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Dorýs Madden Net Worth & children of Julius Erving wife

Image of Dorýs Madden wiki biography; net worth & children of Julius Erving wife

Dorýs is a basketball wife, but not in the meaning she was cast in the show. What we mean is that she meets the criteria of being in Basketball Wives, which is being the wife of a basketball player. Madden is the wife of Julius Erving, a legendary basketball player who has played in several teams. Dorýs is also a celebrity wife as Erving’s fame is well-known throughout the USA, but much is unknown about his wife, Dorýs Madden.

We will be talking about this famous basketball player’s wife, Dorýs Madden. So, stay with us to know more about Julius Erving’s wife.

Dorýs Madden Early Life

Wife to Julius Erving, Dorýs Madden, isn’t American by birth, and she came to fame after marrying Julius Erving. So, a lot about her is unknown, but we got you.

Born as Dorýs L.Ramirez, Madden is originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She was born on October 17 of 1969, which makes her 50 at the time of writing. Dorýs grew up in Tegucigalpa and attended a local high school. There has been no information about her parents.

While Dorýs was in Honduras, she was nicknamed Chapulin by her friends. It was a form of calling by love, and her nickname comes from a type of cricket bug.

Image of Steak house Owner, Dorýs Madden
Steak house Owner, Dorýs Madden

Instituto Central Vicente Caceres (ICVC) is where Dorýs graduated from in the year 1998. After graduating from ICVC, she moved to the USA, where she worked as a retail tobacco products dealer in Florida.

Dorýs and Julis Erving’s Maried Life

Dorýs L.Ramirez became Dorýs Erving following her marriage with the basketball star Julis Erving. Julius and Dorýs got married in the year 2008; they had met prior to 2003. After getting married to Erving, Dorýs moved to Georgia with her husband, Julius. Dorýs is a tall woman,  roughly 6ft height.

Image of Dorýs Madden with his wife Julis Erving
Dorýs Madden with his wife, Julis Erving

Julius and Dorýs are seen attending any events together. They are currently living together in Georgia with their kids. Dorýs is Julius’s second wife, Julius was frit married to Turquoise Erving. He was married to Turquoise from 1972 to 2003, but this long marriage came to an end following Julius’s affair with Dorýs. Erving had four children with Turquoise, but one of their children died.

Dorýs and Julis have three children together, and so far, there has been no news about infidelity. In October of 2012, Julius and Dorýs renewed their wedding vows in Las Vegas.  We wish them a long, happy married life.

Dorýs Madden and Julius Erving Children

Julius and Turquoise got divorced following the birth of Jules Erving, the first child of  Madden and Erving together. After being divorced, Julius didn’t marry Dorýs right away; instead, they had a second child together three years later in 2006, son Justin.

Image of Dorýs Madden and his wife Julius and with their kids Jules, Justin and Julietta Erving
Dorýs Madden and his wife Julius and with their kids Jules, Justin, and Julietta Erving

In the year 2008, Dorýs and Julius decided to officiate their marriage and had a ceremony. After their wedding and honeymoon, they had their third child, their first daughter Julietta. That is all the children Julius and Dorýs have together. But, Julius has one daughter from his relationship during the year 1979, Alexandra Stevenson, who was born in 1980. Erving was dating sportswriter Samantha Stevenson at that time.

Dorýs Madden Profession

Dorýs has not had a profession which she would call her career. The first time she moved to the USA, she used to work as a retail tobacco products dealer in Florida. But after moving to Georiga, she ventured as a business owner with the help of her husband.

Dorýs currently owns a steak house by the name of American Royalty in Atlanta, Georgia. It is considered one of the best steak houses in the whole of Atlanta. Madden is a successful business owner right now and can hold her own ground.

Dorýs Madden Net Worth and Income

Madden is not as much of a public personality as her husband, so a lot about her is unknown. This is also the case for her financial status, but we know the financial situation of her husband, Julius Erving. Her husband Julius is worth $30 million at the time of writing this post, i.e., a net worth of $30 million.

Dorýs husband Julius has made deals earning up to $350k per year just from the contract, excluding endorsements. But Dorýs annual income is unknown. While she owns a steakhouse, and it seems to be doing good, we can only estimate her salary and net worth.

Being the owner of a successful steak house, Dorýs yearly income might be around six figures. This implies her net worth at least be in six figures, but it is currently under review.  We will update you guys about any financial information about Dorýs Madden as soon as we get it.

We wish her business more success in days to come.

Quick Facts about Dorýs Madden

Name Dorýs Madden Erving (Dorýs L.Ramirez)
Date of birth October 7, 1969
Birth Nationality Honduras
Profession Steak house Owner
Relationship Status Married
Spouse(s) Julius Erving
Children Three (All with Julius Erving)
Jules Erving (b.2003)
Justin Erving (b.2006)
Julietta Erving
Net Worth Under Review
Zodiac Sign Libra

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