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William Devry Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height, Wiki, Gay

Image of William Devry Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Dating, Net Worth, Height, Age, Gay, Wiki, Bio

William Devri is one of the most famous actors in the Canadian film industry. He was nominated for the Emmy Awards in 2004. The success of William is all out there to speak for itself. With some television shows to attend, William’s career as a television personality is flourishing.

Lately, he has played the role of Julian Jerome in the General Hospital. This article will highlight some of the necessary details about the life of William Devry; his marital status, net worth, body measurements, sexual orientation, and life history.

William Devry Married To Wife Or Dating Girlfriend? Gay Rumors

Well, William Devry is yet to get married. All that can be said about his love life at the moment is that he had been in a very long relationship with his present girlfriend, Rebecca Staab. From the people who have been close to them, it is said that William and Rebecca have been seeing each other for the last ten years.

Image of William Devry with his wife Rebecca Staab
William Devry with his wife, Rebecca Staab

Funnily, there is a time when William made a post on the social media, claiming that he had just married to wife, Rebecca. However, Rebecca was quick to come out strongly and rebut the claims. It is true that the two would want to get married one of these fine days. When the day of their wedding finally comes, it shall be formally announced.

Most people normally enjoy spreading rumors on the sexual orientation of the celebrities. The fans find it more interesting to discuss and gossip about the lies than the truth. The reality is that the sexual orientation of William Devry is not known to the public. In one of the interviews conducted, over 60 percent of the interviewees insisted that William was gay. 30 percent claimed that he was heterosexual while 5 percent believed that William is bisexual. All in all, these could be mere rumors as William is yet to come out openly on his sexual preferences.

William Devry Net Worth and Salary

As a professional, William Devry has been very vigorous. However, he seems to have adopted the cultures of other celebrities who choose to share the details of their finances with the members of the public. The average net worth of William Devry is yet to be comprehensively reviewed.

Image of Actor, William Devry net worth is not available
Actor, William Devry net worth is not available

However, from the look of things, William could be unforgivingly rich. His living standard does not in any way fall below those of other successful celebrities. Most of the known sources of William’s wealth are from his long career. It could be possible that he also got other businesses and investments. However, not so much about them is known to the public. The assumption made is that William has a net worth millions of dollars.

How old is William Devry? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

Born on the 20th of April 1968, William Devry is presently 50 years old. He celebrates his birthday on the 20th of April every year.

Wiki, Bio

William is a Canadian by nationality. At the age of 19, William moved with his mother to Florida. William has a long lineage of athletes and entrepreneurs. Both his grandfather and grandmother were outstanding sports persons during the youthful days. William’s father is the founder of Lee De Forest.

Body Measurements: Height And Weight

William Devry has a very athletic body. He has a height of 1.8 meters. William’s body weight is not known. However, he looks so healthy and sexy. There have recently not been any tangible social media updates regarding the life of William Devry.

Is William Devry Leaving General Hospital? Coming With New Contract?

Actually, for the past few weeks, there have been intense negotiations over the possibility of signing a new contract. Unfortunately, such talks seem to have so far hit a snag, and William Devry could, therefore, be spending his last days at the General Hospital. The presence of William at the General Hospital is one which so many fans will miss so dearly. He has over the years managed to achieve very good chemistry with the rest of his colleagues. In of his twitter posts made last year, William appreciated his fans and said how much they had been a blessing to him.

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