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If this is an emergency, please call Tufts Police at 617-627-6911 or 911 for Local Police. delegations of U.S. police officials to the seminar since 2003. the Watertown, MA police chief and the head of New England’s Department of Homeland Security – worked on the Boston Marathon bombing case. Not only is it hypocritical to say Israel is a oasis for gay life, but it is also Islamophobic to then say that “[Sharia Law’s] fundamentalist interpretations have resulted in the persecution of LGBTQ people elsewhere in the Muslim world.” Assuming that Muslim populations are somehow more queerphobic than any other demographic or that religion plays into anti-Arab and anti-Muslim ideologies that are completely unsubstantiated and racist. And [any] tour to these sites that doesn’t acknowledge that openly is a tour that normalizes that violence and dehumanization.”. “The university and DPES are committed to learning how to prepare for, prevent and respond to all types of emergencies.

After several years practicing law in New York city, I found my. “What those kinds of policies and practices do result in is incredible trauma and distrust,” she said.

” campaign. A Black-identifying first-year student at Tufts, who has chosen to remain anonymous, explained her recent encounter with police that left her feeling singled out because of her Blackness.

“The presentations we’ve had with these government security officials focus on dealing with the terrorist threat while also protecting civil rights of all people,” he wrote. And it goes both ways; we’re concerned about [what Israeli police might be learning from] places like the NYPD, which have a long history of Islamophobic surveillance and broken window policing,” Ben Lorber, campus coordinator for JVP, told the Daily. Like so many anti-Israel campaigns, Deadly Exchange is based on a combination of innuendo, guilt by association, and selective use of facts. Homophobia is prevalent, widespread and disgusting — no matter the extent and who perpetuates it.

A Tufts student disrespectfully asked them a question about living under “Hamas’ authoritarian regime,” which their chaperone declined to let them answer. As she explained in her interview, her roommate and some friends went out onto the roof of Dewick through their dorm room window. borrowed the idea from Israeli methods of controlling the military-occupied West Bank. The growing movement to brand Israel as a modern hub of gay life, which has been called “pinkwashing,” hides the violations and abuses of Palestinian human rights. Whether LGBTQ people are not allowed to marry, or whether they are prosecuted, homophobia is real. The Deadly Exchange campaign rose up again this year in order to hold the Tufts administration accountable for sending Director of Public and Environmental Safety and Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) Kevin Maguire to Israel for “counter-terrorism training,” after the trip was brought to the campus’ attention last year in a Daily article. The authors spewed hatred against marginalized groups in the form of lies that cannot be backed up in order to fuel their perspectives. “The reality is that Israel National Police commanders and officers and other Israeli law enforcement officials have prevented and responded to more terror attacks than most, if not all, of their American counterparts and have expertise on how to balance the need for security with protections accorded by the laws and values of a democratic country,” he wrote. Tufts is one of five universities to send a police officer on this trip since its inception.

Lorber also expressed concern at the ADL’s lack of transparency regarding the details of their seminars, which as Trestan told the Daily, are not made public due to concerns for the security of NCTS participants. in the Jerusalem Post, David C. Friedman, the ADL’s Vice President for Law Enforcement, Extremism and Community Security, explicitly stated that the NCTS and other ADL-funded exchange programs often serve to ideologically sway officers that attend. Additionally, in 2005, Israel’s Foreign Ministry started a marketing campaign called “Brand Israel,” which was intended to rebrand the country’s image as “modern” but tokenized LGBTQ people in order to further The Israel Project’s agenda of stressing Israel’s “commitment to peace and democracy.” The New York Times released an op-ed from Sarah Schulman, an opinion columnist, which said that the Israeli government paid for an international campaign to boost Tel Aviv as “an international gay vacation destination.” The Israeli government seems to be regularly used as the one and only source for New York Times articles. .” Similarly, the CEO of the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Fund said that the visit to Israel was important because of Israelis law enforcement’s ability to protect citizens and provide security while protecting “the rights and freedoms of the people that live here, just as we want to do in the United States.”, Deadly Exchange also tries to link Israel to violence against minorities in Ferguson, Missouri. In an email to the Daily, Maguire confirmed his attendance, but deferred to Collins’ statement on the issue when asked further questions about his participation. “The strategies and tactics learned from Israel exchanges enable American law enforcement leaders to increase their ability to protect the U.S. from attack, as well as enabling them to be prepared with effective responses after an attack.”, Allegations of human rights abuse against seminar speakers. A 2016 itinerary for the NCTS was requested from the Orlando Police Department by journalist Alex Kane for an Aug. 2016 article in Mondoweiss and is linked to in the piece. I am a professor and publish on constitutional and educational issues. I’ve written about campus free speech, same-sex equality and racial justice for Cambridge University, The University of Chicago, and Harvard University. According to Amnesty International, “two million Palestinian people are living under an illegal blockade imposed on Gaza … they can’t enter or leave Gaza freely, to see family or friends or even to get life-saving medical care.” Israel claims that they are defending their civilians, but Palestinians are killed every week for peacefully requesting to return to their homes. Just like the U.S. needs to be held accountable for the colonization of Native Americans, let’s not shy away from making Israel take responsibility for human rights violations in Palestine. The commission voted to make Tufts the eighteenth department in the commonwealth to achieve this prestigious recognition. The campaign argues that since some law enforcement agencies have exchanged information about security techniques with Israel, then Israel must be responsible for any abuses by those agencies. Vie Email. Police chiefs from Suffolk University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technologyand Northeastern University attended the seminar in 2016, according to an Arlington Patch article, in addition to Boston University, which sent officials alongside Tufts in December. (617) 627-3030 or x73030 (from a campus phone), Missing Student Contact Registration Form, Civilian Response to Active Shooter Training, Geographic Based Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving, Bicycle Registration/Security/Safety Tips, Child Passenger Safety Seat Inspection & Installation, Timely Warning: Health Sciences Campus, Public Property – Aggravated Assault, Timely Warning –Assault Dangerous Weapon Incident, Timely Warning – Assault and Battery and Attempted Robbery, University Policies Regarding Minors on Campus.

Tufts is one of five universities to send a police officer on this trip since its inception. Al-Subaey told the Daily that TUPD’s participation in the seminar undermines the university’s claim that “Tufts University does not adopt institutional positions with respect to specific geo-political issues,” which was made in a statement from President Monaco last April responding to TCU’s divestment resolution. This left Israelis with their own state, and Palestinians with nothing. JVP’s fringe campaign will not, in any way, stop us from continuing this important work,” Trestan wrote. . Neither the university nor Maguire responded to questions regarding the controversial nature of the seminar.

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