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Barefoot’s Ronnie Pace Wiki-Bio, Wife, Car, Net Worth, Job, Family

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  • November 13, 2023November 13, 2023
Image of Barefoot Ronnie Pace Wife, Car, Net Worth, Job, Wiki-Bio

Barefoot Ronnie pace is a master of the wheels. His racing career has put him on the spotlight. His racing career spans well over 25 years now.

He is also a successful business person. All these have made him among the celebs with high net worth. Let us explore Barefoot Ronnie pace’s wife, net worth, and wiki-bio.


Barefoot Ronnie Pace’s wiki-bio has very limited information about him. However, he was born on 29th November 1971. He lives in Weatherford, Texas. He has a height of 180.34 cm and a weight of 77.11 kg.

Barefoot Ronnie Pace current age is 47 years old.

In his family, everyone calls him “cat daddy.” These include all his nieces, nephews and grandchildren.

According to his wiki, he was given the name Barefoot Ronnie by OKC’s “Big Chief.”  This was after he saw him get out of his car after a race without any shoes on.

His wiki also reveals that the star is extremely afraid of heights and frogs. It is said that even the tiny baby frogs scare him. That sounds very funny, doesn’t it?

His beverage of choice is Orange Kool-aid. This is mostly associated with the fact that he does not take alcohol.

Apart from this, there is no other information about him that is available. Information about his parents has not been documented. It is also not known whether Ronnie has siblings or not. Likewise, information on where he went to school and when is also not available.

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Barefoot Ronnie Pace’s career information has remained a great secret. Not much is known about his career and job. However, he is best known for his appearances in the Street Outlaws show. He has been a racer for the better part of his life, over 25 years now.

He has competed with some of the best racers in the show. Some of these include Waldrick Brooks, The Luv, Kye Kelly as well as Shane. One of his very unfortunate moments in his racing career was during his race with Jerry Bird.  The star racer barely got off the line. This was because of a dangerous wiring issue that led to a very costly explosion.

Another interesting bit about his career is that he drives barefoot, except when it’s cold. This appears to be one of his distinguishing marks in his racing career.

The racing star also does all the paint and bodywork on all of his cars.

On 24th January 2017, the reality show star was among the nominees for All-Star Shootout event. In the event, the racers were to compete for $40,000. The outlaw Armageddon event was also a free entry event for all the fans.

Besides racing, the reality show TV star owns a small concrete construction business in Texas, USA. The veteran racer has done this business for well over 20 years now. He is still doing the job to date, and he is known to be very hardworking.

Moreover, another job that he is known for is that he makes the “BEST” Blackberry Jelly for the face.

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Street Outlaws Ronnie Pace Net Worth and Car

Barefoot Ronnie Pace’s net worth has not been disclosed publicly at all. However, he has participated in the Street Outlaws show for quite a while. This has greatly boosted his net worth which is presumed to be quite high. This should be so considering he also runs his own business.

Image of Barefoot Ronnie Pace net worth is not available

Barefoot Ronnie Pace net worth is not available

Barefoot Ronnie Pace’s cars include a 2nd generation Nova and 1st generation Camaro. Those are the two cars the racer is said to own currently. The black Nova seems to be his favorite. This is because he has been with it for over 20 years.

Image of Streetoutlaws cast, Ronnie Pace car

Street outlaws cast, Ronnie Pace car

Ronnie Pace Married, Wife

Barefoot Ronnie Pace is married to his wife, Emerald. It is not clear when he married her, but it is estimated to be around December 1987. This is according to the wife’s post on her Facebook page on 17th June 2015. In the post, she disclosed that the two would be celebrating 28 years in a marriage that December.

His love, Emerald Pace, is 44 years old and was born on 5/7/1974.

Together, Ronnie and Emerald have a son and a daughter. The son, Gray, is 28 years old and the daughter, Bree, is 26 years old.  Having been married for long, the couple has also two grandchildren.

According to Barefoot Ronnie Pace’s wife, he has a very big heart for everyone.

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