buy. >> £31,145 - £39,525>> Range: 180 miles >> View lease deals: from £275 per month>> View for sale. Pick of the range is the top-spec Exclusive model, which gains additional safety tech. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, Competitive leasing deals mean it's more easily within reach than its cash price would imply – and for that reason alone, if you're a city dweller and fancy making a statement, the i3 is still well worth looking at.

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