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Monica Raymund Husband, Divorce, Net Worth, Measurements, Family, Wiki

Image of Monica Raymund husband, divorce, net worth, measurements, ethnicity, family and wiki

Do you remember the popular TV drama show Lie To Me? If yes, then you know too well who Monica Raymund is as she played the role Ria Torres in this drama show. Besides her appearance on the show and the show Chicago Fire, can you confidently describe the star off-screen?

I mean, can you be able to quickly state Monica Raymund’s net worth, age, nationality, ethnicity, height, and weight? Is the answer no? But are you still eager to unveil these details? You only need to keep reading through this piece which exposes all these details including Monica Raymund’s husband, children and recent rumors about her leaving Chicago fire.

Monica Raymund Married to Husband and Divorce. Any Children?

As of now, Monica Raymund’s husband remains a matter of speculations. However, on the 11th day of June 2011, the queen exchange vows with the love of his life. Who do you think this guy could be? Well, Monica Raymund’s husband from 2011 to 2014 was Neil Patrick Stewarts.

Image of Monica Raymund with her ex-husband Neil Patrick Stewarts

Monica Raymund with her ex-husband, Neil Patrick Stewarts

Professionally, the guy identifies as a writer. Although they officially signed the divorce papers in 2014, they had long been separated for a year.  Upon their divorce, it was the main reason behind their divorce was not disclosed. Reports coming in indicate that the main reason behind their divorce was the star’s sexuality as she is a bisexual.

Proving the information as correct is not only her divorce and lack of children of her own but the ongoing stories of her dating Tari Segal. Tari is a director of photography. The relationship between Tari and the actress is yet to be confirmed, but he stands to be the possible person to be Monica Raymund’s husband. More information about their affair will sooner rather than later be updated on this site. Despite their break up, Monica Raymund and his ex-husband are still in good terms. Nonetheless, it must have been quite tough for Monica Raymund’s husband as of 2011 to discover that the love of his life is a bisexual.

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Monica Raymund Net Worth

Have you ever taken a moment to spy on the kind of life she is living? If not, be aware that she is one of those few female forces leaving their lives extravagantly. This said, there is no way you are expecting Monica Raymund’s net worth to be anything less, and the case should be the same for her salary. Unfortunately, details about the amount the income the actress pockets monthly or annually remain hidden. As for her net worth, everything is out in the open. According to most reputable sites, Monica Raymund’s net worth is about $4 million. This is the figure as of 2018.

Her career in acting is responsible for the net worth she enjoys today which should tell you that acting in every aspect pays. Hopefully, she will explore more ventures in the line of her career to boost her net worth. In case this happens you will be the first one to known of the updated figure of Monica Raymund’s net worth.

Image of Actor, Monica Raymund net worth is $4 million

Monica Raymund from Chicago Fire net worth is $4 million

How old is Monica Raymund? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

The queen is expecting to turn 33 years come 2019. Affirming her age as correct is her actual date of existence which was on the 26th day of July 1986. Florida in the United States of America is the lady’s original birthplace.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

One of the things that make her the center of attraction other than her beauty is her glass hour body, right. Well, responsible for her curves are her amazing body measurements of 36-26-27 inches. About her height and weight, the actress measures 5 feet and 7 inches and 55 kilograms.

Image of Actor, Monica Raymund height is 5 feet and 7 inches

Actor, Monica Raymund height is 5 feet and 7 inches

Wiki, Bio

Steve Raymund and Sonia Raymund are the proud parents of Monica Raymund. While her mother is the founder of St. Petersburg based Soulful Arts Dance Academy as well as a community volunteer, her father is a board chairman and former CEO of Tech Data Corp. The star’s father possesses a European Jewish and German ancestry, and her mother is from the Dominican Republic. This is to mean that Monica Raymund is an American categorizing in the mixed ethnicity.

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The actress was raised alongside his late brother Will who was an alumnus of Berklee College and an aspiring lightning engineer. About studies, the lady graduated from Shorecrest Preparatory School and joined Julliard School in Manhattan to study performing arts. She completed her studies in 2008 and pursued her acting career before graduating the star had the privilege of enrolling in Tampa’s Broadway Theatre Projects and North Carolina School of Arts rooted in Winston Salem. Other than acting, the lady is an activist advocating for the rights of the LGBT community, and this is no surprise given her bisexual nature.

Is Monica Raymund leaving Chicago Fire? Why?

For some time now there have been talks about Monica Raymund leaving Chicago Fire. Well, the story happens to be true, and no she is not leaving but has already said goodbye to the television show.  According to the actress, her contract was coming to an end, and while she could have easily renewed it, she felt it was time to explore other venture as she had been in the show for nearly five years.  However, she admits that she is going to miss the show and fans of the show a bunch.

Quick Facts about Monica Raymund

Name Monica Raymund
Age 32
Birthdate July 26, 1986
Birthplace Florida, USA
Parents Steve Raymund & Sonia Raymund
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Career Acting
Net worth $4 million
Husband Divorced
Sexuality Bisexual
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 55kgs
Body measurements 36-26-37

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