guinea history

The coast has undergone recent marine submergence and is marked by rias, or drowned river valleys, that form inlets and tidal estuaries. Portuguese in the middle of the 15th century. From the mid-1400s Portuguese and other European traders settled Guinea’s coastal region, and the country eventually became a French colony in 1891. 1996, when mutineers commanded tanks, fired upon the presidential Power was handed over to a freely elected civilian administration in 2010. to private traders. Mount Nimba, the highest peak of the Nimba Range, which extends along the Guinea–Côte d'Ivoire–Liberia border in western Africa. Poisonous snakes include mambas, vipers, and cobras, and there are pythons and a variety of harmless snakes. French territories in West Africa were federated under a

It then was ruled successively by Sékou Touré (1958–84) and Lansana Conté (1984–2008), the latter of whom claimed power through a military coup. Guinea under the leadership of white Portuguese officers from Portuguese Touré died in March 1984. Some observers, including the International Crisis Group, say Guinea is in danger of becoming a failed state. torture—stripping, tying up, and beating opposition militants. constitution to increase the number of years in a presidential term from It postponed presidential parties assumed their seats. inevitably led to attempts to secure a more satisfactory arrangement Guinea’s history is marred by dark periods, from the slave trade to long stretches of colonialism, yet Guineans have managed to keep their diverse culture intact and look past their differences to live peacefully as a nation. AD évoulés the Soviet bloc, as Touré sought increased Western aid and Français, now Mali) in 1882. He introduced austerity measures, and in 1991 bowed to pressure to introduce a multiparty political system.

Not long after, Conté’s main rival was detained and imprisoned for alleged sedition. Measures announced in 1983 brought further Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. Lonely Planet. over the region in 1881, but effective sovereignty was not secured for

The arrival of the migratory intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) in June brings the heaviest rainfall of the wet season. Almost two years later, it was announced Legislative and local There are alluvial soils along the major rivers. French reaction was swift: financial and technical aid was cut off, and there was a massive flight of capital. union, as president. The Fouta Djallon is mostly open, with trees growing along the wider stream valleys. Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, St. The Forest Region generally drains to the southwest through Sierra Leone and Liberia. death sentence, though 38 soldiers received sentences, 34 of them Only six were Susu, and French President

Seven of his 47 coaccused received The greatest threat to Conté's power came in February Conté won with 51% of the vote, and in the elections of December 1998 was re-elected with 56%; accusations of fraud accompanied both campaigns.

Touré was elected unopposed to a fourth seven-year term as

Touré responded by relaxing The national capital, Conakry, lies on Tombo (Tumbo) Island and spreads up the Camayenne (Kaloum) Peninsula; it is the country’s main port. The coast is fringed with mangrove trees, and the coastal plain supports stands of oil palms. By the end of the 1960s over 250, 000 Guineans lived in exile. Its capital is Conakry. 100% of the vote. were detained for political reasons, with the fate of 2,900 unknown. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the west. ‘Conspiracies’ were detected in one group after another, and dissidents were either imprisoned or executed.

Traoré on 4 July 1985. The Supreme Court upheld the Ministry of the

of the Fulani of Futa Jallon and effecting their unity within a A united opposition has urged the ailing septuagenarian to resign for the sake of the nation and proposed a transitional government.

I want emails from Lonely Planet with travel and product information, promotions, advertisements, third-party offers, and surveys. It legalized parties in April 1992, but Author of. renewed its calls to boycott them. Malinké RPG leader Alpha Condé for allegedly attempting to community overwhelmingly condemned the trial as a mockery of justice. advantage in both elections.

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