virtual field trip to disney world

Happily Ever After Fireworks: just for fun, a video of the Happily Ever After fireworks show because no trip to Magic Kingdom is complete without some fireworks!
My teachers were so awesome to send me their Bitmojis to include.

All opinions, dorky puns, and Disney Cast Member secrets that I wasn’t supposed to tell are 100% our own and totally not their fault. As the sun sets and the lights of Main Street USA turn on, you’re overwhelmed by happiness.

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You consider eating a steak because there’s no waitlist for Le Cellier, but instead keep walking until you arrive in Germany, which is also next door to Mexico, because geography matters even less in Epcot than it does in the rest of Virtual Disney World. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. BUT it shows a behind the scenes look at how car chases and stunt scenes are created!Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular: shows some great views of how action movies are made and how stunts are executed.The Music of Pixar: a live orchestra that shows how the soundtracks of movies truly bring it to life.

Words do not do it justice.

In this Virtual Field Trip, students visit Walt Disney World to learn about the history, landmarks, and geography, of the famous parks. So you look around…. Wait, hang on … is the Yeti doing the Macarena? Because the majority of these videos are from the guest’s point of view (POV), they can be even more fun viewed through VR headsets for your phone, or by projecting it on a wall or viewing on a big screen tv. :).

Wait, I thought Mission Space was in Epcot? In this episode, Lia spills all the Mad Tea on the most magical place on Earth, plus insider tips from her time as a Cast Member. It’s reaching out to get you! It’s a beautiful day, so you decide to take a nice long walk through Fantasyland and look at absolutely everything. Ready? Every single animal is out today. This song is playing, the lanterns are all lit up at the castle and you can see Prince Charming serving Cinderella her dinner in the tower.

Join us on a fun Virtual Field Trip to experience all the learning that can happen at the “Most Magical Place on Earth!”.

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Or a llama. There are hundreds of attractions across the globe -from zoos to museums to the most famous of world landmarks, that you can visit virtually, from the comfort of home for free!

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