Ilyne Nash Biography: Facts About Dez Bryants’ Partner/Wife

Desmond Demond Bryant (Dez Bryant), an American football receiver is in a healthy relationship with Ilyne Nash. Do you know any fascinating thing about Dez Bryant’s wife, Ilyne Nash? Ilyne Nash came into the limelight after she began dating Bryant and the two have been in a relationship for almost a decade now. Nash is the mother of two of Dez Bryant’s children as well as a girlfriend. Read below to get more information about Ilyne Nash net worth, children, and biography.

Who Is Ilyne Nash?

Ilyne Nash was born on July 27, 1986, to Roosevelt Nash Jr and Kyong Lee in Killeen, Texas. Nash spent most of her childhood days in Killeen and attended Robert M Shoemaker High School. Nash graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Texas. Her boyfriend Dez Bryant was present during her graduation. Nash rose to the limelight after dating Dez Bryant, the famous American football player playing as a Wide Receiver in the Dallas Cowboys team.

Ilyne Nash Net Worth. How much is Dez Bryant’s Girlfriend worth?

Ilyne Nash maintains to make her profession personal, as such less is known about her work. Some sources show that as of mid-2018, Dez Bryant partner, Ilyne Nash’s net worth was $1 million based on her career and through the help of her boyfriend.

Image of Dez Bryants wife IIyne Nash net worth is $1 million

Dez Bryant’s wife IIyne Nash net worth is $1 million

There is information about Ilyne Nash’s boyfriend who holds a net worth of $23 million as of 2019. Ilyne Nash’s partner also signed an extension contract for $70 million in 2015 for his team, the Dallas Cowboys. Nash’s partner loves cars and owns most of the luxurious and expensive American cars such as Bentley Bentaygna SUV, Ford F-150, and Chevrolet Camaro. Nash’s partner is a millionaire and owns a big mansion in DeSoto, which is estimated to have an average price of between $225,900 and $1,299,000.

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Is Ilyne Nash Married? Meet her Husband and Children

Ilyne Nash partner/husband is Dez Bryant. The couple shares a good bond and is deeply in love that everyone is waiting for them to share the wedding vows.

Image of IIyne Nash with her husband Dez Bryant

IIyne Nash with her husband, Dez Bryant

Ilyne Nash and Dez Bryant are a perfect example of a healthy long-term relationship. Dez and Nash are blessed with two adorable children, one daughter Isabella Rose Bryant born on December 5, 2015, and one son Dez Bryant Jr. born on June 25, 2010. Nash is also a stepmother of Dez Bryant’s son Zayne Bryant who was born in the previous relationship.

Image of IIyne Nash with her kids

IIyne Nash with her kids

There have been rumors that Nash and Dez separated because they are not seen in the public together for a long time, but there is no official confirmation concerning a breakup.

Dez Bryant’s partner is believed to be dating another person other than Dez, and previously, Dez was rumored for dating Briana Hooks. Ilyne Nash’s partner was also once rumored for dating Trina, the famous rapper. Nash was once in controversy when another person Ray Rice shared a video of Ilyne Nash’s partner dragging Nash from one car to another. Although a police report was filed concerning this incidence, no arrest was made.

Who Is Ilyne Nash’s Partner/Husband, Dez Bryant?

Ilyne Nash’s husband, Dez Bryant, is a famous American football Wide Receiver. Dez was born November 4, 1988, in Galveston County, Texas. The family later moved to Lufkin, Texas, and Dez attended Lufkin High School where he played high school football. Dez played college football at Oklahoma State, which earned him an All-American Honors in 2008.

Image of American football wide receiver,Dez Bryant

American football wide receiver, Dez Bryant

Currently, Dez Bryant plays for the Dallas Cowboys, and this has earned him three Pro Bowls, and in 2014, he was a First-team All-Pro player. Dez has one son Zayne Bruant with his former girlfriend and two more children with his current partner Nash. Ilyne Nash’s boyfriend has received numerous honors and awards and is considered a millionaire.

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Dez loves luxurious cars and owns a luxurious house that is bestowed with various modern facilities. Dez and Nash have been dating for the longest time, and Dez and his son Zayne attended Nash’s graduation.

Personal Life

Ilyne Nash avoids using any social media account because she is not a picture person. Dez Bryant’s partners also received a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. There is no information about Nash’s career on online sources. She is a supporter of her boyfriend, Dez Bryant and has been continuously seen at many of Dez’s games as part of Dallas Cowboys and cheers for her partner alongside their children.

Ilyne Nash Age, Birth Name, Wiki-Bio

Birth Name Ilyne Nash
Place of Birth Texas
Date of birth July 27, 1986
Age 33 years old
Nationality American
Relationship Status Engaged
Net worth $1 million
Occupation Under review
Children Two
Death-O-Meter Alive


Ilyne Nash is the girlfriend of Dez Bryant, and the two have two children. Nash and Dez are not married but have managed to maintain a healthy long-term relationship. As of mid-2018, sources show that Ilyne Nash net worth is $1 million while her partner Dez is worth $70 million.

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