division 2 coyote mask drop location

Division 2 Exotic mask: Coyote's Mask (WONY) The perfect mask for an outbreak, this respirator comes with a perk called ‘Pack Instinct’ which boosts the chances of … The Season reward track is the unique source for Coyote's Mask. 1.8k. 345k. Agents. It is also a first-time reward for Manhunt: Jupiter, but it only drops the first time a character clears it. Posted by 7 months ago. 1.5k. Exotic drop locations and drop chances. Close. ... Coyote's Mask: Season 1 reward, rank 35. The Division 2's Season 3 will have you hunting Bardon Schaeffer The Division 2's third season is now live. PSA. Once you obtain it there, it can be farmed from Coyote in Jefferson Trade. The unofficial home for discussing Tom Clancy's The Division and The Division 2; online RPGs from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment. Can confirm multiple characters will receive it for completing Jupiter the first time. Supply drops give a 3% chance for them to drop. Along with dropping the Division 2 masks, eight of the 12 hunters will also drop one of the Division 2 Ivory Keys used to open the crate inside the White House. Coyote's Mask - Thankfully, unlocking this item is fairly simply compared to the other gear listed here.

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