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Gabriella Ellyse Biography, Net Worth, Dating, Boyfriend, Family, Measurement

The world of glamour is not only attractive and lavish, but its calling is also hard to be resisted by someone with a ravishing body and entrancing looks. Out of many instances, the twist in the life of Gabriella Abutbol (Gabriella Ellyse) is highly remarkable. Her passion in the modeling could never suppress her already set career in dentistry, which could have earned her a decent income, but by no means could it bring the mesmerizing beauty to this height of popularity.

How did the pediatric dentist step in the world of glamour is still a question and has an answer in the following sections? More information on the income, family, relationships along with boyfriend, and net worth of Gabriella Abutbol (Ellyse) are presented in this article. What else can be questioned so far? is what the comment section awaits.

Who is Gabriella Abutbol (Gabriella.Ellyse)?

Gabriella Abutbol came to existence on April 15th, 1994 at Agoura Hills city in the state of California.  The information on her parents and family background has out of the media concerns at the moment. However, the brown-eyed Californian was passionate for arts and fashion since her childhood, and she chose the Instagram platform to showcase her, in the stunning bikini outfits. It didn’t take much time for the steamy hot dentist to gain popularity which currently tails a mass of 1.2 million followers behind her.

Image of Dentist, Gabriella Ellyse

Dentist, Gabriella Ellyse

She is known to keep aside her dentistry career, as part-time, and has taken initiative towards a full-time modeling career with associations with sponsorships with the Bad Wood clothing brand.

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Gabriella Ellyse Net Worth in 2019 is 1 million dollars

Out of the astonishing modeling and sponsorships, Gabriella Abutbol’s net worth skyrocketed following her entry into the social media showcase. She generated decent revenue with Instagram and is known to charge between 2k to 4k for every sponsored post, which is far higher than the top earners in this platform so far. The net worth of Gabriella Abutbol is estimated to be about $1 million as of 2019.

Image of Model, Gabriella Ellyse net worth is $1 million

Model, Gabriella Ellyse net worth is $1 million

Is Gabriella Ellyse Dating to a Boyfriend or Single?

The Instagram sweetie apparently is in a relationship with a biking star, and Axell Hodges is known to be one to accompany her at the moment. The news about the sensational Gabriella Ellyse’s boyfriend spread like dandelions when she posted their picture on Instagram on the occasion of his birthday, on 21st August 2018.

Image Gabriella Ellyse is relationship with Axell Hodges

Gabriella Ellyse in the dating relationship with Axell Hodges

The romantic couple is seen to wander around balancing their spilling career and love life, and numerous posts on occasions like birthdays, and valentine day can be seen in their Instagram handles. However, they don’t seem to be yet decided to tie knots, which is a matter of time when both shall reach to the commitment to walk hand in hands with each other.

Family and Siblings

Gabrielle Abutbol‘s family information is in the shade at the moment, as the beauty has not shared any vital information regarding her parents and siblings. However, it is a well-established fact that she is from a white American family. Gabriella mentioned in her personal website that the dentistry career couldn’t allow her personal time at her wish to be together with her family, and is the reason she stepped into a more lenient profession of modeling, which does indicate her affinity towards her family. Believing her words, it can be summoned that the model pays a regular visit to her parents, who are probably delighted by their daughter’s achievements.

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Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Gabriella Abutbol has a slim build body, which stands like an hourglass figure to about 5 feet and 4 inches (162.5 cm). The dark brown eyed lady has sparkling black hair and giving a brilliant contrast to her white skin. With prominent cheekbones, she has a pretty face and a delightful smile, with the ability to draw effortless attention.

Image of Gabriella Ellyse height is 5 feet 4 inches

Gabriella Ellyse height is 5 feet 4 inches

Quick Facts on Gabriella Ellyse

Full name Gabriella Abutbol (Gabriella Ellyse)
Age 24
Birthdate April 15th, 1994
Birth Place Agoura Hills, California
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Model, Dentist
Spouse N/A
Net worth 1 million USD
Height 162.5 cm
Weight N/A
Marital Status Single
Children N/A
Zodiac Aries
Social Media Website


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