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ferrari f40 lm barchetta price

The powertrain came from a wrecked F40 but in this configuration produces 650-horsepower. Following the conclusion of the car’s contemporary racing career at the end of the 1996 season, it passed through the ownership of several prominent collectors, prior to its acquisition by the current owner in 2008. In 1995, the car was sold to GT Racing impresario Stephane Ratel who raced it in the European GT Championship of that year, but in turn sold the car mid-season to the French Pilot-Aldix team for use in the BPR Global GT Series of that year. Chassis no. Its not often a Ferrari F40 pops up on sale but when it does you can expect to pay north of AU$2,000,000 for one. 74045 at pre-qualifying for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in April of 1995. This limited-production Ferrari, dubbed the F40 LM, for Le Mans, would be much more radical, exclusive, and exciting than the already intense F40 in every way. Whatever the true story is (we're hoping for the story we told), the F40 IMSA Barchetta / F40 Beurlys is an interesting historical anomaly that has slipped through the cracks and although Ferrari doesn't recognize it as an official model, we do, if for nothing more than the cool factor of an F40 roadster. While participating and adding its expertise in the build, Michelotto took the opportunity to remove the restrictor plates that limited the overall power of the F40 LM, allowing it to breath again and helping it unleash the full 760-horsepower from the Tipo F120 B twin-turbocharged V8. Au Mans, Ferté et Thévenin étaient rejoints par Nicolas Leboissetier, mais à cause de la prolifération de nouvelles voitures pour le Championnat du Monde (sans oublier l'arrivée de la très controversée Porsche 911 GT1), la F40 LM ne signait que le 25e temps, avant d'abandonner pendant l'épreuve. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Media. The windscreen was created from a single piece of laminated and formed lexan to give some protection to the driver. A mixed end to the season saw retirements in both the Suzuka 1000 KM (electrics) and the Zhuhai Three Hours (gearbox), but also a highly creditable 2nd place finish in the Silverstone Foour Hours behind the Harrods-sponsored McLaren of Wallace/ Grouillard. Don’t believe us? Magnifique dans la livrée qu'elle affichait lors de son glorieux chant du cygne à Nogaro, en 1996, elle représente aussi une voiture particulièrement attrayante et charismatique pour les séries européennes Masters Endurance Legends et Global Endurance Legends, sans oublier le HSR et les 24 Heures de Daytona Classic du côté des États-Unis. The F40 was heralded as the replacement for the 288 GTO and sits second in a continuing line of Ferrari super cars that would later feature the venerable F50 and the Formula One-inspired Enzo. 74045 is without doubt the most significant F40 LM and amongst the most significant privateer-campaigned Ferrari racing cars. In 1987, Ferrari celebrated their 40th anniversary, and to mark the occasion launched arguably their most uncompromising road car ever – the twin-turbocharged 471-bhp, 201-mph F40. The race was blighted by wet conditions which played to the McLaren’s strengths, but nevertheless 74045 finished a respectable 12th overall and sixth in GT1. Il est intéressant de noter que ce résultat se révèlera le meilleur jamais obtenu au Mans par une F40. On February 13th, 2005 the F40 Beurlys was put up for auction in France along with 41 other cars in Jean Blaton's collection. $25,000 - $30,000 Let's find out more on the story, shall we? All of this amounted to a healthy increase in power over the stock car, getting closer to rivaling a Formula One racer with 720-horsepower on tap at 7500 rpm. During the 1990 IMSA GT Championship, Jean Pierre Jabouille took the wheel at the Road America one-hour, finishing 2nd. The new roadster was never given an official name, but in Ferrari circles it's either known as the Ferrari F40 LM Barchetta or simply the F40 Beurlys (named after its owner). Despite its uniqueness, the F40 LM Barchetta is worth much less than an original F40, since a few years back it was appraised at anything between $190,000 and $245,000. A fortnight later, Ferte and Thevenin took pole position for the Anderstorp Four Hours and followed this up with an emphatic win ahead of the McLarens of Nielsen/Bscher and Raphanel/Owen-Jones. Whichever name you choose to call the new roadster, it won't change the fact that it's a bad-ass, beast of a ride. 74045 at the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, where it finished 12th overall. Another story is that the car was commissioned by Jean Blaton and was built by an Italian-Swiss team under the supervision of Argentinian-born engineer, Mario Navarete and former technicians from the Coloni F1 team. Fill out your profile and receive emails about the types of cars and events you're interested in. At Le Mans, Ferte and Thevenin were joined by French journeyman Nicolas Leboissetier, although the proliferation of new breed WSC cars – not to mention the inclusion of Porsche’s controversial 911 GT1 – ensured that they would qualify no higher than 25th, prior to retirement in the race. So they had to throw in a bunch of rollcage. Stephan Bauer ©2018 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's, Christian Wilkens ©2018 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's, One of 19 constructed by Michelotto to either F40 LM or F40 Competizione specification, A two-time participant at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995 and 1996, 12th overall in 1995, Winner of the 1995 Anderstorp 4 Hours, and with multiple finishes in the 1995 and 1996 BPR Global GT series, The third F40 constructed, used extensively by the factory as a pre-production prototype. It's not known at this time if Jean still owns the car or if ownership was transferred through a private sale, but it did pop up during an official Ferrari track day a couple of years ago. The full story of the Ferrari F40 LM Barchetta, or the F40 ‘Beurlys’ as it is also known, is very interesting. Sold Oh ya I bet it sucked seeing those on the road all the time. Cette F40 bénéficiait aussi d'un châssis renforcé, d'une transmission compétition, de freins améliorés et d'une carrosserie profondément modifiée. Top Speed:229 mph The regular Ferrari F40’s power unit – codenamed the ‘Tipo F120 A’ – had no shortage of marvel itself, producing a formidable 471-horsepower that helped accelerate the car from 0-60 mph in only 3.8 seconds. -He had the top chopped off ruining the strength of the chassis. Driven by the all-French pairing of Michel Ferte and Olivier Thevenin, the car’s top-line career started inauspiciously with retirements in each of the first four rounds of the series at Paul Ricard, Monza, Jarama and Nürburgring. ... Ferrari F40 LM PACK !! Significantly, this would prove to be the best result ever achieved by an F40 at Le Mans. En 1995, la voiture a été vendue à Stéphane Ratel, organisateur de championnats GT, qui l'a utilisée pour participer au Championnat d'Europe GT de cette année-là. En 1987, Ferrari a célébré son 40e anniversaire et, pour marquer cette occasion, a lancé son modèle de route le plus radical jamais produit, la F40.

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