Terri Gowdy: Know everything about Trey Gowdy’s Wife

Terri Gowdy Wiki Bio

Terri Gowdy has a very quiet and composed personality. During her younger years, she participated and won so many beauty contests. Contrary to most people’s expectations, she ended up being a teaching assistant. She chose not to follow her rather promising beauty career. Over the years, she had been committed to making her husband’s legal and political career a success.

She is the main story behind Terri’s victories. Terri Dillard was born on the 11th of September 1961. Her parents are Pat and the late Frank Dillard. Frank served in the army during his youthful days. He passed on eight years ago, at the age of 80.

Learn more about Trey Gowdy’s wife Terri Gowdy’s married life, children, and family. Also get to know about this celebrity spouse’s net worth, age, and career.

Terri Gowdy Married To Husband, Trey Gowdy. Any Children?

Terri Gowdy is the wife to Trey. His real name is Harold Watson Growdy. ‘Terri’ is a nickname. Terri was born on the 22nd of August 1964.  He is a lawyer, a politician and a retired prosecutor. Terri served as a prosecutor before he eventually decided to venture into politics. Terris is the son of Novalene and Gowdy. In 1982, he graduated from the Spartanburg High School before proceeding to earn his bachelor of arts in History from Baylor University. Trey got his doctorate at the University of South Carolina.

From the records, Terri is a very learned man of the law. Most of his supporters have also described him as a very brilliant public man. That he has announced his intention to quit politics has left so many people disappointed. The decision has however earned him greater respect and admiration as he has come out as a very sincere person.

Terri has two children named Watson and Abigail. They are teenagers. From an early stage, Terrie was always keen on giving her children a modest upbringing. Her moderate and reasonable strictness has seen Watson currently attend Washington and Lee School of Law while the daughter, Abigail, is a student at South Carolina University.

Besides the children and her husband, Terri equally has a soft spot for dogs. At the moment, she has two dog pets that she values so much. She has named them Jury and Bailiff. The names should not be surprising since her husband is a renowned counsel who loves his profession so much.

Image of Terri Gowdy with her husband, Trey Gowdy

Terri Gowdy with her husband, Trey Gowdy

Terri can always do anything just to make her husband happy. The couple is visibly happy and content with their relationship. It is therefore not likely that they will separate anytime soon. This is commendable since most of the public figures have always ended up getting involved in love scandals that eventually see their marriages torn apart.

It has been much difficult for people to come across any photo of Terri with her family. She prefers to put her life in the background. Furthermore, Terri is not so much a social media person. There are very few photos of Terri on the internet. For now, Terri has resorted to playing the role of a supportive wife to her husband, since he has decided to walk away from politics and commit his time fully to his legal career.

Terri Gowdy Net Worth, Age, Career

Born in 1961, Terri Gowdy is currently 56 years of age. She is two years older than the husband. Her career path is rather skewed. Terri started as a beauty model and ended up winning so many awards. However, she soon changed the path and instead ended up becoming a teaching assistant.

The public knows not so many details about her career since all these years she has resorted to helping out her husband fulfill his dreams and ambitions. At some point, she was the Miss Spartanburg. Since most of the assets are co-owned, Terri’s net worth is not known to the public.

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