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Unfortunately, the national trends in income segregation between the rich and the poor are heading in the opposite direction—increasing 15% from 1990 to 2010, and 40% within large school districts. listeners: [], But even a universal child credit—a small amount of cash given for each child each month—“probably comes close to cutting child poverty in half just on its own,” says Jane Waldfogel, a professor of social work at Columbia University. Some suggest that marriage promotion is a worthy avenue, but it is difficult to imagine bureaucrats successfully steering social norms. There are important ways in which liberals, particularly vocal white urban ones, also misunderstand the path to alleviating poverty. forms: { The primary lever is reorienting public safety-net spending around poor children. The same applies to schools.

It would cost around $300bn a year, less than the grandiose proposals pitched in the Democratic presidential primary, such as a universal basic income and free college. The Bulletin on Retirement and Disability, Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Conference on Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, Conference on Research in Income and Wealth, Improving Health Outcomes for an Aging Population, Measuring the Clinical and Economic Outcomes Associated with Delivery Systems, Retirement and Disability Research Center, The Roybal Center for Behavior Change in Health, Training Program in Aging and Health Economics, Transportation Economics in the 21st Century. But it is not enough to deal with poverty atomistically—to reduce individual suffering through a more robust safety net. It’s about segregation, it’s about integration, and it’s about education in America. There is also a longstanding reluctance among liberals to discuss the impact of family structure on child poverty. window.mc4wp.listeners.push( Rucker Johnson Professor, Economist, School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley San Francisco Bay Area 1 connection. Most of America’s peer countries already have a universal benefit scheme. It is also morally senseless, punishing children for the sins or misfortunes of their parents. UC Berkeley. By the official statistics, nearly one in six American children is poor. Much of this stems from the explosive reception to the Moynihan report—a study published in 1965 that sought to explain the roots of black poverty by analysing out-of-wedlock births—and the stigmatising argument that it seemed to imply. } This American tragedy is an ignored one. BA, Economics, Morehouse College Rucker C. Johnson is the Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy in the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, and faculty research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. By the SPM, which takes benefits and cost of living into account, things look only a bit better: just over one in six is poor. They are found in depressed areas like Cleveland, where half of children live below the federal poverty line, rural South Dakota and central Appalachia. { The official poverty rate for the children of single mothers is 39%, compared with 8% for those living with married parents. Poverty in America has long-lasting, destructive consequences on children, The best way to eradicate poverty in America is to focus on children, The official way America calculates poverty is deeply flawed, American poverty is moving from the cities to the suburbs, Poverty in America continues to affect people of colour most. It is a quarter of the sum the state spends on prisons. A bifurcated society is more than just damaging democratically. We have here today Professor Rucker Johnson, who’s a professor at the Goldman School. As a labor economist who specializes in the economics of education, Johnson’s work considers the role of poverty and inequality in affecting life chances. After taxes and transfers, that figure is down to 14%. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { David Grusky of Stanford University says that the state of California, which has the highest share of poor people after accounting for taxes, transfers and cost of living, could end deep child poverty with targeted cash transfers that amount to a mere $2.8bn per year. After Canada fully implemented its programme, which offers higher benefits to poorer families, the number of children living in poverty fell by a third in just two years. Although charter schools have similar results when evaluated nationally, they perform much better in the kind of struggling urban districts—such as New Orleans, Newark and Boston—where there are more poor children who need help. For generations, poor, minority children have received inadequate education from their segregated traditional school districts. Such statistics can be marshalled to stigmatise single mothers, and to then argue for benefit cuts. } Poor children neither vote nor hire lobbyists. The reluctance to acknowledge that children in stable, two-parent households do better may seem understandable. But it is hard to imagine rational people giving up work for the meagre sums offered for disability ($1,234 per month on average), food stamps ($126 per month) and Medicaid (which cannot be cashed out). The safety net, although important, does less to blunt poverty in children than in adults. } With the advent of universal programmes like Medicare, the health-insurance scheme for the elderly, and Social Security, the public-pension programme, there is no age group better served. The same people are strong critics of charter schools, which are publicly funded but privately run, for allegedly destabilising traditional state schools (and their associated teachers’ unions). on: function(evt, cb) { Targeted anti-poverty programmes in America usually attract a backlash from voters who think the money goes to other people’s children.

He’s just written an extraordinary new book. According to the SPM, 48% of elderly Americans would have been poor without the safety net. event : evt, So targeting programmes at the younger generation makes the most sense. This elicits only muted fury from the people who often preach the virtues of diversity in other arenas. It must also be dealt with spatially and collectively, meaning that it must be deconcentrated. Copyright © The Economist Newspaper Limited 2020.

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