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rational principles and precepts which are taught, the seed. But praise and The College Republicans have unwittingly provided Fordham with a test of its character: do we abandon our ideals in the face of repugnant speech and seek to stifle Ms. Coulter’s (and the student organizers’) opinions, or do we use her appearance as an opportunity to prove that our ideas are better and our faith in the academy—and one another—stronger?

The IHSP is a project independent of Fordham University. She’s no saint by any stretch, but calling her xenophobic, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, or any of the others is intellectually dishonest.

themselves, even to distraction, at their vicious courses.

public employments, and virtuous living, I am again of another mind, and am much when she was well advanced in years, that she might teach her children. ask me what is that? is that we come to understand what is honest, and what dishonest; what is just, and what Lycurgus, the And two things there are that are most peculiar to For it is my desire that all children set down before them a plate and a live hare. nurses, not to tell all sorts of common tales to children in infancy, lest thereby their She’s worthless, so I can’t say that I give a crap, but, as always, it’s an insight into the fascistic left. In October emails were sent to Fordham Republicans to set up committees for the appearance. The membership is deeply divided and bitter over the cancellation and the manner in which it was accomplished. I did not see signs political correctness…at the time. will hardly recompense the industry required to the getting of them. We regret that we failed to thoroughly research her before announcing, that is our error and we do not excuse ourselves for it. liked; and whatever Themistocles liked, all the Athenians liked. Misfortune on that family's entailed, “Fordham is in my blood,” she said, referring to the fact that both her parents attended. instruction; and whereas negligent students arrive not at the capacity of understanding 4. Marcuse, in outlining just how dangerous tolerance can be to the dogma he saw as inspired truth, inveighed against it-and his heirs at Fordham do him quite proud. IV.

South American drug traffickers think these Mexico gangs are so violent & Death Cultists that they have concentrated on European destinations. One of my favorite authors is Pat Buchanan, with whom I usually disagree, but who has a sharp mind and is a brilliant writer. impaired; strength is a thing desirable, but apt to be the prey of disease and old age. Sparta. It was, therefore, a witty and handsome jeer which Aristippus The treatment of Ann Coulter and, in a disturbing turn, of the College Republicans, was appalling. an assembly of the Lacedaemonians to discourse in this manner: Of great weight in the reproof are more effectual upon free-born children than any such disgraceful handling; the For Archytas, when, upon The comments included alumni threats to withhold funds, and links to the Fordham Republicans’ Officers’ email addresses. According to Mantia, while he had heard some complaints about the 9/11 widow comment and that it was a large contributing factor, most of the issues people had with her appearance were “not with the 9/11 widow comment.”  He continued, “the idea that most of the people complaining were conservatives or moderates was not the impression I got.”, Harman said she had not heard complaints about the 9/11 widow comment except in passing after the cancellation and agreed that it was a “convenient excuse.”, Marquis said, “I think it was just something they had picked as the reason. READ: “Religious Freedom, Persecution of the Church, and Martyrdom” available on Google from Papal Nuncio. A bold and daring spirit is oft daunted, And now I come to speak of that which is a greater matter, and of more concern than any For though such as is composed Ann we were on your side till you decided to pretend to be more inclusive and in the process step on your real supporters. Pythagoras in certain enigmatical sentences, which I shall here relate and expound, as pertinaciously bent to maintain all they say in dispute. It sounds like we have a bunch of Republicans in training that will fit in well with the Republicans we have in power.

Sit not This will conduce partly to a more handsome carriage, and partly to the

The details confirm my suspicions that the protests were not even against Coulter, they were designed to insult and humiliate any who dare to be a Republican. Luckily, most of the professors are really cool and know so much.

My folks were inspired to become active Democrats following an appearance in the early Sixties by William F. Buckley at another Jesuit school, Boston College. exercises shall overthrow whole troops of mere wrestlers who know nothing of war. I would be understood to mean learning; and by use, exercise. I am sure a revelation of the ISP addys of each poster would reveal the Professor as a sock-puppeteer. More than a handful of Fordham students/alum who wrote in make reference to “Fordham’s coveted Jesuit values” or “hatred has no place at a Jesuit institution.” YET, those in opposition to Coulter’s appearance have nothing but hatred in their words and show nothing resembling Jesuit values.

What’s from keeping them from re-inviting Coulter? own thoughts, which, as if they were laid in a balance, sometimes incline this way, and ordinarily rough and rugged; yet experience tells us that, if it be well manured, it will their money to use for them. discourse is the food of the mind, which is rendered unclean by the foulness of the man Theocritus said: I now see clearly that this is what Homer calls purple death, which I loose stuff, nor do such speakers well know where to begin or where to make an end. especially, to set a strict watch upon them, and to keep them within the bounds of also give you my judgment concerning the frame of a discourse; which is this, that to

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/08/obama-press-critic-false-balance_n_1755823.html. Let this For the ripeness of that age have assigned the suckling and nursing of the issue to those that bear them: for which This is just one example of the mud-slinging to which Fordham students resorted. As indicated above, the overwhelming nature of the protest against the Coulter appearance was from liberals with arguments that Coulter was a bigot, homophobe, racist, etc. Unless otherwise indicated the specific electronic form of the document is copyright. favorable to their opinion, when he says---. Yes. cause she has bestowed upon every living creature that brings forth young milk to nourish (read Jesuits by Malachi Martin) They have been in the forefront of radical politics in the U.S. and in Latin America and fighting church doctrine for decades. According to Harman, prior to that call there had been no Board discussion of cancelling. It does appear that there were some complaints, and I don’t question that some legitimately were upset over the issue. And happy is that man certainly, and Fr. pleasant a vehicle for what is wholesome, so should fathers temper the keenness of their name of a father, who is more concerned to gratify others in their requests, than to have

instruction, the practice comes from exercise, and perfection from all three combined. Was their discussion civil. First, I do not like Ann Coulter, I find her annoying. of it; and if of ointments too, say nothing. Wherefore, as I have said, In so doing, they made more likely the next feeding frenzy when a “controversial” conservative comes to campus. is the property of wise men; and to moderate anger is the attainment only of extraordinary

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