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Chloe Lanier Quits General Hospital. What is She Doing Now? Her Husband, Net Worth, Age and Pregnant status.

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Image of Chloe Lanier (Nelle Benson) Quits General Hospital. What is She Doing Now? Know her Husband, Net Worth, and Age

Chloe Lanier was born November 3, 1992, in Dallas, Texas, USA. Not much is known about her early life, but after relocating to Los Angeles, Chloe has been featured in many renowned TV shows as well as films. Her hard work in her acting career has won her two Emmy Awards: Outstanding Younger Actress and most distinguishable for her role in General Hospital as Nelle Benson.

Surprisingly, she went for General Hospital auditions clandestinely and instead of giving her name, her part was branded “Girl No. 2.” That made her think that it meant a minor role, but unbelievably when she read the character description, she was amazed by its enormity. She was encouraged by her boyfriend, and she took it. Later that year she cast as Sage in the Stalker. By then General Hospital was on the course of casting another actress to assume the role of Nelle Benson; citing the fact that Lanier was already casting Kingdom show in another TV station.

However, Frank Valentini and Laura Wright objected and firmly stood their ground that there was no one better than Lanier who could play that role. They waited for her until when she was available. Lanier reappeared in General Hospital later in 2016 under a new role dubbed Nelle Hayes.

Image of General Hospital star Chloe Lanier
General Hospital star Chloe Lanier (Nelle Benson)

She kick-started on 8th August 2016. Afterward, in November the same year, Lanier booked Gorman, and she played the role of Brittany. General Hospital was in for a rude shock in 28th June 2018 when Lanier refused to renew her contract with them.

Chloe Lanier General Hospital

Sad news broke out that Chloe Lanier is leaving General hospital and she has no plans of looking back or renewing her contract with them. She debuted in it in 2015 and assumed the role of Luke Spencer’s elder sister in flashbacks. She left for a short time to cast another show, and her role was reserved for her. She reappeared in it for the second time in 2016 acting as Nelle – a stealthily adoptive sister of Carly Corinthos.

Chloe Lanier quits General Hospital. Know what happened?

In June 2018, it was reported that Chloe had refused to renew her contract again with General Hospital. However, the exact reason for her departure is not known. Maybe the role that she plays in that show also displeased her because there is nothing good that it entails. Everything about her “Nelle” role in General Hospital is evil and awful. Perhaps she felt that she cannot put up with it anymore.

What is Chloe Lanier doing now after winning Emmy?

Reliable sources have it that Lanier decided to quit General Hospital to give her freedom to venture into other areas of interest in her career. She is still young and willing to do a lot of career adventure. Some of her coveted areas include film projects and primetime. Those are the activities that answer the question “what is Chloe Lanier doing now?”

Chloe Lanier husband and baby bump

Chloe Lanier could take quite sometime before deciding to become a mother. Probably it is because she has previously played roles that required her to have a baby bump. For instance, in General, Hospital, she was acting as Nelle, and her role involved pregnancy. Apart from that, she also played a similar role in Army Wives series as Penny the home wrecker. Furthermore, she wore fake breasts, a push-up bra, and a prosthetic baby bump. Her role as Penny ended tragically in a car accident, but fortunately, her baby was saved through a Caesarean Section.

In another scene, in General, Hospital, Nelle did not have a complicated delivery role like what she experienced in Army Wives. Chloe Lanier husband Michael’s baby was born smoothly unlike in the accident when a CS had to be done. Chloe is still young, and she could have decided to take her time before committing herself to a husband and family life. Her career is still growing, and she has a lot to do so that she can create herself a name in the acting and entertainment industry. After that, she will think of getting a real baby bump and a husband to make her former acting roles a reality. Consequently, her fans will get the news of Chloe Lanier married.

Chloe Lanier Net Worth, Age

Chloe Lanier net worth is $250,000 that she has earned from her acting career. She was brought up in Dallas, Texas where she did not have many opportunities to venture into her desired career. Since childhood, she spent the better part of her time watching renowned and outstanding actors, studying filmmakers, and performing whenever she got an opportunity.

Image of Chloe Lanier whose net worth is $250,000
Chloe Lanier net worth is $250,000

That led her to relocate from Dallas to Los Angeles, and fortunately, she got roles that enabled her to appear in TV shows and films. Out of her passion and commitment in doing what she loves, she was nominated for Emmy Awards for her General Hospital role “Nelle Hayes.” She debuted her acting career when she starred in The Effects of Tragedy movie as Lisa. Afterward, in 2012, she assumed the recurrent role of Penny in Army Wives. As time went by, she got another role in 2014 where she guest starred as Emma Carter in NCIS episode. In 2015, she reached the climax of her acting career when she was featured in duo episodes of General Hospital. She acted as Young Patricia Spencer in the storyline’s 52nd anniversary. Chloe Lanier age is 25 years, and she is very promising. Her star will shine brightest in acting because she is eyeing great icons like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jessica Chastain. She admires and draws her cue from them, and most probably she will work with them.

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