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THE TREZOR FEATURES FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES CONCEIVED TO MAKE LIFE EASIER, A customisable, touch-operated dash with advanced connectivity. The clever design doesn’t stop with that weird canopy and the gorgeous front end. Between December 21-26 2018, the Renault Trezor was available for  5,000. Thanks to this work, the Trezor boasts the poise of a spectacular GT (length: 4,700mm / width: 2,180mm/ height: 1,080mm) while tipping the scales at just 1,600kg. The Renault Trezor can be obtained by completing its Championship. The hold top of the vehicle lifts upward, including the front hood area to allow entry and exit from the vehicle. That’s not a bad thing, though, as this area includes two case… Optimal configuration for greater performance. Robert continued working on cars in his free time and learned as much as he could about engines, transmissions, and car electrical systems, something that only fed his curiosity more and eventually led him to earn a bachelors degree in automotive technology with a primary focus on engine performance and transmission rebuilding. They are held in place by leather straps that are also red in color. The finished article provides a level of strength comparable with that of modern composite materials and underlines the structural qualities of wood, namely light, strong, organic and warm. To the rear, the supports for the rear headrests are also made out of wood, symbolically linking the rear deck to the front.
Good Job, Renault – this is one Concept that you nailed. Brands like Ford, Volvo, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley all decided to skip out, but over in Renault’s little corner of the show sat the Renault Trezor – the all-electric grand tourer that we’ve all be waiting for. Renault Trezor | Speed, Price, Performance, Specifications (2020): Today we will be talking about the successor of Renault DeZir. 350 hp (261 kW) Then, there’s a smaller touch screen on each spoke that performs the same general functions of the traditional thumb controls that we’re all so used to seeing in road-going cars. Trezor is from the Love ‘petal’ of Renault’s ‘Life Flower’ design strategy – following in the footsteps of the 2010 DeZir concept – and previews trends likely to be seen in future Renault models.

This concept has two different battery packs. Unfortunately, it can't compete with the top cars of C Class as it is 2 seconds slower than the Sparta in French Guiana. This car is expected to enter the market by 2020. This ‘rope-like’ fibre assembly provides bright, distinctive lighting. It weighs just 1600kg, very light compared to other concept cars.

Renault Trezor supports three driving modes: neutral, sport, and autonomous mode. The amazing nitro efficiency allows races to be completed even on a single tank and would be useful for long tracks like Tokyo. Down below that display, there is another smaller display that likely serves as the infotainment display when GPS is activated. All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship. It looks almost like a saddle, so you might be mounting a steed just as easily as getting into a car. The production of Trezor is most probably expected to begin in the latter part of 2020. However, even on short tracks, it will be closely rivaled by the Sparta and Alfieri, the current overall best Class C cars and two that accelerate and handle/drift well too (though the Sparta is superior over the Alfieri in terms of handling, and the Alpine is superior over the two), but possesses higher total speed, with the Alfieri having a much higher raw top speed. The style is warm and sensual, with red as the predominant colour. But, Renault is a self-proclaimed pioneer of electric mobility and claims to be Europe’s “best-setting EV manufacturer.” On top of that, Renault has been contributing to the advancement of Formula E though it’s participation and evolvement, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that this concept has a functional, all-electric drivetrain. To the right of the instrument cluster is another large touchscreen that is displaying an odd graphic, the outside temperature, and a symbol that indicates there is an S-curve coming up. However, the Trezor's main downfall is its maximum total speed of 257.9 mph (415.3 km/h), … There is no word has to what the car’s actual range is, but I’m guessing it’s probably in the area of 100 to 120 miles at best. A large dip in the body where the door leads way to another massive vent from the fender, obviously where air from the massive front intakes exit. When Renault was designing the Trezor, it paid special attention to certain things that help extend range and increase performance. As of the Fifteenth Anniversary Update, the Trezor now sees some use in multiplayer with its quick acceleration, responsive handling, efficient nitro, and decent drifting radius at MAX PRO. It will then sync with the vehicle to personalize settings and welcome you. The body sits remarkably low to the ground, and the car itself is just over 3.5-feet tall with an official height of just 42.5 inches. Down below, there is a massive vent on each corner that flanks a rather small rear diffusor. The car has a brake-operated energy recovery system, developed from the Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) technology developed for Formula E cars. Instead of having one large battery, Renault has taken the liberty of using two smaller battery packs – one in the front and one in the rear. Other Information It features three screens, one centrally mounted featuring the logo and two touchscreen displays to either side instead of conventional stalk controls. The main reason for the lack of visible seams is its clamshellstyle roof which opens up to allow passengers to enter the interior.

These trends fall into two categories: French Design and Easy Life.”. These trends fall into two categories: French Design and Easy Life.”, Laurens van den Acker – Senior Vice-President, Corporate Design. The Trezor goes further, by symbolising feelings of maturity and commitment. In the manner of a cinema screen, this movement symbolises a step into a whole new world of travelling. Renault claims acceleration to 62 mph takes “less than four seconds.”. This glass is integrated seamlessly into the cockpit and provides for a smooth transition between front and center of the vehicle. Given its extreme acceleration and good handling/drifting, as well as its lower top speed compared to other top-tier Class C cars, the Renault Trezor dominates in short and twisty tracks like Dubai and Venice, but suffers on long tracks like Tokyo and Azure Coast. Ultimately, this screen would display GPS information in a real-world setting. In this mode, the Trezor allows occupants to use their time on a journey to stay connected.
The Trezor also incorporates a brake-operated energy recovery system, courtesy of the Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) technology developed for Formula E racing. Looking at the interior of this all-electric and muscular concept leaves you feeling a bit molested, but not necessarily in a bad way depending on how you look at it. The overall setup of the display screens in the Trezor is, I believe, representative of what we’ll see in cars over the next decade. Its silhouette displays the classic attributes of a GT. The Renault Trezor is powered by an electric motor generating 260 kW (349 hp) and 380 Nm (280 lb-ft) torque.The motor uses two different battery packs, one placed at the front and the other placed at the rear. Front-Engine, RWD The single piece canopy opens by hinging forward on struts. The Trezor is fitted with tailor-developed Continental® tyres, fitted to 21- and 22-inch wheels at the front and rear respectively. The touch-screen’s interface can be personalised. I hope you have liked the article related to Renault Trezor, will comment below and share it with your friends and family. This concept car uses a carbon-fiber chassis and a wooden frame under the bonnet, which was built with French bicycle manufacturer KEIM, to function as a luggage rack. First unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, the Renault Trezor Concept is a two-seater electric coupe concept car based on its predecessor, the Renault DeZir. The Trezor’s one-piece clamshell roof lifts much like the lid of a jewellery box to give access to the interior. Chassis / Drivetrain

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