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Victoria Jordan Wiki-Biography: Parents and Grandparents of Michael Jordan’s Daughter

Image of Victoria Jordan wiki-biography; parents and grandparents of Michael Jordan's daughter. 

Victoria Jordan is a daughter of the two famous personalities; Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto. Her father is known as one of the best basketball players in the 1980s, and Michael’s wife aka victoria’s mother Yvette Prieto is a world-famous model.

Victoria has come to the limelight since the day of her birth.  She is one of the wealthiest celeb children, that is to say, because she is born to Michael Jordan, the world’s highest-paid player. Learn more about her parents, grandparents and other wiki facts from her biography.

Who is Victoria Jordan? 

Victoria Jordan was born on the 9th February 2014, USA, with her twin sibling Ysabel Jordan. These twin sisters are well known for being daughters of two very famous personalities, their mother and father.

Growing up with such wealthy parents might be fascinating, don’t you think so? Well to know that we have to wait for the twins to grow up. But let us tell you something more fascinating, Victoria Jordan’s birth was recorded by people’s magazine in the celebrity babies section. 

What is Victoria Jordan’s Net Worth?

Victoria Jordan might be just five years old, but we all know that her net worth is higher than most of us here all thanks to her iconic parents. So what is her net worth? Let’s get a look at it now!

Image of Victoria Jordan father Michael Jordan with net worth of $1.9 billion

Victoria Jordan’s father Michael Jordan net worth is $1.9 billion

Victoria’s father, former NBA (National Basketball Association) player Michael Jordan’s net worth is said to be $1.9 billion. Jordan was once the highest-paid basketball player and athlete in his prime days whereas, her mother, Yvette Prieto’s net worth is $5 million.

Now without any further delay, let’s look more into her iconic mother and father.

Victoria Jordan Parents: Father and Mother

Victoria’s father is a world-famous athlete, and an NBA player Michael Jordan and her mother is a beautiful model Yvette Prieto

Image of Michael Jordan and wife Yvette Prieto, parents of Victoria Jordan (

Victoria Jordan father (Michael Jordan) and mother (Yvette Prieto)

Victoria was born to Yvette, who is the second of her father, Michael. Michael’s first wife was Juanita Vanoy. Her parents first met while they were in a club dancing, and soon fell in love. In 2009, the couple started living together with a relationship, and after two years of that, they got engaged.  And at the end, in the April of 2013, the couple happily had their wedding at Bethesda-By-the-sea Episcopal Church located in Florida, and are together since. 

In November 2013, the couple had made their announcement saying that they were expecting. We were still shocked when on 14th February 2014, Victoria’s mother gave birth to her and her twin sibling Ysabelle. 

Being the daughter of two famous personalities, Victoria also got her fame right after her birth because of her parents.

Image of Michael Jordan, (right), with his daughter Jasmine and his former wife Juanita with sons, Marcus and Jeffrey

Michael Jordan, (right), with his daughter Jasmine and his former wife Juanita with sons, Marcus and Jeffrey

Micheal recently became a grandfather as his daughter Jasmine Jordan, daughter of Jordan and his first wife gave birth to a son.

Aren’t you all curious on who are the grandparents of Victoria Jordan? 

Victoria Jordan’s Grandparents: Grandfather and Grandmother

Victoria’s grandfather was James K. Jordan Sr who unfortunately never got to see his granddaughter; Victoria Jordan. On July of 1993, while victoria’s grandfather was returning from a funeral, he was shot to death in his car. However, Daniel Green was accused of murdering James, but the mystery of his death is still not fully solved. It took almost a month for the family to identify James’s body as it was in the process of decomposition.

Image of Victoria Jordan father, Michael Jordan and grandfather James K. Jordan Sr

Victoria Jordan father, Michael Jordan and grandfather James K. Jordan Sr

 Victoria’s grandmother is Deloris Peoples. She was an American banker, and not much information about her is provided till the date. She was born on September 1941, North Carolina. 

Similarly, there is no information about Victoria’s mother’s parents except for their names. Her grandmother’s name is Maria Pietro, and her grandfather, aka Yvette’s father’s name, is Carlos Prieto. 

We have mentioned about Victoria’s twin sister somewhere above, but Ysabelle is not the only sibling that Victoria has.

We are almost at the end of the article now. Let us have a brief look into Victoria’s siblings. 

Victoria Jordan’s Siblings

Victoria’s father Michael Jordan had another marriage hidden up before he married her mother, Yvette Prieto. Hence, Victoria’s father and his first wife also had three children. Two of them were sons and one daughter. Therefore, Victoria has a total of four siblings, and Michael has five children in total.

Image of Victoria Jordan two step brother Jeffrey Jordan (left) and Marcus Jordan (right)

Victoria Jordan two stepbrother Jeffrey Jordan (left) and Marcus Jordan (right)

Victoria has three older step-siblings and one twin sister. The step-siblings are named Jeffrey Jordan, Marcus Jordan and Jasmine Jordan. Whereas, her twin sister goes with the name Ysabelle Jordan.

Image of Victoria Jordan with her sister Ysabelle Jordan

Victoria Jordan with her twin sister Ysabelle Jordan

However, the husband and wife, i.e., Michael and his second wife Yvette are happily married and have no sign of having a divorce or an unhealthy relationship. So let us all be happy for the happy couple and two beautiful identical twins Victoria and her sister Ysabelle Jordan.

Quick Facts about Victoria Jordan

Full Name Victoria Jordan
Age 5 Years
Birthdate February 14, 2014
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Profession N/A
Spouse No
Net Worth approx. $3m
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Marital Status Unmarried
Children No
Social Media Instagram: N/A



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