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Jessica Seanoa Biography: Facts about Samoe Joe’s Wife

Being a WWE superstar’s wife, it is indeed natural for Jessica Seanoa to draw quite a media attention. Jessica, with her amazing looks and alliance with husband Samoa Joe, has kept her on the limelight, although her stealth mode of life has been unbreakable to the media agencies.

Get to know more about the net worth of Jessica Seanoa in this article, along with her personal life. You can also have an insight into Jessica Seanoa’s relationship with Joe and her personal and bodily attributes.

Who is Jessica Seanoa?

Jessica Seanoa was born in the United States and is likely to be in her mid-thirties at present. Her actual date of birth has been kept private; probably she doesn’t want the world to know her aging factor’s affluence on her cheeriness. The white American beauty is much of a wonder to the world as the entailing details of her parents and family background can only be prophesized. Jessica Seanoa’s husband, Samoa Joe having low social media interest, not even abundant images of the couple together has been posted so far.

Jessica Seanoa Net Worth. How much is Samoa Joe wife’s worth?

The net worth of Jessica Seanoa, the beautiful wife of a former TNA champion and the present US champion of WWE, is worth speculating. Although she is not seen to be professionally active and fairly less information is known of the independent money source, her wealthiness is accounted for Joe’s income. This proposition keeps Jessica Seanoa’s net worth attributed to Samoa Joe to be about 4 million dollars. Joe’s successful and impressive wrestling career grosses out an income of 600k annually and the couple is known to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Image of Jessica Seanoa husband Samoa Joe net worth is $4 million

Samoa Joe net worth along with his wife, Jessica Seanoa net worth is $4 million

Jessica Seanoa Husband, Married life, Children

Jessica Seanoa’s is married to her husband, Samoa Joe, who is a former TNA champion and a WWE superstar in the RAW platform. The couple is said to have met for the first time when Samoa Joe won the TNA world championship. They exchanged vows in 27th July 2007, and have been able to maintain their commitment and a blissful married life till then. Having said this, they also have successfully barred the media and outer world from their private lives, which certainly entices the herculean attitude of the lively wrestler couple.

Image of Jessica Seanoa with her husband Samoa Joe

Jessica Seanoa with her husband, Samoa Joe

Who is Jessica Seanoa’s husband, Samoa Joe?

Samoa Joe is a professional wrestler, a former TNA champion and a WWE superstar. His real name is Nuufolau Joel Seanoa and was born in the Orange Country of the state of California.

Image of Wrestler, Samoa Joe

Wrestler, Samoa Joe

He weighs 282 pounds and is 188 cm tall. `The information on his parents and siblings, although is unavailable, it is known that Tom Cruise is his favorite actor. Although he is a massive and cruel looking giant in the ring, he seems to be a dedicated and loving husband in his real life, which has kept his marital life fulfilled with charm for more than a decade.

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Personal life

Jessica Seanoa is a beautiful woman with an elegant face and luscious body. The exact measurements of her bodily figures are not known. But she appears to have a tall body with a balanced and attractive figure. She is a blonde who wears hazel eyes and white skin tone. A picture of Jessica, with her husband, shows the happy couple to have given a delectable look at the camera where both of them are in black outfits. Meanwhile, with scarce public appearances together, less is known about the couple’s lives together, children and other family assets.

Quick Facts about Jessica Seanoa

Full name Jessica Seanoa
Age Presumably in the ’30s
Birthdate N/A
Birth Place
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession N/A
Spouse Samoa Joe
Net worth N/A
Height Average
Weight Average
Marital Status Married
Children N/A
Social Media N/A


Jessica Seanoa’s net worth as accounted for her husband’s Samoa Joe’s wrestling profession is speculated to about 4 million dollars. Jessica Samoa with husband Samoa Joe has been living together for more than a decade now.

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