Bob Morley Biography, Wife Eliza Taylor, Married, Dating, Net Worth, Height

Bob Morley is the name of a famous Australian actor known to have acted famous movies such as ‘Home and Away,’ ‘Road Kill,’ and the ‘The 100.’ To TV viewers in Australia, he is known with the screen name Drew Curtis in the movie Home and Away.

In this article, we have all the information on Bob Morley wife Eliza Taylor, marriage, dating life as well as his net worth.

Who is Bob Morley?

The famous actor, Bob Morley, was born on December 20th, 1984 in Kyneton, Victoria. Born in a small town, he grew up with his mother a Filipina, and an Australian Irish late father who passed on while he was still young together with his two years older sister and one older brother. Morley is known for his acting from an early stage.

The 34-year-old notedly took things very seriously in school.  The Australian actor did his schooling in Melbourne where he studied engineering, later, he graduated from the University of La Trobe with Creative arts. After that, he got jobs as a theatre producer. His passion for acting remained prominent all through making him a star he is today. He is known for ‘Home and away,’ ‘Neighbors’ and ‘the 100,’ among other prominent short films.

"Image of Bob Morley

The 100 casts Bob Morley

Actor Bob Morley Net Worth. How much is Bob Morley worth?

Bob Morley’s net worth is $ 4 million. Bob has accumulated a large part of his net worth through TV acting. Some of the TV shows he has starred in includes the soap opera ‘Home and Away’ where he starred as Drew Curtis television series, Neighbors in 2011- 2013. His most international and renowned role has been as Bellamy Blake on The 100 from 2014 to present.

Image of Australian actor, Bob Morley net worth is $4 million

Australian actor, Bob Morley net worth is $4 million

Is Bob Morley Married? Meet his Wife, How Bob and Eliza Met?

Given the celebrity lifestyle, Bob leads, many conspiracies arise concerning his dating life and girlfriend. However, all these are not true. Bob Morley’s wife is Eliza Taylor, a beautiful 29-year-old Australian actress, and his co-star. They married after working together on CW’s post-apocalyptic drama, ‘The 100.’ They surprised their fans as it never occurred to them they were even a couple!

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Bob Morley’s wife Eliza Taylor who is also Australian appeared in the soap opera ‘Neighbours’ but a few years ahead of her husband from 2005 to 2008.

Image of Bob Morley with his wife Eliza Taylor

Bob Morley with his wife, Eliza Taylor

Nevertheless, gossip tabloids have been spreading rumors about Bob’s dating life. One everyday talk alluded to Bob Morley being single. The couple got married on June 7th, 2019, both Morley and Eliza announced that they were married in their respective Twitter pages (Give photo from the link). However, we know little about his marriage to Eliza Taylor.

Bob Morley Dating History

Bob has quite a history with girlfriends.

Jessica Tovey and Bob were dating, but their relationship crumbled tragically in 2008. He then dated former girlfriend Jane Gosden in 2014 to 2015. ‘The 100’ star also dated Arryn Zech; the two were seen on Instagram displaying their love for each other. Arryn shared a picture of Bob saying he is the love of her life.

Image of Bob Morley dating Arryn Zech

Bob Morley dating Arryn Zech

They were spotted in Paris in 2016 May 2nd at Space Walkers Conference. In 2018, May 26th, Bob took a picture of him and his girlfriend in a room with a lavish carpet. Arryn shared the photo on her Instagram page. However, currently, Bob Morley is with his wife Eliza, so we doubt the two are still dating.

Bob Morley Family: Nationality, Ethnicity

Bob Morley is born of an Australian- late Irish father and a Filipino Mother. He is, therefore, Irish-Filipino. Bob is of Australian nationality. He has four siblings: two sisters and one brother.

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Measurements: Height and Weight

From his typical looks, Bob has messy black hair, freckled face, and lean figure. He has a height of 5 ft. to 10 inches. Bob also looks athletic with a weight of 73 kg and 161 lbs.’ weight. He has dark brown eyes and a chest of 39 inches, strong arms and biceps of 13 inches and a waist size of 32 inches.

Image of Bob Morley height is 5 feet

Bob Morley height is 5 feet

Personal life

About his own life, not much information is present as some are still under review. He has had quite a dating lifestyle but settled for his actress wife, Eliza Taylor. In his free time, Bob is a guitar player; formerly he used to play football as an amateur player.

Bob Morley Age, Wiki, Bio, Birthdate

Birth Name Robert Alfred Morley
Year of birth December 20th, 1984
Age 34 years
Place of Birth Kyneton, Victoria, Australia
Profession Actor
Horoscope sign Sagittarius
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 73 kgs
Net worth $ 4 million
Alma mater La Trobe University
Hair color Black
Eye Color Brown
Relationship Status Married
Death-O-meter Alive


Bob Morley net worth is $ 4million. He has accumulated most of his net worth from his acting career. Bob Morley’s wife is Eliza Taylor. The two got married privately on June 7th, 2019. Details on whether he has children are not precise.

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