Sunshine Kiki Brown Wiki-Bio: Facts About Clayne Crawford Wife.

Image of Sunshine Kiki brown Wiki-Bio: Facts you didn't know about Clayne Crawford wife.

Here, we are going to focus on an astonishing American shoe designer, Sunshine Kiki Brown. This lovely woman has a passion for fashion; specifically shoes. Sunshine designs different shoes and has even set up a business in the states. Sunshine Kiki is a fantastic role model for women across the world all over. She manages to balance her work as well as be a wonderful homemaker.

Always has time for her family. If you are a lover of shoes and wish to learn more about the lovely Sunshine Kiki, how she succeeded in life, how she found her fantastic soulmate, read ahead until the end.

Take a look at the life of Sunshine Kiki Brown. Learn more about the woman’s career and net worth. Meet Sunshine Kiki Brown husband and their kids. Read her bio.

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Sunshine Kiki is an American shoe designer, wife to Clayne Crawford. Sunshine was born on December 14th, 1980 at Houston Texas, USA. She is currently 38 years old. Not much else is known about her family or early childhood. This is because there is scarce detail available on them. This is not at all surprising as people are entitled to their privacy after all.

It is such a shame, however, as the designer seems to possess such an exciting personality. This is why her fans want to know as much about her as they can.  So far, all we have to go with our assumptions and educated guesses.

We did learn though that Kiki became a mom when she was still relatively young, 18 to be exact. We are not sure whether the father of her child was in the picture or not, but regardless, having a kid that young is not easy. This is because she, in all likelihood, lacked a stable job at the time.

As such, she would not have been able to support her daughter without a little help. That said, it is a mark of her character and dedication as a mother that she still managed to raise such a remarkable young woman.

Who is Sunshine Kiki? Her career info

Sunshine Kiki is an American shoe designer and entrepreneur. Shoe designers usually create layouts and models on how the shoe will turn out at the end. Footwear is one of the essential necessities. To some, they even qualify as a human need. Shoes protect us from dirt and anything that can injure our feet.

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While it is evident that the designer is as talented as they come, we are not sure about the type of shoes she designs. They could be sandals, rubbers, heels, or boots. Today, in fashion, shoes tend to play a vital role. Fashion designers go above and beyond to ensure that their dresses match the particular foot ware selected.

Image of Shoe designer, Sunshine Kiki Brown

Shoe designer, Sunshine Kiki Brown

Therefore, shoemaking career is a big-time venture. Sunshine has not given any information to the public about which company she is working for or if she has her own company, to begin with. The designer likes to keep her private life under wraps. Therefore, we have no information about her career beyond this.

Sunshine Kiki Brown partner, on the other hand, Clayne Crawford, is a famous actor. His fame and popularity have, in all likelihood, helped to improve her marketability.

Clayne is known best for playing the role of Martin Riggs on the action comedy-drama television series, lethal weapon. This is a character he would portray from 2016 to 2018. The actor also played the role of Teddy Talbot on Sundance Rectify, which was nominated as the best supporting actor in drama series.

The man has also featured in a plethora of movies. They include The Perfect Host, Tinker, Swimfan, to name a few. We are sure that there are a few other films under his belt as well.

Sunshine Kiki Net Worth

Design is not exactly what you would call a stable career. It’s not easy to get to the summit of the world of fashion, as there are a lot of years of hard work in between. Even when you do peak, it can be even harder to stay relevant. But if you do, then the reward can be immeasurable. Some fashion icons can rake in millions in regards to wages.

Image of Fashion Icon, Sunshine Kiki Brown net worth is currently not available

Fashion Icon, Sunshine Kiki Brown net worth is currently not available

That said, Sunshine Kiki net worth is presently undisclosed and under review. As we alluded to earlier, the designer likes to keep some information about her life private. Though we do not know how much she earns, we see that she is the wife of a very famous actor.  Sunshine’s husband Clayne Crawford has a reported net worth of $ 4 million. This, of course, comes from his illustrious acting career. As Clayne Crawford’s wife, Sunshine shares in his wealth and success.

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From what we could tell, she seems to be living a very comfortable life. Sunshine does not depend on her husband a lot, though because she is a successful entrepreneur who seems to earn good money. According to the Bureau of labor, footwear designers earn around $77,980 annually or much more.

Is Sunshine Kiki Brown Married? Who is Clayne Crawford?

The designer is, in fact, a married woman. Sunshine has been married to a famous actor husband, Clayne Crawford since 2004. Clayne was born on 20th April 1978 in Alabama, United States. He is currently 41 years old. There is no information on where the two lovebirds met. We know that they got married somewhere in 2004.

Image of Sunshine Kiki Brown with her husband Clayne Crawford

Sunshine Kiki Brown with her husband, Clayne Crawford

Their wedding was kept private in an unknown location. Only family and close friends attended. Sunshine and Clayne have two sons: Joey and Colt Crawford.

Image of Sunshine Kiki Brown with her daughter Abby

Sunshine Kiki Brown with her daughter Abby

Apart from their sons, Sunshine also has a daughter, Abby. She had the girl when she was still a teenager back in 1998. After their marriage, Clayne adopted Abby and has been an amazing father to her ever since. Before the happy couple got together, the actor was previously engaged to Sunny Mabrey.

Image of Sunshine Kiki Brown husband Clayne Crawford with his son

Sunshine Kiki Brown husband Clayne Crawford with his son

However, they did not get married as that relationship would eventually crumble. The star was depressed, but he knew that when one door closed, another would open. This came in the form of meeting the love of his life, Sunshine. Now the two have three amazing kids whom they love to spend time with.

As far as we can tell, the family is going strong with no problems whatsoever on the horizon. They love each other and their kids to the moon and back. This is evident through all the posts we see on their separate social media accounts. Sunshine and her family live in Birmingham, Alabama.

Facts about Sunshine Kiki Brown: Age, Wiki, Bio, Family

Full name Sunshine Kiki Brown
Age 38 years old.
Date of Birth 14th December 1980.
Place of Birth Houston, Texas, USA.
Profession Fashion Icon, Shoe designer, Social media Personality
Net worth Under review
Husband Clayne Crawford
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius.
Parents Unknown

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