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Our touring figures of 25.2 mpg is poorer than we expected, for the Eclat managed 27.8 and the Elite 503 25.4 mpg.

On the open road, however, the Esprit is pure joy, a driver’s delight. Its stunning looks are courtesy of Giugiaro and based on a styling exercise at the Turin Show in 1972 — so the design has worn well. They don’t exist you say. Although directional control of the two face-level vents is admirable, there is little throughput. Switches have fibre-optic illumination at night except for the heat/vent sliders which additionally are awkward to find behind the steering wheel and difficult to operate. The transmission is bough from Citroen, who used it on their remarkable, now-abandoned Maserati-engined SM sports coupé. Over the years we’ve compiled hundreds of thousands of Ferrari wallpapers. The trip reset is in between, and instruments are Veglia-made, from Italy. Mid-range acceleration is very brisk, all the increments between 50 mph and 90 mph in fourth gear taking between 7.2 sec and 7.6 sec: this is the vital range for overtaking and the Esprit performs very well in it. It gapes to allow easy loading over a low ledge, but the carpet of our test car was soaked with rain, causing severe internal condensation. It is also a more roomy machine, with a degree more space for luggage, though not, it must be admitted, as clever in this respect as the Lancia Monte Carlo.

Up to 100 mph it feels quick, but thereafter the acceleration begins to tail off. You must try it on for size.

That is difficult with cars such as the Esprit, because when held up against most of the plainer cars we test, the exotics lose points in areas such as sound isolation, luggage space, entry and exit and the like.

The Mercedes-AMG SLS Electric Drive looks sinister and the R8 e-tron and new Porsche Mission E are all-electric sports cars that move the game forward.

The Maserati Boomerang alongside the Esprit shows signs of the same style thinking by the talented Italians. Passive safety requirements were one reason for the end of that stimulating early (and quite successful) experiment in series production, mid-engined sports coupés. Lotus have got around that bother this time BMW-style, by requiring the driver to close a lever under the facia which pulls the bonnet (the nose one) shut. The gearchange uses a rod to select the gears and a cable to work the across-the-gate movement.

To provide more interior passenger space and to allow for the use of the more bulky Type 907 engine, the wheelbase of the M70 was to be 8ft, or 5in longer than that of the Europa which it would replace. To prevent sides caving in during a crash, stout extruded aluminium-alloy narrow-box sections in the doors attach to the hinges in front and to burst-proof locks at the back, so that those inside are near-surrounded by both vertical and lateral rings of strength. Bearing in mind that top is intended purely for cruising, acceleration in this gear is not bad either. The Marcosian feature – or perhaps one should say De Havilland Mosquito-ish one – is that this bulkhead cum hoop is cut out of three pieces of 3/4 inch and 5/8 inch marine plywood.

After the first free service at 500 miles, Lotus recommend a minor service at 5000 miles and a more major overhaul at 10,000 miles. It was the original silver painted car – now remembered at Lotus, logically enough, as ‘the Silver Car’! One staffer thought of the setup as an interesting, different design, while another considered it gimmicky, though perhaps the main thing is that all the instruments are easy to read and the switches available without having to take your hands far from the steering wheel. by Michael Scarlett, drawing by John Hostler.

Based on thousands of real life sales we can give you the most accurate valuation of your vehicle. Little of the car’s basic styling has changed since the first show car, which is a credit to Giugiaro, Chapman The Chairman and his right-hand man, Mike Kimberly, who saw the project through to production. We achieved 20.3 mpg in the course of our test, quite good for a high performance two-litre car. Even the heater for the back window failed to cope with condensation from the wet boot carpets. THIS 1977 LOTUS ESPRIT S1 IS LOCATED IN: HAMMOND, IN The Lotus Esprit is a sports car that was built by Lotus Cars at their Hethel factory in the United Kingdom between 1976 and 2004. From cold the engine starts easily with just a bit of choke, but when hot it requires some grinding and stumbles when lit. The car is very forgiving and reacts quickly to any steering input, but never snaps back with too quick a reaction. It was also destined to be a much wider car than the Europa, though it was always intended to feature a steel backbone chassis-frame. To form a roll protection bar immediately behind the seats, the firewall-bulkhead and roll hoop are combined in one diaphragm, with a hole cut appropriately for the short near-vertical window which divides the engine cover and thereby some engine noise from the cockpit.

Perhaps Lotus should throw in a certificate for a pair of pointy Italian shoes.

