The Chew Cast Salaries and Net Worth

The Chew is an American reality television show. The show revolves around cooking, and the theme of the show is also related to cooking mechanisms. The Chew show centers food-related topics and even a lifestyle. The show has so far debuted seven seasons since its inception in 26th September 2011. Righ now learn about the individuals and their net worth and salary.

The Chew Cast Carla Hall Net Worth and Salary

Carla Hall is an American chef, television personality and she is also a former chef. Carla was born in 12th may 1964 in Nashville, Tennessee. She attended Maryland Howard University where she graduated as a chef. She joined the show of The Chew as a cohost in the show. Carla Hall has also appeared in several other television shows.

Carla Hall's net worth and salary

Carla Hall from ‘The Chew’

Carla Hall has earned a fortune from her active role in television. She has starred in many shows the latest one being The Chew which she has been actively getting involved in since 2011 up to date.

The fact that she has been on television for long proves that she has made a fortune. Although we could not generate Carla Hall net salary per season, Carla Hall Net worth is over $2.5 million.

Clinton Kelly Net Worth and Salary

Clinton Kelly is an American television personality. He was born on 22nd February 1969. He is also a fashion consultant and a media personality. He has co-starred in many television shows. The Chew Cast Clinton Kelley has appeared alongside another cast in the series of The Chew which has gained a considerable following in the media.

Clinton Kelly's net worth and salary

Clinton Kelly from ‘The Chew’

Clinton Kelly has been active in the media for long. His appearance on both the television, fashion design and media, in general, has no doubt made a guy.  Clinton Kelly earns a net salary of $50000 per season.

Clinton Kelly Net Worth is over $2 million. Her net worth is subject to increment because she is still active in the media.

Michael Symon Net Worth and Salary

Michael Symon is an American television personality. Michael is also a restaurateur, chef and an author. He was born on 19th September 1969 and has appeared in many Food Network Shows.

Among the notable shows, he has appeared in include Iron Chef America, The Best Thing I Ever Ate and the latest show on ABC channel, The Chew.

Michael Symon's net worth and salary

Michael Symon

Michael Symon has invested in multiple ventures. He earns quite handsomely from his ventures including restaurants and the sell of his books.

Michael Sentance in the television world boosted his earnings expediently. Michael has co-starred in several shows which have earned him a fortune. His net salary remains unknown, but he is reaping big. Michael Symon net worth is $4 million according to the Celebrity Magazine.

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