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When the foundations are so weak, one might assume the craft to level up a little. Moin Khan, who brings authenticity in some of the scenes, sounds equally insincere and fake in the others. The nice poster is a lie. Surely worth watching, now available on Netflix. His father, Krishna (Saagar Kale) used to work as a lift operator since he was a child. It was a leap of faith that propelled her to say yes. I guess it would be accurate to classify The Lift Boy as “sentimental drivel” but I have to confess I enjoyed it... Maybe the worst film i've ever seen. Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinemas, The Takashi Miike Project (101/105 complete), Film Review: Erica 38 (2019) by Yuichi Hibi, Film Review: The Night (2014) by Zhou Hao, Short Film Review: Alice (2019) By Wan Dinnie, Film review: Golden Slumber (2018) by Noh Dong-seok, Film Review: Forgetting Vietnam (2015) by Trinh T. Minh-ha, Music Video: Susan by Khavn feat. Report this film, A sweet flick which had the potential of being artsy but it choose to be mundane.Full Review link. © Letterboxd Limited. 1. it was cute, but they def could have done more what happens to him and the girl?? He was so dejected before being offered a part in ‘The Lift Boy’ that he almost took up a job at a call centre to make ends meet. Like I said before, this had a great idea to make a kid learn humility by doing his dad's old menial job. Thanks to my mom for recommending this to me. No studio in Bollywood wanted to back a film that did not have known, bankable actors. An absolute surprise! Jonathan Augustin’s ‘The Lift Boy’ falls in the same vein. Even while grieving over a lost girlfriend, his dialogues seem more lifelike amidst all the archaic characters. Terms of Use I run an NGO for underprivileged for around 75 kids. Probably the only character which seems to have a semblance to the reality is his friend Shawn (played by Damian Alexander D’Souza), who encourages him from time-to-time while working with the right attitude to sustain the job that he has. 'The Lift Boy' is a slice of life film that revolves around a young man who's forced to fill in for his father as a lift operator in a posh building in Mumbai. The color palette that he wants to show throughout the film also seems like a gimmick to beautify the shallow and contrived plot. In fact there's a lot of corniness to the whole proceedings. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. His arrogance seems to arrive from a lack of understanding of himself as a person. ‘The Lift Boy’ is a slice of life film that revolves around a young man who’s forced to fill in for his father as a lift operator in a posh building in Mumbai. Mobile site. A warming movie! “A brown man with a white name making a film with unknown faces” is how debutant director Jonathan Augustin encapsulates his career’s first coming-of-age feature ‘The Lift Boy’, out in UAE cinemas this weekend. “Go watch this film and you will walk out with a broad smile. Overall a great movie with a realistic plot. But ‘The Lift Boy’ was a turning point in this life. I truly cannot be overly critical about this because the intentions are great and the story is perfect for a small-budget production. How do I feel so apathetic and bored during a supposedly heartwarming and emotional movie? In English and Hindi/subtitles. Translation? (Couldn't even bare to watch it till the end), when u go to the most renowned film school in the world but drop out after one class. It’s a coming-of-age film that celebrates dignity of labour and individuals that you may normally not notice. His father, Krishna (Saagar Kale) used to work as a lift operator since he was a child. But even in that department, the unflattering lights, especially during the morning scenes, which look poorly lit, instantly diverts the viewer’s attention. Masood was exiting after watching ‘The Salesman’ when the casting director of ‘The Lift Boy’ spotted her and asked her in for an audition. Both on your website and other media. When an indolent young man substitutes his father as the elevator operator of a superior suburban complex, what he sees as unskilled work soon takes on fresh meaning. All rights reserved. ?dialogues are soooo weird tho, not sure who talks like this, optimistic but failes to impress as script is shattered all over and so are characters. Stuck between finding inspiration and capturing my own stories, As we move along, we get to know that apparently the building owner, Maureen (Nyla Masood), took care of most of his education. 5. ‘The Lift Boy’ was rejected by a series of studio giants because it didn’t have “mountable faces”. Jazz Nicolas, Scotland Loves Anime Festival Comes to Screen Anime This Month, Film Review: Young Sangye (2019) by Zhang Guodong, Film Retrospective of Wang Toon, Nov 17 – 22 @ Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Film Review: The Champions (1983) by Brandy Yuen, Short Film Review: Mom Fight (2020) by Mickey Finnegan, Manga Review: Pop Life Vol.1 (2016) by Q-ta Minami, Film Review: That Night’s Train (2019) by Hamidreza Ghotbi, Short Film Review: Echo Each Other (2016) by Pin-ru Chen. it's a film about things to numerous to mention.

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