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Learn More. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. No one could quite believe a … 21 jul. Ignore my drywall screw, I didn’t see anything under there that props the hood open. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. A highly modified Mercedes powerplant, it was reportedly designed for Chrysler, and was rated at 850 bhp @ 5750 rpm, with 850 lb-ft. (1150 N-m) of torque between 2500 and 4500 rpm on premium unleaded fuel. That’s exactly what this Motor Max aims to be. Chrysler ME-412 Concept; Info & Media.

Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. If you really want one, I wouldn’t spend more than $30. Chrysler Jeep Compass goes on sale in China, priced at US$33,200 and up China's Great Wall may export compact sedans before selling them at home TechArt Magnum of the 2nd Generation: 620-hp Warrior As far as panel gaps go, they definitely could have been better. The exterior design styling was done by Brian Nielander, while Mark Walters designed the interior. Contact Us After Carnut showed us his matte grey ME-412, I upped my eBay watch list game and got myself a gloss finished car.

I mentioned the winged Chrysler crest under the rear hatch, and there’s also this little ME Four-Twelve script on the back bumper.

There you have it; a decent supercar model than can be had for around $20. Ok, that’s enough bad stuff. Up front we find that carbon fibre looking plastic I was talking about. The color itself is an accurate shade of grey with lots of metal flake. This one popped up on eBay with a pretty trashed box for a $14.99 Buy it Now and the awesome best offer option. The left side sits flush but the right side lifts up.

revlp670svr . Chrysler ME-412 Concept; Info & Media. The profile of the tires is perfect and have way better proportions over my Motor Max Zonda. If the shipping straps were missing, I would have passed. It does a great job of giving a sneak peak of the engine bits yet also helps keeps costs down.

Chrysler achieved their goal and it was awesome, but then everyone kind of forgot about it. 2009 Aprilia RSV4 - Edition II; Info & Media. r/carporn: High quality images of cars. Chrysler stunned the world when it unveiled its outrageous ME Four-Twelve concept car at the Detroit Auto Show last January. More Chrysler ME-412 details and photos The ME stands for “mid-engined,” where the quad-turbo, AMG V-12 is positioned.

Real mesh would have been awesome, but then this wouldn’t have been a $20 eBay find. What lets it down is the build quality, but we’ll get to that later. Did you know Ludacris has one? Chrysler ME-412 concepto 1:24 de maisto. It’s too bad because I love it when the bread and butter brands drop an insane concept car like this and the W12. You can really see it in my rear 3/4 shot a few pics ago in the light. ...I bet somebody just figured out why it’s called the ME-Four Twelve! The body is lightweight carbon fiber. Here, have some gratuitous shots of the engine bay! The low profile of the vehicle contributes to its aerodynamics, while multiple air-intakes enhance cooling. It’s very well detailed and I love the flying Chrysler logo under the oil filler cap. MODS show all. Press J to jump to the feed. I'd like to know what Ludacris had to do to get one, because that was a concept car, not a production car. III/VC Cars (2545) Airplanes (31) Bikes (147) Boats (16) Helicopter (20) Maps (180) Mods (1208) Other (62) Savegames (48) Skins (658) Tools (40) Trainers (5) Weapons (286) Featured more. The engine cover is plastic, and mine appears to have warped at some point.

The paintjob though brings the car down. First off, it’s the only way you’re going to get a ME412 on your shelf. That’s the rumor anyway... Chrysler never intended to produce the car but wanted to prove they could build a crazy mid-engined, quad-turboed, V12 monster supercar. Abdelrhman98765, aimroses, alicj, AlysonBelancieri, AndreyB55, areto, Arp2001, ArqnkRadjah, B-BOY23, Berkay Aksoy Tuning, bilzgamer, bionside, bonniethebunnyroblox, Bridge_Reich, Canadian_mods, Chezzypophs5 , Chimchim357, DAMAGEDTV, Darknife, Dropdead, D_Smith, elvergon99, Eriotouwa__, EsteMen456, FANTOM OP, Felaket17, Fred_frx, GG nl, gtasaniscool111, Horwath, hosseinkhan, isabellaalbury, Izayoi, Jailson 002, joaopmbrotti, jordi1999, KararsizKonsol, Khair eddine, killer421213, KingEminTR, MASTER NEMESIS YT, monjursayad, MrSupercar55, Neo22, NickSquared, No_idea89, ORUNBLACK, PORFIRIO GONZALEZ , Pranjit Das, Rasel shetu, razzer.exe, Sampero, Sargunan, Schwity, SelpixHyenaM, Shivam Xtar, SVGTA5000, tamaaa, The_MTF, vanhcan20gg, Ventrexe, WeeD4Lif3, Yuko12, News Archive an amazing supercar concept from 2004.Shown at the Detroit North American Auto show, this new exotic was made to showcase Chrysler's new technologies in terms of high performance engineering.
The clear plastic rear splitter thing is textured to look like mesh. Privacy I love the badging around the car.

III/VC Cars (2545) Airplanes (31) Bikes (147) Boats (16) Helicopter (20) Maps (180) Mods (1208) Other (62) Savegames (48) Skins (658) Tools (40) Trainers (5) Weapons (286) Featured more. Tutorials The brakes are six-piston-calipers with 16-inch discs at the front and back. Cookies The car uses 265/35ZR19 tires in the front and 335/30ZR20 tires in the rear (on 19- and 20-inch cast-aluminum wheels, respectively). Check out the interior, it’s not bad! Kind of plasticy, but there’s buttons! Like Carnut said, I was also surprised to find that the front hood opened up. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools.

About Us Map; Press; Tutorials; Screenshots (PC) Screenshots (Xbox) Screenshots (PS2) Artworks; Vice City . It makes me wonder if something happened to this car somewhere in transit. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The upper sills of both doors look like they have some sort of rash.
FAQ It uses a 4130 steel rear subframe and aluminum castings. MODS show all. This site uses cookies.

Terms of Use That’s about it though, that monster engine is tucked wayy in there.

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