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I CAN HELP. Ready to work with a coach who celebrates your unique situation and is genuinely excited about your success? Hello, I'm Melissa Kay Schulz, an Australian based life coach. Is stress, family dysfunction, or crumbling relationships tearing you and your family apart? ... You decide to get a coach. Vivamus aliquet quis egestas accumsan tincidunt. Your dreams are within reach, All you need to do is take the first step. Emotion is expressed through motion, so let’s get moving! If you feel stuck and are looking for a change, life coaching may be for you! Over the years I have experienced many significant transformations, in both my mindset and my approach. In just a few short months my cravings for sugar have decreased significantly, and my energy levels have dramatically increased. It’s time to unlock the greatness inside you and sky rocket your business to levels you have always dreamed of. Learn how to heal from painful past experiences or emotions such as shame, resentment, guilt and anger. It’s time to Challenge Our Biases, here are 7 Steps to Help You, How to Increase Your Resilience in 6 Steps, Increase Confidence with Daily Courage in 3 Steps. our best stuff for executive & whole life coaching. Your future is being shaped by today’s actions! All of the results you see stated above are results from personal and client results. When you enter a coaching relationship with me, we focus on your goals. Are you ready to remove the feeling of overwhelm and frustration with your lack of results? Are you ready to feel so good about your business growth and increase your self belief? Coaching is an amazing tool for those on the journey to empowerment. Praesent tincidunt risus sapien, quis sed efficitur nisl tincidunt eget. Proin nec auctor lacus. Handwrite yourself a letter as a present and include the following: (This is probably my favourite thing to do at the end of the year! My experience and expertise will provide you with limitless opportunities and insights when breaking through the digital world. Mary had never used social media for business and found it extremely daunting, she is now able to run Facebook ads which drive traffic and new leads to her legal services business. Learn proven tools to communicate with and help a person struggling with addiction. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference. Re-shape the future for yourself and your family. Incase we have not yet been introduced, here is a little bit more about me and why I am the best person to help you get the results you deserve. Through the process of inquiry, you discover your strengths, as well as work through those things blocking your journey. She was able to simplify her messaging and update her brand to fall in line with the great business and expertise she has, with a marketing plan and easy sign up she is now fully booked. By working with me you’re choosing to commit to necessary big changes and admittedly that change isn’t always going to be easy but you will LOVE the results. Vivamus ut risus at risus lacinia condimentum nec sit amet ligula. YES, LET'S GET STARTED. If you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work, you’ve come to the right place! Are you trying to create a better life but constantly find yourself in survival mode? I often found myself flustered and feeling unworthy of success. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of American football, or even of sports at all, you likely have seen various words of football wisdom appear in various business articles or business books.Coaches inspire players with words of encouragement and motivation that often have equally compelling application in corporate boardrooms as they do in team locker rooms. Her mindfulness for parents membership launched and she now has over 80 members paying monthly. I’m here to support you in making monumental leaps in your service launches with support, guidance and acc It’s time to watch your business boom! It’s time to break free from the constant battle with marketing and sales and time to stop holding yourself back from the success you deserve. Results are not typical and these examples are used for reference purposes only. Donec fermentum magna, sit amet faucibus velit facilisis eget. Using my digital marketing expertise, my own entrepreneurial journey and my masters in business (MBA), I will help you find the confidence you deserve in your digital offering and give you the tools and knowledge to master your marketing skills and success. Over time, small problems snowball and become bigger, you don’t have time to wait. Coaching is a partnership between two people. What Does it Matter if I Get a Professional Coaching Credential? Mindi has taught me that all areas of life are related, and when you show up for yourself in one area, the results radiate to other areas as well. Social media opened up a whole new market for her, and she still only serves people in her local area. I’m Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC and I am a leadership confidence and whole life coach. Using this system (Which is packed full of training on essential life skills that are critical achieving lasting success) along with certified professional coaching, will help you achieve any goals that you might have, while addressing the root cause of the issues that are causing you distress and holding you back from living your absolute best life! You know the stories, the ones that keep you from feeling fully confident, secure, and empowered. Become a leader in your field and show everyone what an epic enterprise you are building! When you enter a coaching relationship with me, we focus on your goals. Wisdom from Coaches. Isn’t it time to craft a story worth living? Success flows from your mindset. Get ready to Confidently achieve your goals. Inspiration & Insights – 5 things/events you’ve learnt, whether it’s about yourself, business, life, etc. And I'm committing to your success. Coaching is a partnership between two people. I have spent over 13 years in sales and marketing, helping business owners and entrepreneurs create incredible results, From new business ventures to digitalising existing businesses, I have helped many businesses create positive transformations by monetising their business services.

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