jordan peterson summary of 12 rules

Trying to compress everyone into completely equal outcomes - regardless of biology, behavior, and personal preferences - may be destructive.

Cutting out the fluff: you don't spend your time wondering what the author's point is. Overprotected, we will fail when something dangerous, unexpected and full of opportunity suddenly makes its appearance, as it inevitably will.

And we know this intuitively: even if we don’t know what is good, says Peterson, we certainly know a priori, what is bad.

Children aren’t born ready for life.

Look aide, lefties: this is the part you are definitely not going to like at all! If your life is not what it could be, try telling the truth. I was using language to bend and twist the world into delivering what I thought was necessary.

Consider this, as well, in regard to oppression: any hierarchy creates winners and losers.

Stay awake and pay attention. But all actions exist on a spectrum, and resolving even little bits of bad are good.

Billed as a “self-help” style book, it beautifully interweaves history, religion, science, and philosophy into a highly pragmatic book on how to be a fulfilled, successful, better human being. Set aside some time to talk and to think about the illness or other crisis and how it should be managed every day.
That sentence should be written in capital letters. That things will get better on their own and things will magically work out without your involvement.

It demanded that even a society’s enemies be regarded as human. The society produced by Christianity was far less barbaric than the pagan—even the Roman—ones it replaced. Is the subject of your discontent within your control? Drill into your discontent and transform it. The solution also isn’t nihilism and hopelessness. Girls can win by winning in their own hierarchy—by being good at what girls value, as girls. Remember Socrates who, believing his principles to be right, retained the strength to speak truth at his trial and accepted his death with resolve. Learn to share, so other kids will play with you.

Make your criteria for failure and success timely and clear, at least for yourself (and even better if others can understand what you are doing and evaluate it with you). The research literature is quite clear on this.

We experience meaningful engagement when we mediate appropriately between them. Thus, you should never sacrifice what you could be for what you are. (Shortform suggestion: If you’re stuck here, then think more about why you don’t want to improve. Notice something that bothers you, that concerns you, that will not let you be, which you could fix, that you would fix.
Skill. More capable people should be rewarded accordingly, and it’s unfair for less deserving people to get more. True listening is paying attention and accepting what the person has to say. We eternally occupy known territory, surrounded by the unknown.

And he will in that manner bring salvation to the ever-desperate world. And this reminds us of one of our favorite movie scenes. (Shortform suggestion: As you discuss, keep asking why.

Finally, realize you may have to give up old goals to find a new direction. 5. Maybe you feel a simmering level of rage throughout the day. Live for the moment. This is a profound and deeply philosophical read that makes you think. You then act in ways that you paper over with more lies, but deep down you know it’s inconsistent with your beliefs, and you feel unsettled. From 1997 to 2012, according to the Pew Research Centre,180 the number of women aged 18 to 34 who said that a successful marriage is one of the most important things in life rose from 28 to 37 percent (an increase of more than 30 percent).

You can find such somethings by asking yourself (as if you genuinely want to know) three questions:“What is it that is bothering me?” “Is that something I could fix?” and “Would I actually be willing to fix it?” If you find that the answer is “no,” to any or all of the questions, then look elsewhere. Elk will wrestle with horns to prove the stronger one. Figure out what you really want and why.

You will regret not having acted sooner. And you do the same thing tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. Teachers will run out of patience and focus attention on more pleasant children, causing your child to fall behind. Before blaming the universe for your misfortunes, first consider what you can do about it.

We must make decisions, here and now, even though the best means and the best goals can never be discerned with certainty. You are too complex to understand yourself. Talking yourself into irrelevance is not a profound critique of Being. Furthermore, while it’s tempting to think of them as cherubic angels, they have capacity for evil inside them. A left-leaning student adopts a trendy, anti-authority stance and spends the next twenty years working resentfully to topple the windmills of his imagination. Many issues of this sort have to do with interpersonal relations, particularly with your romantic partner. (Shortform note: How is this helpful for survival, especially in the case of the subordinate lobster? You may lie to others to get what you want; you may lie to yourself to feel better.

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