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Cree Cicchino Boyfriend, Dating, Net Worth, Twin, Parents, Wiki, Bio

Image of Cree Cicchino boyfriend, dating, twin, parents, wiki, bio

Artistic talent is regardless to age, which has been proved by the 17-year old actress; Cree Cicchino, who plays the role of Babe Carano, in the Nickelodeon comedy series Game Shakers. She is a new global media sensation, for her age and looks have already amassed a significant number of followers to her. The charm of the pretty face got tremendously popular in the show, which still continues in the network with its 65th episode already been premiered.

At what age did Cicchino start her acting career, and what inspired her? The answer lies in the sections below. Additionally, learn about the net worth of Cree Cicchino and her family, and relationships along with the details of her twin sister in this article. Keep scrolling.

Who is Cree Cicchino?

Cree Cicchino, an American actress, was born on 9th May 2002, at Queens, New York. The lady is a twin daughter to her parents: Chris and Lori Cicchino. Her twin sister, Jaycee, is her only sibling.

Cichhino is known to be passionate about dancing at an early age. She began dancing at the age of four, and her mother is attributed for the commencement of her acting career, who sent her to a sketch comedy group in her early childhood. She learned and mastered the essence of acting as a child, which has become a boon for the twin-born to make a career out of it.

The inspiration for the young child is Rihanna as Cicchino always wanted to sing and dance like her. She learned jazz funk and hip-hop steps as an early age, which proved an added asset for her abilities to make into the Hollywood charts.

Image of Cree Cicchino from American comedy series, Game Shakers

Cree Cicchino from American comedy series, Game Shakers

Cree Cicchino began her acting career in 2015, and it was her first role that brought a round of applause. Cicchino’s role of Babe Corano in the Nickelodeon series “Game Shakers” highlighted her name and fame. The little twin-sister made her amicable presence in the movie world, where she is not only known for her role in comedy series, but also as a good dancer.

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Cree was also the host of the Nickelodeon’s “Ultimate Halloween Costume Party” in 2015 and appeared as a guest in Piper Pick’s TV with co-star Madisyn Shipman.

What is Cree Cicchino Net Worth in 2019?

Cree Cicchino’s net worth at a young age of 17 is an amusing figure. The game shaker artist, along with her acting career, also grew her fortune with her Youtube channel, which already has more than 22 thousand subscribers. As per an online portal, the actress makes an average salary exceeding $50000 annually, and the figures are set to rise with her age and professional ability being sharpened. Cree Cicchino’s net worth as per the online resources reveals an astounding $650,000, although her worth is speculated to have already crossed a million at present.

Image of Actor, Cree Cicchino net worth is $650,000

Actor, Cree Cicchino net worth is $650,000

 Is Cree Cicchino Dating to a Boyfriend or Single?

This 21st century born female actress is too young to be dating someone in real life, but her on-screen chemistry with Jace Norman is worth considering.  Moreover, with a wrap of covers in her personal life, there is not enough information on the pretty American lady, but her age gives a good hint for her immaturity to be dating a boyfriend at the moment and is likely to be single at present.

Image of Cree Cicchino is currently single now

Cree Cicchino is currently single now

The young actress seems to be pretty dedicated to her career and reel life, therefore, making falsified assumptions of her personal life, without any solid basis is certainly unjustifiable.

Parents and Twin Sister

Cree Cicchino’s parents are Chris Cicchino (Father) and Lori Cicchino (Mother). As an addition to her family, Cicchino has a twin sister, Jaycee who elder to her by a minute, is an equally ardent dancer like Cree herself.

Image of Cree Cicchino with her mother (Lori Cicchino) and sister (Jaycee)

Cree Cicchino with her mother (Lori Cicchino) and sister (Jaycee)

Cree and her sister are known to be fans of each other in dance and personal life, and a good sisterhood is known to prevail between the two. Information on the family background and education of the child artist Cicchino is, however, unavailable at the moment.

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Body Measurement: Height and Weight

Cree Cicchino is a dark brown eyed American girl and has light brown hair. She is an average height of about 150 cm and weights 39 kg. Her body measurements are 29-21-28, at present.

Image of Cree Cicchino height is 4 feet 7 inches

Cree Cicchino height is 4 feet 7 inches

She is still to grow into her youth, and her child-body measurements are anticipated to change into a more ripe and fantastic figure in the future years.

Quick Facts about Cree Cicchino

Full name Cree Cicchino
Age 17  years old
Birthdate May 09, 2002
Birth Place New York, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity North American
Profession Actress, Dancer
Spouse N/A
Net worth $650,000
Height 150 cm
Weight 39
Marital Status N/A
Children N/A
Zodiac Taurus
Social Media Facebook




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