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Who is Chris Duncan’s Wife Amy Duncan? Her Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Family, Children

Image of Who is Chris Duncan's Wife Amy Duncan. Her Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Family, Children

Amy Ducan and Chris Ducan were married for eight years a year after their marriage, Chris realized the fact of having a brain tumor. Amy Ducan came into the spotlight after marrying Chris Ducan.

To know more about Amy Ducan’s bio, career, net worth, husband, kids, her husband’s death reason. Keep scrolling down!

Who is Amy Duncan? Wiki, Bio

Amy Ducan was the former wife of renowned late American professional baseball player, Chris Duncan. Besides, she has not shared information about her date of birth and parents.

However, by looking at her pictures, we can assume that she is no less than 30 years old. Furthermore, Amy Ducan has founded a business in January 2017, named “Mowellens.”

Moreover, this company usually uses hemp oil and cannabis to enhance the condition of people’s life. Also, she has written on a biography of her Instagram account,

“🌱 Founder + CEO @Mowellens. Plant whisperer. Wellness warrior. Fearless leader. ✨ Energy seeker. #livingduncan

Amy Duncan Net Worth

Amy Duncan is the CEO and founder of Mowellens. Besides, she is the former wife of a famous baseball player, Chris Duncan.

However, she has not revealed her salary and net worth to the public. Additionally, we can assume her net worth as of 2019, is around 1 Million Dollar.

Image of CEO and founder of Mowellens Amy Duncan net worth is $1 million

CEO and founder of Mowellens Amy Duncan net worth is $1 million

Amy Duncan Married Life as Chris Duncan’s Wife. Any Children?

Amy Duncan had mentioned in one of her posts that she had met Chris Duncan while line dancing. Furthermore, before the couple shared their vows, Chris had learned to play the piano to surprise his wife during their marriage.

Image of Amy Duncan with her husband Chris Duncan

Amy Duncan with her husband, Chris Duncan

Additionally, the couple shared their vows in St. Louis, in Westin Ballpark hotel, beside the Cardinal’s Busch Stadium, in 2011.

Amy has also shared in Instagram that,

Looking back I see that I probably wasn’t the best girlfriend during that time. At the age of 24, most women are very much in discovery mode, learning who they are, who they want to become, and how they are going to get there. Chris had just won a World Series in 2006 and was comfortable in his skin and I was very much the opposite.

They were happily married until a year later Chris suffered from Brain Tumor in 2012. However, Chris, along with his wife, never lost their hope and fought against the illness together.

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Furthermore, Amy and Chris migrated to Arizona to get close with Chris Family, and she shared a post saying,

This is #livingduncan | I’ll start by saying that I don’t feel obligated to share this with you. I want to. Because you have been there sharing in this journey through MRIs, dance parties, and inspiration.

I feel like I’m finally at a place where I can talk about this and give you an update on life around here. As many of you saw from my stories…our house sold.

About six months ago we started talking about selling our house in Laguna Niguel. It was to suburb for us. We love to walk places and I love city life. Alive. Energy. Even a little nightlife.

We put our house on the market and it sold in a day, with a 30-day close. So I began to hustle, purge things, and figure out the next step.

Chris’s health…..has changed. And while I am running around fulfilling my dreams with @mowellens and other startups, I leave him at home.

He’s unable to drive and both he and I felt a bit trapped. Him trapped in California, without freedom of transportation, without companionship throughout the day, without his lifelong friends from AZ.

Me trapped as a caregiver, wife, friend….trapped in an emotion of guilt for doing what I want to do and living my life.

And remembering that we both only get one of these….this isn’t the dress rehearsal. So as the months passed and Chris’s health changed…..the pain I experienced coming home everyday started to build.

I found myself crying daily seeing him in a state of loneliness and inability to communicate fluently. It still brings me pain when I really think about it. I’ll never be okay seeing him the way he is.

Hearing his voice, once fluid and witty and an award-winning radio personality….now choppy and stumbling and at a loss for words. Knowing the words you want to say but not being able to speak them to existence.

Remembering him before brings tears to my eyes now. I do miss my healthy husband.
So we had some long discussions and we both re-established our boundaries – both with each other but more-so with the disease that has ruled our boundaries for 7 years. We both decided the best place for Chris was AZ. Here he can be with his father who is retired and his brother.

Moreover, Amy regularly gave updates about the health condition of her husband via her Instagram account.

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Who was Amy Duncan’s Husband, Chris Duncan? How Did We Lose him?

Chris Duncan AKA Christopher Edwin Duncan was born on May 15, 1981, in Tucson, Arizona. Furthermore, Ducan was an Americal professional baseball player.

Image of Professional baseball player, Chris Duncan

Professional baseball player, Chris Duncan

Also, he was the youngest child of the family. He was born to Dave Duncan; however, the name of his mother has not been disclosed.

Chris completed his studies in Tucson, from Canyon del Oro High School, the area of Oro Valley, Arizona, the USA.

However, in October in the year, 2012, Chris Ducan was identified with an illness with a brain tumor and went under chemotherapy. Later, on 9 January 2019, he retired from ESPN due to his illness.

Image of Baseball Player, Chris Duncan died on September 6, 2019, due to brain cancer

Baseball Player, Chris Duncan died on September 6, 2019, due to brain cancer

Sadly, on September 6, 2019, Chris Duncan died due to brain cancer. He was 38 years old.

Fun Facts Of Amy Duncan

  • Amy Ducan gave a regular update about her husband’s health condition on her Instagram account.
  • In 2009, Amy completed her studies from the University of Missouri, St Louis.
  • Later, in 2016, she, along with her husband, founded an organization, “Living Ducan.”
  •  Amy met her husband while line dancing.
  • In the year 2018, Amy and Chris migrated to Arizona to be close with Chris’s Family.

Wiki Table of Amy Duncan

Full Name: Amy Ducan
Birth Place: N/A
Date Of Birth: N/A
Age: N/A
Married: Yes
Husband Name: Chris Ducan
Husband’s Death Year: September 6, 2019
Kids: No
Net Worth: N/A
Salary: N/A
Currently Residing: Arizona, the USA
Occupation: Works in an Organization
Education: Graduate
Parents: N/A
Husband’s Age: 38 years old
Cause Of Death: Brain Tumor

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