Unknown Facts about the Dating & Married Life of Joe Mantegna’s Wife Arlene Vrhel

Arlene Vrhel is the wife of the famous Hollywood star Joe Mantegna, most might know him from his iconic role in the movie The Godfather III. Ranking in the Top 200 of the renowned celebrity spouse list, Arlene came into fame thanks to her husband’s profession. While she has no background in the TV or Film industry, peoples seem to love her for her sweet demeanor.

Here, we will be telling you guys about Joe Mantegna’s wife, Arlene Vrhel.

Who is Arlene Vrhel?

Arlene Vrherl, as we know, is the wife of a famous Hollywood actor Joe Mantegna. According to Joe Arlene is one year younger than him, so since Joe was born in the year 1947, we can assume Arlene was born in the year 1948. Though some sources are claiming her birthday to be August 20, 1949, there has been no proof about it whatsoever.

Also, Arlene was born and raised in Chicago but moved to California with her husband, Joe. Vrhel and Mantegna most likely met while they were both in Chicago, perhaps the same high school or college. It is unknown where Arlene attended her high school or college. But if it is the same as her husband Joe, then, J. Morton Sterling High School East and Goodman School of Drama at DePaul University might be the high school or college she attended.

Image of Restaurant Owner, Arlene Vrhel

Restaurant Owner, Arlene Vrhel

There has been no information regarding her parents as she doesn’t have any kind of online presence. Hence the lack of knowledge in her background.

Arlene Vrhel and Joe Mantegna: Meeting, Dating, and Marriage


While it is unknown when Arlene and Joe met or how they met, they started dating in the year 1973. For nearly two years, Joe courted Arlene, and they were a happy couple. But it all changed on October 3, 1975.

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It all changed on October 3, 1975, when Joe and Arlene got married. During the nearly two year courtship period, Joe and Arlene figured out that they loved each other and wanted to be a part of each other’s life. After a fabulous ceremony, Arlene became Joe Mantegna’s wife after saying ‘I do’ in a private ceremony in Paris.

It has been 44 years since their marriage, and they now have two kids, both are adults now, but their love doesn’t seem to dissipate or dilute one bit. The I Do binding them is what everyone looks for in their life, but Joe and Arlene have found and kept it safe. One of the happiest and longest-married couples of Hollywood.

Arlene Vrhel and Joe Mantegna’s Children

Joe and Arlene have two childrens together, both daughter and both of their daughters have grown up to be strong, beautiful women. Arlene and Joe’s first daughter Mia Mantegna was born in the year 1987 and is currently 32 years of age. Mia was diagnosed autistic after her second birthday, but that didn’t stop her from enjoying her life to the fullest. She currently works as a make-up artist and takes part in Autism Awareness programs.

Image of Arlene Vrhel with her husband Joe Mantegna with their kids Mia and Gia

Arlene Vrhel with her husband, Joe Mantegna with their kids Mia and Gia

Mia’s Sister Gina Mantegna was born in the year 1990, making her 30 years of age at the time of writing this post. Gina went on to change her name from Gina Mantegna to Gia Mantegna at the age of 18. With a height of 1.64m, she stands nearly the same height as her mother. Gia is an actress and has worked in several TV  shows like The middle, Gigantic, etc.

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Arlene Vrhel Net Worth

Arlene used to be a stay at home mother to make sure that her daughter Mis is taken care of all the time during Mia’s early years. But as Mia grew up, Arlene also gained more freedom, and once Mia became independent, Arlene started living her life.

Arlene moved towards her lifelong dream of owning a restaurant. Together with her husband, Joe Mantegna Arlene opened a restaurant in California, Taste Chicago. Arlene started working there as owner, managerial, and kitchen staff. She put her all into being the owner of the restaurant and serving good food to the patrons.

Taste Chicago served dishes like Vienna Beef Hot Dogs in poppy seed bun, Pizza, and some other types of Italian and Chicago typical foods. While the restaurant was reasonably popular, it has recently closed down in the march of 2019. Right now, it is unknown what Arlene is doing exactly, but photos of her touring in different cities can be seen in her husband and daughter’s social media accounts.

Joe Mantegna Net Worth

As for the net worth, it is going to be the accumulation of wealth she has done from her time owning the restaurant. With her husband’s colossal net worth of $18 million, it is unlikely Arlene has any debts, so all her earnings should go into her net worth.

Arlene’s estimated net worth is in six digits, i.e., over $100,000, but it might as well in millions. Her networth has such a considerable estimation mark due to her being a previous restaurant owner in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities to live in. So, we can expect her restaurant to have made good cash from such a neighborhood.

Quick Facts about Arlene Vrhel

Name Arlene Vrhel
Birth Year 1948
Occupation Restaurant Owner
Spouse Joe Mantegna (m.1975)
Children Two Daughter
Mia Mantegna
Gina (Gia) Mantegna
Net Worth $100,000
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height 1.7 m (roughly)

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