lykan fenyr price

Price: 13,020,000 AED. 780 Horsepower. The brand’s line-up consists of 2 Coupe with an average inventory market price of AED 8,815,680. The Fenyr Supersport weighs 1,300 kg and features a futuristic design just like the Lykan. The Lykan was the first product of Lebanon-born, Dubai-based startup W Motors. Just as with the Lykan, W Motors collaborated with Italy’s Magna Steyr, Studio Torino and RUF Automobile to create the second Arabian supercar. 3700 CC. Within those 2 models, the W Motors Lykan HyperSport is the most popular model and has a starting price of AED 12,488,880. ... the dealership also has a Fenyr SuperSport listed for sale as well. Engine Power. The Emirati brand’s most affordable car is the W Motors Fenyr SuperSport and you can find it in the market for AED 5,142,480 including VAT. Its overall exterior profile is however more aggressive with sharp angles all over its body and an array of airscoops .The whole body is made from carbon fiber whereas a tubular aluminum has been used … Max Torque. Engine Capacity. Cylinders. 960 Nm. Compare Now.

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