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Access our Search pages to locate candidates who meet your criteria. They are a guests in the foreign home. Having successfully dealt with both, I realized that the skills I’d learned as a sailing skipper were equally applicable on dry land as a house sitter. If the photo is not uploading it's file size may be too big for your internet connection. We provide free Housesitting Agreements, Bond Lodgment, and Claim Forms for your convenience. A successful sit starts with a great handover, in which you settle your sitter in and make sure they have everything they need. Some countries will even view House Sitting as non-paid work. After your handover, it’s time to give your pet one last cuddle before you set off knowing they’ll be safe and happy at home with their sitter. We auto resize the profile photo to fit, but the top may be cut if it is a tall/ skinny photo. Once you’ve carefully reviewed their application and read their profile — which is where you’ll find their references, reviews, andsitter verifications — reach out and ask each other as many questions as you both need to. I’m never happier than at the helm of a yacht. Ask the homeowner for the number of a trusted neighbor and program it into your phone. Either in full waterproof gear crossing the English Channel or in swimwear, island hopping around the Mediterranean. You can also follow The Happy Housesitter on Facebook. See Photo FAQ: How to reduce the file size. Again your attorney, or solicitor can help you with this procedure or you can use our free Bond Lodgment and Claim Forms. Here are a few house sitting guidelines that will help every house sitter be better prepared for their house sitting voyage. In others they only need to be called if the accident is causing an obstruction for other traffic. This bond may be lodged with an independent party along with your written contract. Equally, they are not obliged to accept. Post your free Condiential Sitter Required ad. does not disclose the names, addresses, email addresses, or any other private information of either party. It’s no good being a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs if your phone is at the top. Only confirm a sitter once you’ve discussed the sit in detail and you’re sure they’re the right person. There’s only one way to choose the perfect pet sitter: communication. Follow their adventures, find useful tips and advice and stock up on fun house sitter themed clothing at House and pet sitting: owner guidelines. You may need them to step in and feed pets if you have to go to hospital. You don’t want to incur expensive call-out fees for an electrician when you have just been over ambitious with the number of domestic appliances in use at one time. Also bear in mind: Your contract should include the terms and conditions under which a sitter may occupy your home. Know the vet’s opening hours. ... such as phone rental, rates, condo association fees, body corporate fees, strata fees,  local council rates, water, sewer, cable TV rental, security services, ISP rental, or property taxes remain the responsibility of the owner. The reasons might be financial or similar to why a homeowner may be leaving their homes. There are several options available including: In addition to securing a written agreement, you may want to arrange for a refundable deposit bond Saving a down payment or deposit for a home of their own. As with the vet – drive there, figure out where to park, check opening times and find an alternative just in case. Other tips may seem like overkill. Many Sitters Housesit Internationally to save on travel costs. Consider what you’ll do in the event of a fire. Remember, owners must make sure sitters are welcomed into a clean home. Remember the housesitter is saving you witnerising your house and providing a valuable service, and they should never be responsible for the entire heating bill. The housesitter should always be responsible for their own personal phone calls. Originally from England she is now based in Cyprus. Are there any fire extinguishers you should know how to use? It is quick thinking, rapid action and prior preparation that will save the day, and your reputation! Your sitter handles these services in exchange for their free accommodations. They can be downoaded from the Support section of your Members area. Homeowners browse our Search pages and send messages inquiring about profiles that match their needs. What homeowners need are honest people to occupy their homes. People who desire a change of scenery, for example, or save for homes of their own. So be sure to tidy up and provide fresh bedding and towels. You can be a good captain to your crew and be able to deal with any situation that arises after the homeowner sets sail. Send a clear and concise Message or Response to the candidate through the HouseCarers message system. Maintain a standard of care for your home and pets equivalent to and no less than your own. You will be alerted by email when a candidate responds. This will allow you to really get to know them and even get your pet’s sniff of approval before confirming them as you sitter. Why not use our handover checklist to help you out? Even if you can’t pronounce the words, you can point to them. Treatment can vary from species to species and is often counter-intuitive compared to human first aid. This also includes pets with a history of attacking other pets or people. Verify their qualifications. Membership FAQ's - commonly asked membership Questions? Have a backup vet – preferably a 24 hour one – and repeat the above steps. Relatives? Perhaps. Mobile workers, Writers, Artists and others looking for a change in scenery and inspiration, Keywords defining skills, experience, motivations, interests, Peferered duration range of housesits they will consider -e.g. If needed, Here is a free - easy to use resize site: The profile Picture must be uploaded to position 1 /slot 1 of your gallery . We have developed an international database of homeowners and housesitters. You must also make it clear in your housesitting ad. It is no longer just fellow citizens helping each other, with the sitter as a guest in the home. All messages are coordinated through our message system under your user name. Contact the candidate's references. Preferred: The Homeowner Arranges to continue paying the bills by direct debit, a friend, or a family member. Increase your response with a photo. The sitter reimburses the Homeowner for the agreed share when the Homeowner returns. Please note: owner members must not ask sitters to care for inherently dangerous pets, such as venomous snakes, primates, wolves or wolf hybrids, non-domesticated cats, or alligators. But bear in mind, you mustn’t ask your sitter to perform anything that could be considered a professional service, like redecorating the house or running your home business. Where is a fire most likely to occur? If your arrangement will be 12 months or more in duration, you might consider allocating all or a portion of the recurring bills to the house sitter. Exercise your discretion to decide when to disclose personal information to each other. An interaction with your pets. Ask the candidate to provide several references. Make sure you have all the information you need from the homeowner before they sail off into the sunset. Many house sits are in rural locations so the actions taken on the way to the hospital or while the ambulance is on its way can make all the difference.

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