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Compared with the giant ferris wheel, it is not so high or big. Cabin Number: 24 Power:30kw Besides, giant Ferris wheels in Beston are of reasonable prices. Model: BNFW-66B Running Time: 25min/r

Besides the name of Ferris wheel, a Ferris wheel is often called a big wheel, a grand wheel, an observation wheel, a giant wheel, and a big wheel. Power: 15kw. However, it is more attractive, more cute, more colorful and more suitable for kids. Beston can manufacture and supply more other giant wheels, we also can customize a special one by your requirement, please leave your enquiry to get the price and details. Beston giant Ferris wheel has large size and can reach a height of over one hundred meters. 5.excellent after service (spare parts for free during one year guarantee). Generally speaking, backyard Ferris wheel is applicable in the backyard, and its main players are children in your houses. Carnival ferris wheel, which is just similar to the amusement park ferris wheel, is popular in the carnivals.Carnival is a festival season which is typically composed of several elements, such as a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, masks, and a public street party. Welcome to Beston Amusement - The Best Amusement Park Rides Manufacturer. Welcome to buy ferris wheel from leading ferris wheel rides manufacturer – Beston Amusement.

They are a very reliable investement, representing a very good business in relation to the potential income. FERRIS WHEEL 35-40 meters – NEW ROAD MODEL, FERRIS WHEEL 45 MT PORTABLE – OPEN GONDOLAS. Capacity: 408 persons Benefiting from proper structure design, it is easy to handle and install although its large size look difficult to deal with. Different kinds of Ferris Wheel Seats for Sale With 2, 4 and even 6 Seats! Privacy Policy Cover Area: 45m*45m 1688.com We can provide free technical guidance if customers need. Besides, like the mini Ferris wheels, backyard Ferris wheels are of limited height, usually less than 20 meters high. Model: BNFW-89A Height: 120m Power Total Power: 25 kW, Beston 15m ferries wheel amusement park ride, Area: 15*15m In the night, when the light is shinning, a reflection on the water glows with the waterfront ferris wheel, which makes the scenery more beautiful. Of course, due to the small footprints, backyard Ferris wheels can be used in other locations, such as the indoor theme and amusement parks, family entertainment centers, carnivals and funfairs, kids playground centers, and other kids favorite locations. From novel designs of the cabins to the colorful appearances, backyard Ferris wheels in Beston can meet all your needs. The ride consists of a rotating upright wheel with passenger cars or cabins attached to the rim. Capacity: 32 persons Cover Area: 55m*55m Mini Ferris Wheel Kiddie Carnival Rides For Sale New - $300 - New York New York - This mini kiddie ferris wheel carnival ride for sale new is under $1000 and in very good condition and quality ensured. Interested in our products? According to the cabins, mini ferris wheel can be classified into 5 or 6 cabins ferris wheel for kids, as well as the double face ferris wheel. Giant Ferris wheel, or huge/large Ferris wheel is an important amusement ride for any amusement park or theme park. | Cabin Number: 24 Ferris wheel for sale is one of classic amusement park rides from Beston. Onetouch Beston manufactures and supplies the quality ferris wheel of all sizes. Cabin No. About 0% of these are Animatronic Model, 1% are Amusement Park Rides, and 3% are Other Amusement Park Products. Eli Wooden Ferris Wheel Seats Ad No. Height: 120m Voltage: 380v, Beston single side mini ferris wheel for kids, Size: φ6m Type: BNFW-6B Diameter: 110m Beston also can offer some plans or suggestions for your project or investment to make you earn money. The gondolas of ferris wheel is attached to the rim in such a way that as the wheel turns, they are kept upright, usually by gravity. Model: BNFW-120A Power: 200 kw As a well-known Ferris wheel maker in China, Beston accumulated rich experience in designing and producing all kinds of Ferris wheels during its 15-year course of manufacturing.

Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Zhengzhou City, Henen Province, China, is the renowned and professional designer and manufacturer of quality amusement rides in China. : 6

Carbin No. What to Consider When Investing in Building an Amusement Park? - The total height of ferris wheel ride is (20m-89m from the ground. Capacity: 80persons :8 Capacity: 80persons | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy

As mini Ferris wheel, the height of backyard Ferris wheel refers to the total height, including the height of the column. Type: BNFW-20A What’s more, the wheel dimension and the gondolas of Beston giant wheel can be customized to meet the different demands of customers. In this popular amusement ride industry, Ferris wheel is the most classic ride for people. Amusement Rides Via dell'Artigianato, 47 - 45037 Melara (RO) - ITALY - P.IVA 00869490292 – .C.I.A.A. High Quality Waterfront Ferris Wheel for Sale. A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. If you want to add a mini Ferris wheel to your backyard, welcome to buy Beston backyard Ferris wheel for sale. | Professional Amusement Equipment Manufacturer, designer and supply quality park rides! Please give your inquiry in the form below. Capacity: 216 persons Cover Area: 39m*33m They have safety fences that can prevent passengers from falling down. When the power supply voltage fluctuation range exceeds the rated value of ± 10%, should be suspended until normal operation; Equipment should not be set in the high-voltage transmission line rack channel; When it encounters rain, snow, hail, fog and bad weather with the wind speed greater than 15m/s, it should be suspended; The use of equipment for the environment: -10 ℃ – 35 ℃, relative humidity less than 85%, altitude <2000m on the ground; The safety distance with the surrounding obstacles is not less than 500mm; The service life of the equipment is 8 years (300 days per year, 8 hours per day). Ferris wheel, or the observation wheel, is a type of large amusement ride that is often seen in amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds and other playgrounds. Chat Online: Get Price | Park Design, Wechat/WhatsApp: +86 15824877921 (June Song), thrill track flying jumping up&down spinning high-speed kids self-control coin high swing tower animal sheep bear airplane fruit ferris wheel pendulum ship flower carousel ocean kangaroo car turntable shark water-gun fish bee teacup ball frog drop shaking UFO 360° spinning snail free-moving roller coaster dragon worm mini roller coaster robot cartoon octopus self-rotation kids-rotating excavator miami ride. It rotates under the motor’s drive. Small Ferris wheel for sale, also called mini Ferris wheel or kids Ferris wheel, is one of popular amusement rides among children.Beston small Ferris wheel for sale has modern design, colorful painting and good performance, and has become a major amusement item in amusement parks, playgrounds or carnivals. We promise the quickest response within 24 hours: Other Amusement Rides You May Like from Beston Group: Kiddie Carousel Rides and Mini Ferris Wheel in Romania, Beston Amusement Park Equipment in Algeria, Amusement Park Equipment for Sale in Uganda, Gorgeous Theme Park with Beston Amusement Park…, Diesel Trackless Trains for Shopping Malls in Bahrain, Customer Feedback of Beston Plastic Playground…, Beston Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Uzbekistan, Beston Donates Anti Epidemic Drugs to Uzbekistan, DEAL 2020: Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Exhibition, Beston Has Fully Resumed Work and Production, Beston Installs Kiddie Carousel Ride in Kazakhstan, Beston Group Will Visit Indonesia and Philippine, Customer Feedback of Kids Excavator Rides in Russia, Beston 3 Loops Amusement Park Roller Coaster for Sale in Iraq, Customized 6-seats Kiddie Carousel for Sale in Mexico, Customer Feedback of Beston Plastic Playground Slides in South Africa, UK Customer Visited Beston Factory to Buy Amusement Equipment, Beston Amusement Park Equipment in Uzbekistan Park, Buy Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Belarus, Buy Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale in America, Beston Amusement Park Equipment for Sale in Russia, Beston Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale in Nigeria, Feedback of Beston Water Park Equipment in Philippines, Gorgeous Theme Park with Beston Amusement Park Equipment in Uzbekistan, Congratulations on the New Park in Iraq Built by Beston Group, Tajikistan Customer Buy Le Bar Cars from Beston Amusement, Pakistani Customers Purchase Several Sets of Amusement Equipment from Beston Group, Palestine Customers Placed His Order After Visiting Our Factory.

