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Three themes: ‘couples’ relationship’, ‘siblings’ issues’ and ‘return to normality’ seemed to be of relatively equal importance. When considering the fact that in the US, 2,621,010 mothers had a vaginal birth and 1,232,339 mothers had a c-section in 2017, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that's a lot of money going into the healthcare system just from maternity costs. Do you live in Nigeria? Studies [43, 45, 46, 52] described the difficulty amongst parents and health professionals in dealing with the siblings of the stillborn child. Firstly, the findings justify the rationale for including intangible costs in economic evaluations of stillbirth by revealing their potentially significant contribution to the total costs. Birth. We eventually divorced” ([54], pg 358). As expected in any study, there were also limitations. 2003;17(3):529–39. Two bled out, and the third had high blood pressure. Article  Br J Midwifery. Depression level, state anxiety, trait anxiety and PTSD were all found to be higher in fathers that have experienced stillbirth [40]. Building on the earlier quantitative study by Mistry et al. A roundup of uplifting stories about everyday heroes. Postpartum hemorrhage is a leading cause of maternal death in Nigeria, but these companies make it possible for blood donations to reach those in need. Erlandsson K, Avelin P, Säflund K, Wredling R, Rådestad I. Siblings’ farewell to a stillborn sister or brother and parents’ support to their older children: a questionnaire study from the parents’ perspective. Therefore, its societal impact and relevance to health policy is underestimated and measures for its reduction are given little priority by policy makers [15]. New York: Oxford University Press; 1996. The Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication waiver ( applies to the data made available in this article, unless otherwise stated. In fact, a Nigerian woman has a 1 in 22 lifetime risk of dying during pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum/post-abortion; whereas in the most developed countries, the lifetime risk is 1 in 4900. Globally, in 2009, around 3 million babies were stillborn [1] and in 2012, there were 3558 stillbirths in England and Wales [2]. Most mothers were hounded by feelings of maternal inadequacy and in some cases the fathers took over the role of the main caregiver. How to calculate indirect costs in economic evaluations.


Wrap Up.

PubMed  In September 2016, the World Bank-supported Saving One Million Lives program gave every state in Nigeria, including the FCT, $1.5million dollars each (N548,250,000) to improve maternal, child and nutrition health services for women and children throughout the country.

While Nigeria has only two percent of the global population, it contributes 10% to the global maternal mortality burden. since. Radestad I, Steineck G, Nordin C, Sjogren B. As a follow-up to a recent study which explored the direct costs of stillbirth, this study aimed to explore the intangible costs of stillbirth in terms of their duration and economic implication.

Accessed July 14th 2014. 2008;32(5):445–60. Yamazaki A. This is especially true for regions with low numbers of skilled health workers, such as sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 15, 188 (2015). • Liljas B. Birth. The Initiative wants to ensure women, children and communities can live a long healthy life through access to medical products and blood donations. 2011;377:1331–40. 2013. 2008;35:2. The studies were all published between 2001 and 2013, with four based in Sweden [44–47], three in the United States [42, 43, 48], two in the UK [49, 50] and one each in Norway [51], Japan [52] and Australia [53] while two studies were online [54, 55]. 2005. They identified the costs incurred in the intervening time as the intangible cost(s) of stillbirth. Maternal mortality, to him, had a face and a form. Between 2005 and 2015, it is estimated that over 600 000 maternal deaths and no less than 900 000 maternal near-miss cases occurred in the country. We at Nigeria Health Watch are curating stories of infant and maternal mortality in Nigeria, in order to put a human face to this epidemic ravaging our mothers and children… devastating husbands and fathers like Hezekiah, who is now left to raise three children alone. A profile of the 14 studies used for the qualitative synthesis was developed (Additional file 6) and the themes and concepts identified (Additional file 7). AH is the Clinical Director of the Tommy’s Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre, University of Manchester and the current Chair of the International Stillbirth Alliance. TR and AH designed the study. Nobody gets punished, no matter what we do so why would we bother? [24] classified the economic costs to the health service due to stillbirths into three groups: i) the direct costs of immediate care after stillbirth; ii) costs incurred after the completion of initial management; iii) costs incurred in a subsequent pregnancy. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access.

Best Pract Res Clin Obstet Gynaecol. Evaluating meta-ethnography: a synthesis of qualitative research on lay experiences of diabetes and diabetes care. This was followed by a … 2013;29:668–73. Considering the significant numbers of stillbirth worldwide, the large number of families affected and the long-lasting nature of its impact, it is surprising that stillbirths still attract relatively little attention from policy makers.

Nigeria is second only to India in terms of the number of maternal deaths it experiences, and along with five other countries—India, Pakistan, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, China and Ethiopia—Nigeria is part of a group which makes up more than 50 percent of the maternal mortalities that occur in the world. Lubeck D. The costs of musculoskeletal disease: health needs assessment and health economics. Midwifery. The 7 papers included in the BJOG supplement shed light on some aspects of the Nigerian maternity care and health system, particularly at the tertiary level, between 2012 and 2013. J Mental Health Couns. When this statistic came out earlier this year, it elicited different responses from different people online, and started up a debate among friends, co-workers and total strangers over its veracity.

Obviously the baby was in there, but the bond and therefore, the loss is just as much” ([53], pg 256). The effect of stillbirth on siblings in a subsequent pregnancy was measured by Turton et al. We have numbers and numbers are good because they allow us to see the scope of the problem. Compared to other pregnancy-related events, the full cost of stillbirth remains poorly described. 24 maternal centres in six beneficiary states, https://nigeriahealthwatch.comgiving-birth-in-nigeria-the-staggering-odds-facing-pregnant-women/. 2): profound grief; depression; social isolation; relationship issues; siblings’ issues; difficulty returning to normality; need for support and life changing event. J Midwifery Womens Health. Nigeria is a risky place to give birth. McGraw-Hill International; 2011.

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