sketch vs figma

As a result, designers can connect several lines at a single point instead of creating two separate paths, as demonstrated in this animation on Figa’s website. Both programs are extremely powerful, and either option will enable you to create beautiful graphics and interfaces. At the time of writing, Figma’s pricing plan is still a work in progress. The importer keeps your layers intact and even brings over your symbols as components. Another advantage here is that Figma is browser-based, so a developer wanting to view a certain project, for example, doesn’t need to install a design tool that they won’t otherwise use.

Figma is the first browser-based interface design tool to grace the market, and it’s a name we’re hearing more and more within the industry. Whilst it’s true that Figma comes with native prototyping and developer handoff capabilities, there are plenty of plugins which integrate Sketch with the most popular tools in the industry, such as Zeplin for developer handoff. While plugins exist, there just aren’t as many options available for Figma.

Ultimately, while Figma’s frames are more powerful than Sketch’s artboards, both programs are competitive. In this section, we compare the apps by looking at specific features and options. At the moment, Sketch has age on its side.

While Sketch only allows one artboard per page, Figma encourages designers to nest frames within one another. However, Sketch doesn’t fall too far behind when you consider other vector tools.

While they do have some notable differences, the “better” core program mostly boils down to preference. Look, I know, this question has come up before. Sketch does not have a free version; however, the license only requires a one-time purchase. Figma is all-in-one. Once the license expires, you can carry on using Sketch forever - however, you must have a current license in order to receive updates. However, new programs are catching up. Figma is catching up, but it still lags behind Sketch for now.

Several websites compare the programs side-by-side, but many are outdated or fail to include the most recent features. Figma is built for your entire product design workflow. Now let’s delve into some specific functions and features. Come on, Sketch! No need to communicate edits back and forth; each participant can view them directly in the tool, as and when they happen.

In-house companies using Mac computers may prefer Sketch, while teams with remote designers or windows computers may use Figma for convenience. Even if you only have a subscription for a handful of designers, the entire team can collaborate and provide feedback. Sketch, on the other hand, does not support live collaboration.

Figma’s “frames,” on the other hand, are much more versatile. Not on a Mac? Vector networks do give Figma a slight edge.

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