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Street Outlaws Monza: Wife, Son, Net Worth, New Motor, Age, and Crash 2019 Updates

Jerry Johnson is popularly known as Monza, and he possesses unmatched driving skills. He is a true and an outstanding motor car racing legend. His driving prowess highly qualified him to be co-opted to Street Outlaws show. Monza has appeared in this reality TV show since 2013. His skills are quite legendary because of the diverse, complicated styles that he maneuvers with his car when racing. Jerry appears in a 1972 Chevrolet Camaro Sports black rally sports car that he has christened Sinister Split Bumper

Street Outlaws Monza wiki bio

Monza is a renowned driver with top-notch skills, and he appears in a reality show on Discovery Channel. In fact, he is categorized among the most professional and outstanding drivers on that channel. Jerry Johnson is his real named, but he is commonly recognized by his name Monza. He brags possessing the finest and the most spectacular driving skills, and it is openly evident. His height is 6’2” and he is just amazing. Before the Chevrolet Camaro that he drives now, he used to have a Chevy Monza – that is where his name is derived from. He is a reserved man and usually introspective but wild in driving.

He is a family man and he married his wife Tammy Johnson in 1986. They have been together all through until today, unlike most celebrities who are full of scandals. The couple has two children – a son called Brandon Johnson and a daughter called Brittani. They reside in Oklahoma and it is in this city that Monza does his motor car racing.

Monza married to Wife and has a Son

Monza decided to end his loneliness when he found his rib. His other half or Monza wife is called Tammy Johnson and they have stuck together for three decades now.

Image of Jerry Johnson with his wife Tammy Johnson
Jerry Johnson is married to his wife Tammy Johnson

They got married in 1986 and they did a wedding. Since then, Monza wife and her hubby have not had any hiccups even though there is no perfect marriage. However, they have beaten all odds to remain together all along. Brandon Johnson is their only son because they did not want to get many children.

Monza Net Worth and Age

Recently Monza scaled up the ladder and he was promoted to position three when he beat Doc – his opponent. Despite the fact that he beat him in motor car racing, he is still behind him in terms of net worth. As of 2018, Monza street outlaws net worth was a whopping $500,000.

Image of Jerry Johnson net worth is $500,000
Jerry Johnson net worth is $500,000

The better part of his wealth has been earned from Street Outlaws motor car racing reality show. He is a renowned and respected driver because of the great skills that he possesses. Owing to that fact, he is also handsomely paid, and he is one of the leading characters in that show. Monza street outlaws net worth is also accrued from his side hustles. Apart from the reality show, he also owns property in Oklahoma. Monza street outlaws age cannot be made up.

Monza Car and Crash updates

Monza races with a 1972 Chevrolet Camaro Rally Sports car. However, it is not in its original form because he has modified it to enhance its performance. It uses top-notch technology to facilitate its performance. Also, Monza’s car uses a Chevy engine – Big Block 598 Cubic Inch, PTC Power Glide Transmission & Converter, and Two Monte Smith Custom Flowed Nitrous Foggers. These are quite outstanding and high-class specs that give it the power to compete with the others. Consequently, he has garnered a huge number of fans and they say that he is the new racing pro. He made the changes and the modifications on his own – replacing them with his preferred ones.

Image of Jerry Johnson car
Jerry Johnson “Monza” races with 1972 Chevrolet Camaro

Monza debuted his acting career when he started appearing in the Street Outlaws reality show in 2013. He amazed and mesmerized his fans with his spectacular racing skills. Apart from his current car, Monza also drives a 1972 Chevrolet Camaro which is a real powerhouse after modification. He has christened it Sinister Split Bumper and it is among the best cars in the reality show.

Street Outlaws’ racer Monza car crash was so bad and it was even reported in the media. It made him incur a huge loss owing to the massive damage to his car. The crash occurred when they were filming.

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