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Anna Elisabet Eberstein, Hugh Grant’s Wife Bio, Net Worth, Married, Children

Anna Eberstein Net Worth Married Husband Hugh Grant

One of the biggest heartthrobs of the 90s Hugh Grant finally got hitched last year. The woman who bagged him as his wife is Anna Elisabeth Eberstein. You will be surprised to know that the Swedish producer and executive, Anna Elisabeth Eberstein has quite an illustrious career and enormous net worth too. Check out her married life to her actor husband, their children and a detailed bio of Hugh Grant’s wife.

Anna Eberstein Early Life

Anna Elisabeth Eberstein was born on 15th February 1979. She was born to parents Hans and Susanne Eberstein. Her father Hans Eberstein has little information out to the public. Her mother, Susane Eberstein, is a well-known politician from the Democratic Party in Switzerland. She only has one sibling, her brother Christian Eberstein.

Eberstein graduated from Oxford Brookes University in Political Science and English Literature. Afterwards, she graduated her Master’s as well from Oxford in 2003. For her business school, she chose Lincoln Memorial University, where she studied from 2001 to 2002. Her first job was as a promotions producer for ESPN.

Anna Eberstein Net Worth

Anna Eberstein is not a big actor like husband Hugh Grant so; it was hard to learn about Anna Eberstein’s net worth. It was especially hard since we did not even know much about her career. She worked with ESPN for about two years and in the meantime served for multiple positions.

She became a freelance director and producer for a while after that. By now, you must be wondering her career is not significant enough to give her a drastic net worth. Well, she soon became the founder of a London based kid’s retail brand by the name of ‘Ace & Me’ in March 2014. She took on the position of the director of her fashion company and running it successfully for more than five years.

That certainly must mean that she has an appealing net worth. We should not forget that working for an organization like ESPN itself means big bucks. The average salary of an ESPN producer is $112,117 with $2,752 of average addition in wages. Anna Eberstein salary was not just as a producer but also a moderator between the sales/marketing and creative departments.

Image of Hugh Grant and his wife Anna Eberstein Net Worth
Caption:- Hugh Grant and his wife Anna Eberstein’s has a Net Worth of $80 Million

Being the director of her own fashion apparel and brand must also mean a handsome salary and net worth. Sadly, Anna Eberstein’s net worth is still under review. But like we said, her husband, a famous actor has a well-established net worth of $80 million. As his wife, Anna certainly shares a part of her husband’s enormous net worth.

Anna Eberstein Married Life with Husband Hugh Grant; Their 3 Children

Let us get to the main topic of our article. We know most of you are here for Anna Eberstein’s married life with husband, Hugh Grant. Well, despite being married just a year ago, they share a long relationship history which is very complicated indeed.

Anna Ebberstein married the English actor in a small wedding ceremony with only close friends and family. They got married in Chelsea Register Office which is close by to their $12 million home in West London. The couple has three children together while Hugh himself has a total of 5 children.

Hugh Grant met Anna Eberstein in 2011 at a London bar and started dating. Hugh Grant had his first child that same year is September but now with Anna. He was also in a “fleeting relationship” with England Hong, a woman falsely reported to be a receptionist at a Chinese restaurant. His first child was a daughter named Tabitha or Xiao Xi in Chinese.

image of Hugh Grant and his wife Anna Eberstein and kids
Caption:- Hugh Grant and his wife Anna Eberstein with their kids

That fleeting relationship may be the result his second child was with Anna in the form of their son, John in September 2012. However, nobody knows how it happened, but after Grant’s second child, a son ended up being with Hong again just a couple of months later in December. Luckily, this was his last son with Hong, and it did not hamper his relationship with Anna Eberstein.

He had another daughter in December 2015 and another newly born son in early 2018 with Anna Ebberstein. They are leading their newly married life with three children in peace and happiness.

Quick Facts about Anna Eberstein

Full Name Anna Elisabeth Eberstein
Age 40 years old
Birthdate February 15, 1979
Birthplace N/A
Nationality Swiss/English
Ethnicity White
Profession Brand director
Marital Status Married
Net worth N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Zodiac Aquarius
Husband Hugh Grant
Children 3
Social Media Not Active

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