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Lilly Pino Wiki-Biography; Meet her Husband Danny Pino, Children and Married Life

Lilly Pino is a former actress known for a critically acclaimed movie Rosa. She is also widely known as the wife of famous Latino actor Danny Pino who’s been in numerous popular shows like Law & Order and Cold Case.

She walked out of the entertainment industry for better parenting of her children and to support her partner’s acting career. So, let’s get to know Lilly Pino’s personal side, her children, Family Life, and net worth in the headings below:

Lilly Pino Early Life

Lilly Pino seems like an introvert. She hasn’t openly talked about her early life, childhood, and siblings. We do know that she is a Florida resident and a performing arts graduate from Florida International University. Currently, she has walked out of the entertainment industry for the sake of her loving husband and two adorable children.

Lilly Pino Married Life With Danny & Their Children

Lilly and her husband, Danny Pino, can be termed as one of the adorable couples in Hollywood. She shares two lovely boys with Danny.

Image of Lily Pino with her husband Danny Pino

Lily Pino with her husband, Danny Pino

Danny and his wife Pino, gave birth to their firstborn son Luca Daniel, on February 15, 2006, in Los Angeles. The boy who weighed 8 pounds is now 13 years old teenager. Additionally, on June 5, 2007, the couple doubled their happiness giving birth to their second child son, Julian Franco, who weighed 7 lbs, 15 oz at birth.

Image of The couple has said that they are a little strict when it comes to raising their children.

The couple has said that they are a little strict when it comes to raising their children.

They are totally against having a nanny because they want their children to grow up knowing their parents. It might as well be the main reason that Pino isn’t active in acting anymore. Lilly is currently living a happy life with husband Danny and their children in their Los Angeles, California based home.

Image of Julian Franco Pino and Luca Daniel Pino

Julian Franco Pino and Luca Daniel Pino

Image of Julian Franco Pino and Luca Daniel Pino

Julian Franco Pino and Luca Daniel Pino

Lilly Pino Career Highlights And Net Worth

Lilly Pino is famous for her appearance in the critically hit movie, “Rosa.” It’s a story about a young girl who sells roses on the streets of a Latin American City. The film depicts a girl Rosa whose father has disappeared, and her mother has moved in with another man, but Rosa, with a torn photograph of her father, tries searching her father.

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She is also a known contributor to the NYU Creative Arts team and has appeared in some of the well-known plays like The Getty and Shim Chong. She has also been in a nationwide touring drama team from the National Theatre of America showcasing The States Barber Of Seville, where she portrayed the role of Rosina.

Kept aside her acting career, Lilly is also a lyricist and a composer, who wrote, composed and starred in Madrugada in Los Angeles. Lilly is now completely away from the media spotlight.

She is now not as active in acting as she was before the birth of her children, Lilly Pino, as a writer, actor, and music composer, has had some glorious moments in her life. Now Lilly lives a life away from the razzle-dazzle of Hollywood, so her current net worth and income are impossible to estimate. However, her Hialeah Gardens, Florida born husband Danny Pino’s current net worth is around $3 million earnings from his acting career.

Lilly Pino’s Body Stats

Lilly is a little Chubby, but she surely is a trophy wife to her husband, Danny Pino. Both the couple are Florida based. Hence we believe they knew each other for a long duration of time, but it, however, is just a hunch. Nothing significant is known about Lilly, but she is an adorable woman and mother of two lovely children.

As per their pictures, we can deduce that Lilly is somewhere around 5 foot 7inches or 5 ft. 8, and has a sexy curvy body. She has black hair and brown eyes. Let’s give you a fun fact here, Lilly and her husband Danny both have black hair, but her first son Luca Daniel has reddish-brown hair, however, their second child’s hair matches with his parent’s hair complexion.

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