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2017-05-29(15.4MB), EasyAR_SDK_2.0.0_Basic_Samples_iOS_2017-05-29.tar.xz EasyAR_v1.2.1.zip Please make sure to read Getting Started before you start. 2019-07-26(51.1MB), EasyARSense_3.0.1-final_Basic_Samples_Windows.zip 2017-05-30(140.3MB), EasyAR_SDK_2.0.0_Basic_Samples_Android_2017-05-29.tar.xz You can also reference the source code to create more custom usages of EasyAR Sense or even a Unity Plugin of your own. EasyAR Sense 3.0 Basic has many improvements over EasyAR Sense 2.x Basic including the following: EasyAR Sense 3.0 Pro is the upgrade version of EasyAR Sense 2.x Pro. EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin, is a very thin wrapper to expose EasyAR Sense features into Unity. This feature works best in an environment where you have clearly defined planes and feature points, such as an indoor space with furniture. To be notice, not all features can work in the editor. It controls how much of the allocated eye texture should be used for rendering. 2020-05-13(74.3MB), EasyARSense_4.0.1-final_Samples_Windows.zip I input the key (3.x) in the EasyARKey.asset, but when I click on play it won't run.

2019-07-07(84.3MB), EasyARSense_3.0.0-final_Basic_Unity.zip Hi, I'm trying to set up a new Unity project with EasyAR 3.0. Meanwhile, it provides relocation function so that the positioning can be restored after tracking is lost. EasyAR_SDK_2.3.0_Basic.zip All Documents about EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin will be updated soon, more details and API descriptions are on the way…. 2017-05-29(11.4MB). [Common] common resources. On creation of project, select 3D. The ImageTracker is more stable and less likely to lost, and pose jitter has been reduced. 2019-07-07(65.8MB), EasyARSense_3.0.0-final_Basic_Samples_Android.zip You can use RenderViewportScale to decrease the resolution at runtime, for example, if you have a high number of special effects in a scene but want to maintain an acceptable framerate. 2016-02-19(40.5MB). Read Platform Requirements to learn system and Unity versions EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin support and get Unity packages from the Unity website. Some post-processing effects will work well in XR while other effects aren’t optimal for it. You can find more information here: Getting started with AR development in Unity. Plugin Inspector. EasyAR 1.3 supports AR with planar target, supports smooth load and recognition for more than 1000 local targets, supports video and transparent video playback based on HW codecs, supports QR code recognition, supports tracking multi-target simultaneously.

Last updated on Aug 06, 2020. 2019-07-07(16.6MB), EasyARSense_3.0.0-final_Pro_Samples_iOS.zip Please make sure to read Getting Started with EasyAR Sense and Platform Requirements before you start. And all features inside EasyAR Sense 1.x are still available, including AR with planar target, smooth loading and recognition for more than 1000 local targets, video and transparent video playback based on HW codecs, QR code recognition, and multi-target tracking. It is free for commercial use and we are not adding any limitations or watermarks into it. 2018-10-24(133.8MB), EasyAR_SDK_2.3.0_Basic_Samples_Windows_2018-10-24.zip However, there are some limitations on the mobile side. You can recognize those image targets using SDK API, and get the target meta data from cloud.

2017-05-30(77.9MB), EasyAR_SDK_2.0.0_Basic_Samples_Unity_2017-05-30.tar.xz Critical errors like license key validation failures are shown on screen with a popup to help debug. EasyARSense_3.1.0-final.zip And all features inside EasyAR Sense 1.x are still available, including AR with planar target, smooth loading and recognition for more than 1000 local targets, video and transparent video playback based on HW codecs, QR code recognition, and multi-target tracking. Configure the project according to Android Project Configuration, then click on the Build button in Build Settings or use other alternatives will compile the project and install the binaries on the phone. This package contains most samples. 2018-03-06(733.2MB), EasyAR_SDK_2.2.0_Pro_Samples_Unity_2018-03-06.zip 2018-03-06(83.1MB), EasyAR_SDK_2.2.0_Basic_Samples_Unity_2018-03-06.zip

Samples to run EasyAR Sense on Windows, Android and iOS with no 3D engines. Make sure to download package(s) with Sample in the filename. 2017-09-08(94.5MB), EasyAR_SDK_2.1.0_Pro_Unity.zip

One more thing, this upgrade of EasyAR Sense 2.x Pro to EasyAR Sense 3.0 Pro is completely free. EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin supports Unity 5.6.5f1 and later versions. EasyAR Sense 2.1 has brought Swift support for iOS, you can read How to use Swift API for details. EasyAR_v1.3.1.zip

You can find a special mobile occlusion shader here.

Demonstrate how to create sparse SpatialMap, Demonstrate how to put virtual objects onto SpatialMap, Demonstrate how to preview persistence contents, Demonstrate how to localize multiple maps and show contents on them, Demonstrate how to use the sparse SpatialMap uploaded into the database (e.g. 2017-05-29(9.6MB), EasyAR_SDK_2.0.0_Pro_Samples_iOS_2017-05-29.tar.xz 2017-05-29(17.0MB), EasyAR_SDK_2.0.0_Basic_Samples_Windows_2017-05-29.tar.xz 2017-09-08(24.5MB), EasyAR_SDK_2.1.0_Pro_Samples_iOS_2017-09-08.zip Single-pass instancing is the optimal method.

Plugins: Failed to load 'Assets/Plugins/x64/bin/EasyAR.dll' because one or more of its dependencies could not be loaded. EasyAR Sense 3.0.0 Basic is the upgrade version of EasyAR Sense 2.x.x Basic. CustomCamera samples and Eyewear samples are not in this package, because there are some different files or configurations in the package.

2019-07-26(89.1MB), EasyARSense_3.0.1-final_Basic_Samples_iOS.zip Developers can efficiently create applications which are based on real-world space, such as AR manuals and AR navigation. EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin.

2018-10-24(86.9MB), EasyAR_SDK_2.3.0_Basic_Unity.zip EasyAR Sense 2.0 - both basic and pro editions - have CRS support built-in. In addition to all the features of EasyAR Sense 3.0 Basic, there are more features, including 3D object recognition and tracking, hybrid target recognition and tracking and screen recording. To use screen recording feature, add Privacy - Microphone Usage Description.

And you can have a free trial before payment. It will run in a Windows Desktop device 64bits. EasyAR Sense 4.0 provides you with three subscription modes: Personal Edition (Free), Professional Edition (Monthly Payment) and Enterprise Edition (Customized). 2019-07-07(82.9MB), EasyARSense_3.0.0-final_Pro.zip

Native plug-ins. ARCore provides two different SDKs for using Unity to develop AR apps for Android. 2017-05-30(71.6MB), EasyAR_SDK_2.0.0_Pro_2017-06-15.tar.xz The first thing to do is add the macros at the top into the app data. You can choose different modes of ImageTracker to balance tracking performance and quality, which will give the best quality by default. EasyAR Sense Pro is not free, you can get pricing and payment details from here. EasyAR Sense does not support bitcode.

Get Licensing ¶ Before using EasyAR Sense, you need to register on www.easyar.com and get a license key. For EasyAR to work, a license key is required.

EasyAR Sense 4.0.1 adds some minor features and fixes to improve user experience. iOS setup, click the plus sign if no OpenGLES2 is shown. Get Dan’s tips on how to apply post-processing effects correctly to your VR content.

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