masonry wall assembly

1) and both are to the right of the middle transverse axis 34-34′ of face shell 14. Additionally, the one or more vertical reinforcement rods or tendons 38 also run through or are adjacent to the webs 8a, 8b of the subsequent layer of wall unit 2. When there are two webs 8a, 8b or more, they are each separated with a gap 16.

The masonry unit of the present invention provides several distinct advantages: including but not limited to: singlet sided single face shell: access to interior of wall after erection, which: reduces trade scheduling dependencies; allows installation of: vertical reinforcing/post-tensioning tendon, damp proofing, insulation, building services (elec., plumbing, low-voltage, etc. The specific embodiments discussed herein are merely illustrative of specific ways to make and use the invention and do not delimit the scope of the invention. U.S. Pat. The face shell 14 serves as the interior wall surface, which can be, e.g., sealed, painted directly, and/or can be pre-painted. 16A, 16B, and 16C show examples of an embodiment of the present invention in which, once the wall has been assembled it can include various finishes using a configuration in which the face shell 14 serves as the exterior wall surface of wall unit 2. FIG. For a more complete understanding of the features and advantages of the present invention, reference is now made to the detailed description of the invention along with the accompanying figures and in which: FIG. 12 shows wall 200 constructed with wall unit 2 with all units in an inverted orientation as shown in wall 100 of FIGS. In another aspect, the unit may further comprise one or more brick ties embedded in or fastened to the interior or exterior surface of the face shell, or embedded in or fastened to the one or more webs. 13A and 13B include two top views of masonry unit of the present invention showing two variations for providing mechanical strength to the wall, before, during or after installation.
This Masonry SYSTEMS Guide, a first ever of its kind, masonry system print guide and companion website, provide a standardized systems guide of best practices for masonry wall systems design and construction. Kind Code: A1 . While the making and using of various embodiments of the present invention are discussed in detail below, it should be appreciated that the present invention provides many applicable inventive concepts that can be embodied in a wide variety of specific contexts. 16D, 16E and 16F show embodiments of wall assemblies in which the face shell serves as the inside wall. FIGS. The creating of the downward tension in the vertical reinforcement tendon can be but is not limited to being accomplished with a fastener such as a clip, nut, bolt, washer, or screw that secures over a threaded second end of each vertical reinforcement tendon. In FIG. 15B, grout 90 and longitudinal reinforcing is used within a beam 96, shown on wall assembly 50 also, in relation to the vertical reinforcement tendon 38. 9 shows horizontal joint reinforcements placed in a horizontal mortar bed joint between wall units.

No. The cap further comprises being a single elongated piece with one or more holes, or separate pieces each with holes. FIG. The wall unit includes a single face shell with one or more webs attached or integral therewith.

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