According to the cabins, mini ferris wheel can be classified into 5 or 6 cabins ferris wheel for kids, as well as the double face ferris wheel. The cabins can rotate 360 degrees around the horizontal axis in the circular orbit for vertical movement. Area: 27.5*30m. Beston group is professional manufacturer and supplier of Ferris wheels with qualifications. Unlike giant Ferris wheels, backyard Ferris wheels are much simpler in structures as well as working principles. Buy Now! Waterfront Ferris wheel is a kind of ferris wheel which was placed on in the front of water.

As a result, Ferris wheels in Beston have the recognition of customers all across the globe. Here you can find cheap Ferris wheel with good quality. Running Time: 13min/r With similar structure with giant Ferris wheels, small or mini Ferris wheel can bring passengers similar ride experience.

- Cookies and Privacy Credits: Digife. Power: 5.5kw Power: 200 kw Please tell us what kind of Ferris wheel you want here! Mini ferris wheel (also known as observation wheel) is the miniature of the ferris wheel ride and belong to a new type of small amusement park rides for kids. Cabin No. As a timeless amusement ride, Ferris wheel is the favorite of children and adults alike, so Beston Ferris wheel for sale can meet the needs of your guests of various age groups. Height: 89m View 35 photos of this 2 bed, 2 bath, 960 sqft. Buy Cheap Kiddie Rides For Sale In Pakistan, Buy Amusement Park Rides For Sale In Kenya, Cheap Amusement Rides For Sale Saudi Arabia, Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale Cheap To Indonesia, 158㎡ Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale To Russia, 14-Seat Carousel Ride For Sale To Kazakhstan, Beston Amusement Rides For Sale Cheap To Nigeria, Cheap Amusement Rides For Sale In Indonesia, Beston Amusement Rides Exported to Russia, Beston Amusement Rides for Sale in South Africa, How To Make Your Amusement Park Be More Profitable, Beston Will Attend The DEAL 2020 Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Exhibition, Beston Will Attend The 22nd International Exhibition In Russia, Beston Amusement EXPO 2019 In Indonesia & Philippines. Quality Giant Ferris Wheel Manufacturer and Supplier - Beston Group. N° 100261 REG.

Some of the largest modern Ferris wheels have capsules mounted on the outside of the rim, with electric motors to independently rotate each car to keep it upright.

Alibaba.com offers 850 old ferris wheels for sale products. For the cabins, they are often made of fiberglass, and to ensure riders’ safety, steel rails are built around the passenger cars. Get Price. 6 Building, China Central Electronic Commerce Port, Daxue Road, Erqi District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China, 450000. Ferris wheel is vertical to ground. If you want to bulid a big or mini ferris wheel for your park, Please check the details blow,  Not the cheapest one, But proved high return and safety!

Get Price. Gondola Number: 68 Views 933 Price $1,000. Easy-damaged parts of the amusement rides will go with the rides when delivery. There are several types of miniature ferris wheel manufactured and supplied by Beston Amusement! So if you have beautiful backyard or garden with several kids, you can give your kids the best gift ever by installing a backyard Ferris wheel in your home. Capacity: 216 persons Power: 5.5kw Get Price. Diameter: 110m 10 Meters Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale Cheap. [email protected] In the closet, Tourists can enjoy the scene from high. Area: 28 *31m Beston amusement equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of giant Ferris wheels in China. Cover Area: 45m*45m If any interested, feel free to contact us!

Backyard provides children a good chance to enjoy the happy time spent in the home and can cultivate their love for the nature and the family. Beston Electric Trackless Train Ride has Been transported to Chile, Australia Customers Buy Bumper Cars Rides from BESTON Group, Beston Amusement Park Rides Are Warmly Welcomed in Nigeria Parks, Beston Electric Bumper Cars Has Been Transported to Indian, Find Amusement Park Equipment for Sale from Manufacturer – Beston, Buy Amusement Park Rides from Beston Amusement, Beston – The Best Amusement park ride manufacturer in China, Hot Funfair Rides for Sale from Beston Amusement, Find Quality Fairground Rides for Sale from Manufacturer, Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Uzbekistan. Passengers can ride on the modern-shaped, luxuriously decorated, and reliable safe device.

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