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Glenn Stearns Wife, Married Life, Children, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio

Image of Glenn Stearns

Business-oriented people are the most famous and lavishly rich people in the world. The name Glenn Stearns is also a well-known and pretty wealthy business tycoon. In addition to his business, he is also a TV personality. Glenn is also a married person and has accumulated a considerable amount of net worth from his career

More information about his career, net worth, bio, wife, children is on the deck below. So, stick with us!!!

Glenn Stearns Early Life

The great business tycoon came into this world in 1963. However, we don’t have the information regarding the birth date of Glenn.  His original hometown is still not known to us, but we do know that he was raised in Washington D.C. which is in the United States.

Talking about his parents, we don’t have much information about it. We don’t know the name of his parents. However, we do know that both of them were alcoholics. Furthermore, his dad was a painter, and his mother worked two jobs. One as a grocery store clerk and another one as a housekeeper.

Image of wiki bio of Glenn Stearns from the TV show, Undercover Billionaire

Glenn Stearns from the TV show, Undercover Billionaire

Glenn was raised in extreme poverty and had problems with dyslexia. Most of his academics were affected by this disease, which resulted in his poor performance in his studies. After being motivated by a lot of mentors, Stearns became the first person from his family to go to college. He went to the Towson University and graduated with a degree in BS in economics back in 1987.

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Glenn Stearns Net Worth and Salary

As a pretty hit business tycoon, Glen has a considerable amount of net worth stacked. His net worth is $1 billion as of 2019. Most of his earnings are from his hit business career. So by the looks of it, Stearns is making a decent amount of money and living his life lavishly and blissfully.

Image of TV Personality, Glenn Stearns net worth, salary and income

TV Personality, Glenn Stearns net worth is $1 billion

Moreover, he is also a pretty famous television host. However, we don’t know the number of figures that he gains as a salary from the show. We can say that he is earning a lot of money as his net worth and salary.

Most of his income comes through his company named as Stearns Lending LLC, and his hit TV career. He hosts a show called Undercover Millionaire. In addition to this, he has made various types of business endorsements and is going pretty intense about it. So, we can say that he is gaining a lot of money throughout his career. If any new information regarding the salary of the business tycoon comes out, we will give you an update.

Glenn Stearns Married Life as Mindy Burbano Husband

Glenn is a married man. The name of his wife is Mindy Burbano. The meeting and the sparking of love between the pair is a story that is off the books. The businessman initially met his wife at a casino named Palms Casino. However, the meeting was not a good one, and also goodbyes were exchanged with each other rather than numbers.

Image of Glenn Stearns married life with his wife Mindy Burbano and children

Glenn Stearns with his wife Mindy Burbano and daughter Brooke Marie Stearns

Later on, Glenn saw Mindy in a television show. After this, the tycoon decided to send an email and know about the woman that had stolen her heart. After this, they started dating each other, and a beautiful love story sparked between the two love birds.

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The proposal took place in on a show while Mindy was in the session of filming a segment of a mansion located in Southern California. Even more, Stearns bought the estate for $12 million where he proposed and married Mindy. The duo walked the aisle in October of 2013. The wedding took place before 450 guests and was in Tuscan-style.

Talking about the children, Glen was already a father of seven children. The name of his children are Charlene, Skylar, Colby, Trevor and he also has two daughters whose names are not disclosed yet. However, the mothers of these children are still unknown, and Mindy is not the biological mother of all these children.

The couple does share a child.  The name of the child is Brooke Marie Stearns. However, we don’t have more information about the child of the couple. If any new information about the child of the power couple comes out, we will give you an update.

Who is Glenn Stearns Wife, Mindy Burbano?

Mindy is a pretty renowned TV host. She is pretty famous from The Princess Diaries and Dickie Roberts. Furthermore, she came into the limelight when she married the famous business tycoon Glenn Stearns.

Image of TV Host, Mindy Burbano

TV Host, Mindy Burbano

Her primary career is of a reporter and has an estimated net worth of $79 million. More information regarding the birth date, birthplace, parents of Mindy is still a mystery. If any new information regarding the parents, hometown, and birth date of the wife of business tycoon come out, we will give you an update.

Quick Facts about Glenn Stearns

Name Glenn Stearns
Birth Date 1963
Net Worth $1 billion
Marital Status Married
Spouse Glenn Stearns
Profession Businessman, TV personality
Children 7
Nationality American
Ethnicity NA
Shows Undercover Billionaire

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