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“Though Fiji has no reported cases and is beautifully remote, our crew numbers over 400 and are flying in from over 20 different countries, creating a need for more time to fully analyze and create our new production safety plan.”, READ MORE: After 39 days, Survivor awarded its biggest prize ever to the person who became just the second two-time winner in the show’s history after Sandra Diaz-Twine did it during the 20th season, “Heroes vs. Villains,” in 2010. Powered by. Boston Rob of ‘Survivor’ says this season will be his last. In March, it was announced that the next season of Survivor has been postponed due to the novel coronavirus epidemic. Natalie Anderson and Michele Fitzgerald also made it to the final three. READ MORE: During the first immunity challenge, Fitzgerald finished the final puzzle and won.

(Global TV/Screengrab). But because Sarah Lacina was convinced Natalie didn’t have an idol, Ben Driebergen and Tony Vlachos were forced to play theirs at the final six Tribal after Natalie played hers. It was then time for Fitzgerald, Anderson and Vlachos to plead their cases to the jury, and the jurors asked the three remaining players about their social and strategic games. Vlachos won the subsequent challenge, and Driebergen was voted out and ended up in fifth place. Vlachos, a police officer from New Jersey, has now become the second two-time champion, joining Sandra Diaz-Twine as one of only two contestants to win Survivor twice. Partly because I won one time and I lost the second time, so I knew what I had to do to meet that balance between winning and losing. #SurvivorFinale— SURVIVOR (@survivorcbs) May 14, 2020. Anderson had some good arguments. /u/HouseTyrells has come up with an Updated #Survivor Mount Rushmore after tonight. Vlachos argued that it wasn’t pretend friendship, it was two separate issues — friendship and gameplay. ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ winner Tony Vlachos. Many fans of Survivor took to Twitter to discuss the finale. “You outlasted 17 of the best people to ever play this game,” Probst said to the final three castaways before reading the tallied votes from his garage. Natalie Anderson won the battle-back challenge and she had an idol in her pocket, so she couldn’t be voted out right away. The winner of Survivor: Winners at War was crowned in Wednesday night’s season finale. She was a total beast in challenges on Edge of Extinction and went into the battle-back competition with many advantages, plus she had a hidden immunity idol to take with her back in the game. So many women come in wanting to play like Parvati or Wentworth so I love seeing another woman cement herself as a #Survivor icon.#Survivor40 #SurvivorFinale, — Kemi Fakunle (@kisseskemi) May 14, 2020. He didn’t hunt for idols, in fact, he only found one the entire game,” Probst said of the winner. She was voted off on Day 2 during Season 40. In the end, Vlachos won with 12 votes, and Probst showed the $2-million cheque that will be sent to the winner. Vlachos was declared the Sole Survivor by the jury on Wednesday. He is only the second contestant ever to win two seasons of Survivor alongside Sandra Diaz-Twine. “With this money, I am going to secure my family and be financially secure for the rest of my life.”, Probst told Entertainment Weekly that Vlachos is “such a delight to watch play Survivor.”, “He seemed to have a general plan to lay low and see if he could get a footing with a solid alliance. Do it! The winner, by a vote of 12 to four, was Tony Vlachos.

It came down to a re-vote and Denise Stapley was sent home. Story continues below advertisement.

One person will be crowned the Sole Survivor and winner of $2 million by the end of tonight’s groundbreaking episode. Tommy Sheehan last won Survivor Season 39, titled Island of the Idols, in December. ‘Survivor’ finale: Winner crowned in blockbuster 40th season. #Survivor Denise Stapley, Ben Driebergen, Tony Vlachos, Sarah Lacina and Michele Fitzgerald on the three-hour season finale episode of ‘Survivor: Winners at War.’ (CBS/Global TV). Vlachos, 46, is a police officer from New Jersey who also previously won Survivor: Cagayan in 2013. We’re committed to being on in the fall with our 41st season, which means you should apply, especially if you’re young. A post shared by Survivor (@survivorcbs) on May 13, 2020 at 6:33pm PDT The finale was full of twists and turns. Probst wrote a letter to the show’s crew, explaining the delay of the next season. Vlachos was facing an uphill battle because Natalie Anderson got back in the game and had been making friends on Edge of Extinction for over a month.

The finale began with host Jeff Probst introducing the final episode of Season 40 from his garage and connected with all 20 contestants filming from their own living rooms due to the coronavirus pandemic. READ MORE:

We’re always trying to explore and evolve the show and take chances and we’re committed to being on in the fall with our 41st season.

Natalie also achieved this feat along with Tina, Ethan, Brian, Sandra, Tom, JT, Cochran, and Nick. We love to see it! “Due to growing short-term uncertainty surrounding the global spread of COVID-19 and the corresponding desire for the continued well-being of our amazing crew, we have decided to push back our start date for Survivor Season 41,” Probst’s letter began. “Enjoy the people that you love.” #Survivor, A post shared by Survivor (@survivorcbs) on May 13, 2020 at 5:22pm PDT. (SPOILERS), Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. #Survivor. ‘Survivor’s’ Jonathan Penner Reveals Wife Stacy’s ALS Diagnosis on the Show. May 14 (UPI) --Tony Vlachos was crowned the winner of Survivor Season 40, titled Winners at War, and took home the $2 million cash prize.Vlachos was declared the Sole Survivor … I agree with what he said at final, that he didn’t really make many mistakes,” Probst said of Vlachos. “I won’t get into the GOAT (greatest of all time) debate, but I will say we could not be happier with Tony as the winner of our biggest season of all time.”, READ MORE: Survivor season 41 may return this fall; it depends on if the show can safely resume production this summer. Natalie Anderson won the battle-back …

READ MORE: The tribe then voted out Stapley in sixth place. The tribe has spoken when it comes to the winner of 'Survivor: Winners at War.' The jury obviously thought Vlachos had to prove himself. Tony's game was full of surprises, shocking moments, blindsides and lots of laughs. Natalie Anderson broke a major drought tonight: She becomes the first woman to win jury votes since Chrissy in S35#Survivor, — Survivor Reddit (@Survivor_Reddit) May 14, 2020, when i tell you i SCREAMED #Survivor #SurvivorFinale, — Drew Boehmker (@IfUSeekDrew) May 14, 2020, Tony on the phone with CBS asking when he can expect to see Boston Rob's 40-foot-head replaced with his own #Survivor, — Reality Reacts (@realityreacts) May 14, 2020, wendell and nick couldn’t spare a SINGLE vote for michele i’m so angry SHE DESERVED AT LEAST ONE VOTE #Survivor #SurvivorFinale #Survivor40, Ok this group is legends tho #Survivor, — Brian Scally (@Brian_Scally) May 14, 2020, Lol Ben quit a game for $2,000,000 to hand it to someone who lost immediately after he quit. Plus, she won the final immunity challenge, which is a good argument for why she should win.

In a bit of a surprise, Ben had told Sarah she should vote him out because he wanted to see her get to the end on her own two feet, so she had his permission to vote him out.

Please read our Commenting Policy first. A post shared by Survivor (@survivorcbs) on May 13, 2020 at 6:33pm PDT.

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