Chyler Leigh Married Life, Husband and Children from her Bio

Chyler Leigh is an American actress, model, and singer whom you may also easily recognize as Alex Danvers in the show Supergirl and her role as Dr. Lexie Grey in Grey’s Anatomy. Leigh is also the lead in the film, Not Another Teen Movie, which gave her career momentum.

Chyler works as a singer with her husband and has even been on tours with him. Yep, she is a married woman and has three children with her husband.

Early Life and Introduction

Born on April 10, 1982, Chyler Leigh is currently 37 years old. She was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, but was raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Her parents, mother Yvonne Norton and father Robert Potts, had a business there. Leigh’s parents split after their company went bankrupt in 1990 when she was eight-years-old.

Chyler then moved to Miami with her mother and brother, actor Christopher Khayman Lee, where Chyler’s mother remarried her first husband. While she was in grade, right at the age of twelve, she started modeling. Which helped her begin her acting career as she began appearing on local TV commercials and also hosted a teen news show called Hall Pass.

Leigh later moved to Los Angeles in 1999 at the age of 16 with her mother. Her mother wanted to help Chyler develop a career in acting and moved to the city of actors. She took the Proficiency exam in the California High School, which she passed with no trouble.

Her Full name is Chyler Leigh Potts, but she dropped her last name for professional work.

Meeting Nathan West and Addiction

Chyler met Nathan when she was 16, Nathan was 20 then. This was in the late ’90s, and they started dating. According to Leigh, they were both ‘broken,’ and it felt like they belonged together, with a difficult childhood and troubled family lives, they consoled each other. Leigh moved in with Nathan as they started dating.

Image of Chyler Leigh with her husband Nathan West

Chyler Leigh with her husband, Nathan West

After they were living together, with their emotional baggage from their family, they started abusing drugs. This soon turned to addiction. They were into it until 2001, when the director of Not Another Teen Movie commented that Cheryl looked unhealthily thin, and she realized what was happening to her. She and her husband joined a Christian church on a friend’s recommendation and got over their addiction.

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After completely sobering up, Nathan and Chyler’s bond became even stronger. Having gone through an addiction together and shared all of their hard times, they were ready to start sharing their good times. In 2002, Leigh and West got married in Alaska, accompanied by their close friends and family members. She now has three kids with her husband, Nathan West.

Nathan fascinatingly proposed to Chyler, it is hidden throughout the movie, Not Another Teen Movie, as an easter egg, and that must be special as they have been together for seventeen years. Their love seems to have just refined with age like wine.

Chyler Leigh and Nathan West’s Kids

Chyler Leigh gave birth to her first child at the age of 21, in  2003, a second child at the age of 24, in 2006 and a third child at the age of 27, in 2009.

Nathan and Chyler had a pact before any of their children were born. The one to correctly guess the baby’s gender will get to choose the first name of the child.

Image of Chyler and Nathan with their kids

Chyler and Nathan with their kids

For the first child, Chyler guessed boy and won, so chose the first name, and Nathan chose the middle name. His name is Noah Wild West, born in 2003 and 16 years of age now.

Nathan guessed correctly for the second and third child to be girls and got to name them. Born in 2006, Taelyn Leigh West and born in 2009 Anniston Kae west. They are 13 and 10 years old, respectively.

The LeighWest family of five seems very happy, and we wish them more happiness in the coming days.

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Chyler Leigh Career and Net Worth

Chyler Leigh started her career as a model for a magazine at the young age of 12, which led her to TV commercials. At the young age of 15, she made her first movie appearance in the movie Kickboxing Academy of 1997.

Image of American actress, Chyler Leigh

American actress, Chyler Leigh

At the age of sixteen, she started auditioning for TV series and movies. Chyler did a few roles in few films and TV series in the late ’90s, but her big break was definitely the box office hit of 2001, Not Another Teen Movie, in which she had the lead role. This gave her career momentum. Throughout the early 2000’s she was hopping from one TV show to another, appearing in a lot of shows like Girls Club, That 80’s show, The Practice, and Reunion, etc.

But in the later 2000s, 2007 to be precise, she appeared in the last three episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season three and was later revealed to be a regular cast from season four as Dr. Lexi Grey. She stuck with the show till the end of season eight of the show. Then she departed from the show to spend more time with her family.

Chyler has started playing as Alex Danvers in the show Supergirl since 2015 and still seems to be gaining popularity.

Chyler Leigh Net Worth

Chyler’s net worth is $5 million, which she has earned throughout her career as an actress, model, and singer. She supports “The Thirst Project,” which helps provide clean drinking water to various parts of the world that

do not have clear water to drink.

Chyler is a devout Christian and thanks her faith and a”really awesome church” for giving her husband and herself “a reason to live.”

Quick Facts about Chyler Leigh Net Worth, Husband, Kids

Name  Chyler Leigh
Date of Birth 10 August 1982
Education Attended California High School (Cleared Proficiency exam)
Profession Actress, singer, and model
Spouse Nathan West (m.2002)
Children Three, all with Nathan West
Noah Wild West(b.2003)
Taelyn Leigh West(b.2006)
Anniston Kae West(b.2009)
Net Worth $5 million
Height 1.69m (5 ft 6.5 inches) sign Aries
Religion Christian

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