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Jacob Vargas is a 47-year-old  Mexican-American actor famous for his role in The Hills Have Eye 2. Though he was born in  Michoacán, Mexico, he was brought up in Los Angles California, since 1971, raised by a Roman Catholic family. He also graduated high school from San Fernando, California.  Though we have no idea where he went to study for his college degree, let’s hope to get more information about him and his family soon. Let’s get to know more about the actor through wiki-bio. Get familiar with his children, wife, and also figure out his measurements, Jacob Vargas’ net worth and more!

Who is Jacob Vargas? Wiki-Bio

Jacob Vargas was born in 1971 in Mexico. But later he was raised in a Roman Catholic family in Los Angles, California since 1971. He completed his high school from California. Vagas started his career on the sitcom Diff’rent Strokes when he was a cast as a street dancer. 

He has also played the role of a Joker in the movie Next Friday, a sequel of the 1999 movie Joker. He has also appeared in a lot of other films besides these. The Mexican-American actor has five siblings in total and two daughters with his wife, Sylvia Zarate.

Image of Next Friday's Jacob Vargus wiki-bio

Jacob Vargas from the movie Next Friday

Jacob is well known for playing in both small and big screens. He celebrates his birthday on Agust 18, every year. Vargas has a coy nature, meaning he has always been tight-lipped about his information. 

The actor likes living a low profile, so he has always sealed and wrapped the information about himself and his family, just like how actors don’t talk about his soon releasing movie or TV series.

What is Jacob Vagas Net worth?

According to Celebrity net worth, we found out that Jacob Vagas’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million. It’s quite a handsome amount right. We all want to be paid in a way we have a net worth of millions! 

Image of Mexican actor, Jacob Vargus net worth is $3 million

Mexican actor, Jacob Vargas’ net worth is $3 million

Separating the jokes, Jacob has always not only been great in acting and doing his work, but he is also a charming and cheerful personality. He perfectly knows how to separate his work life and personal life pretty well. His character and hard work are how he has been able to earn such a mighty net worth.

Hence, seeing him be so much good at everything, we are quite sure that he is going to earn more fortunes and increasing the net worth as time goes by. 

Now, after the biography, let’s have a look at his married life, body measurement, children, and more!

Jacob Vargas’s Wife, Children, and Married

Vargas and his wife Sylvia Zarate have been married for really long now. As mentioned above that the Next Friday superstar Jacob likes low profile the exact date of his wedding has not been something we’ve got to know. 

Image of Sylvia Zarate with Husband Jacob Vargus

Jacob Vargas with his wife, Sylvia Zarate

According to Wikipedia, he and his wife have two children. Both of his children are daughters. The names they’ve given to their beautiful daughters are as gorgeous as the daughters themselves. Rosa Vargas was born in 2004, which makes her 15 this year. Similarly, Rosa’s little sister Victoria Vargas was born in 2011, which means she turned nine this year. 

Image of Jacob Vargas' children Rosa Vargas and Victoria Vargas

Jacob Vargas with his daughter Rosa Vargas and Victoria Vargas

The couple likes spending time with each other and their children the most. Sometimes seeing them, it reminds us of the motto “Family First.” Sometimes the lovely family is seen spending some quality times outdoors together.

The daughter’s father Jacob Vargas is seen posting pictures of his beautiful daughter in the social media, which is eye-pleasing and an aww moment to know for us all.

We wish longevity to Jacob Vargas and his wife Sylvia Zarate a long and happy married life.

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What are Jacob Vagas’s Body Measurement and Age?

Not much information about the famous actor’s body measurement is available. He likes to keep his low profile on the check. 

But we do know that he is 171 cm tall which is 5 feet 8 inches in terms of height. Talking about how much he weighs, seeing his pictures makes it pretty clear that he isn’t underweight. Similarly, he sure isn’t overweight too. So we conclude that he weighs pretty average and decent. 

Image of Jacob Vargas height is 5 feet 8 inches; other body measurements

Jacob Vargas height is 5 feet 8 inches

We would be happy to see Jacob revealing his personal life information to the media a little more so that we can convey it to the fans. Because fans love knowing about their idol’s life, right? 

Now let’s see some quick facts about the famous Jacob Vargas. 

Quick Fact on Jacob Vargas

Name Jacob Vargas
Age 47
Birthdate August 18, 1971
Birthplace Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity Mexican-American
Profession Actor
Spouse Sylvia Zarate
Net Worth Approx. $3 million
Height  117 cm
Weight N/A
Marital Status Married
Children Two
Social Networking Instagram



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