Seats are typical of this type of car – couch-like, permanently reclining without any rake adjustment; the steering column is at the moment fixed too, rather than telescopically moveable, and the only adjustment available is of fore-and-aft seat position, with a ramp to lift it for shorter drivers. Wide-body? On the original ‘Silver’ prototype the screen had been angled at a mere 19deg from horizontal, and to meet the regulations this had to be lifted to 24deg 5min. We’ll be the first to admit that taken in total there are many cars on the road that are more practical than the Esprit, but there are few that are as much fun. Colin Chapman, however, did not give in without a fight, and the production Esprit still kept the same dramatically swept screen pillars, a feature achieved by making the screen profile much less curved in plan than had originally been intended. Fuel filler caps for the twin tank are not lockable — the tanks are connected by a balance pipe. Auction Source: The Amelia Island Auction 2012 by Gooding & Company. What it does not include is a clock, rear window wiper and a cigarette lighter, all extraordinary omissions.

The Elite and Eclat appeared as dual replacements for the Elan + 2, and now the Esprit, successor to the Europa, is gradually becoming available on the home market.

The interior of the Esprit is plush and modern. This inclination takes up room on the left side, but allows space for a bracing tube across the top of the frame on the right, improving torsional and lozenging stiffness. Electric cars are not a fad and they’re getting really interesting every day. Check! The fact that it is inboard of course also takes away any drive twist effects, though not simple forces due to the same influences. Person-ally I did not find noise levels excessive for this type of car, especially as the sound is eager and pleasant. If only Father Christmas would leave one in my stocking. The Macho Trans Ams kept the muscle car era alive a bit longer, The Plymouth Duster is Mopar’s underappreciated mini muscle car, One-of-one Rolls-Royce camper is your ticket to retro glamping, That’s emblematic: Badge engineering (sometimes) helps resale value, 5 winter beaters to endure the cold months ahead. Chapman knew all about Ital Design, and everyone knew about Lotus, so there was never any lack of understanding between the two. Moreover, there is a danger of depressing the throttle linkage crossbar while resting your left foot. The Esprit we tested was not hampered by such encumbrances as air conditioning and the steering is not assisted, so with a lower weight and less power ‘leaks’, one would expect an appreciable improvement in performance over the other Lotuses. “Following the biggest car of the week didn’t do it any favors, but regardless it looks like top-notch early Esprits are indeed not the next big thing.”, HVA 2020 National Historic Register Inductees, Chip Foose reimagines the iconic Jaguar E-type, Chip Foose reinvents the 1966 Ford Bronco with street-savvy style, extremely original, 15,000-mile S1 went for less than half that.

It also uses the SM linkage. Strident horns are fitted; a single wiper lacks an intermittent facility but has two speeds, the faster being usefully so. . That for the rear compartment is a small T-handle in the offside door shut. Mid-engines are great in two seater sports exotica provided one accepts that the layout, while superb for road behaviour, has its disadvan-tages in poor luggage accommodation and visibility. The Europa’s wheelbase was 7ft 7in, and its widest track was 4ft 5.5in. This car’s ‘folded paper’ front end was radical, yet production worthy. Looked at through that filter, the Esprit appears difficult to live with and that hardly allows for it not having the minimal level of ventilation we expect from every car we test. Lotus has done a very nice job with the shift linkage, especially when you consider the distance back to the Citroën (ex-SM) 5-speed gearbox. There isn’t much power going up to 3000rpm, but then the engine takes off – it’s almost like turbo lag – and the care once again becomes a delight, the engine willing to rev despite air injection and a catalytic converter. The handbrake is efficient but poorly sited too far forward on the right-hand sill. Therefore our overall fuel consumption figure of 21.36 mpg which took in town driving, cross country, motorway and speed testing is highly creditable and demonstrates that super cars need not be environmentally embarrassing. None of these things are so serious as to mar the car but they do require the driver’s attention.

Yet the Esprit is the last of the revamped Lotus line to reach production, the new front-engine Elite introduced here in 1975, followed by the Sprint about a year ago. That was in stark contrast to its previous offering—the inexpensive but odd-looking mid-engine Europa. Restrained driving could give over 25 mpg though we doubt if anyone would approach what Lotus describe as an ‘overall touring’ figure of 33 mpg. Wheels were cast-alloy 14in diameter Wolfrace items, with 7in rims at the rear and 6in at the front. There is again a length fabricated diagonal box member fixed rigidly to the bottom of the upright by four bolts, but centrally disposed about the drive flange axis instead of below as on the four-seater. Coil spring/damper units are used throughout. Joining these are a few other problems, such as an awkwardly positioned handbrake (front of the left door sill), but generally they are things that can be adapted to the are fairly obvious when taking a test drive. The Lotus 2 litre engine has twin overhead camshafts operated by silent toothed belt and four valves per cylinder.

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