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Moonshiner Jim Tom Hedrick Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Health Updates

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  • September 8, 2023September 8, 2023

Jim Tom Hedrick is an American reality television star. His major fame has emanated from his appearances in the Discovery Channel show “Moonshiners.” Besides being in a TV personality, he has also ventured into many other fields.

His old age has, however, limited his activities and this has led to some rumors that he may even be dead. In this article, we try to examine these rumors as well as his net worth and whether he has a wife or not.

Jim Tom Moonshiners Net Worth

The celebrated TV personality has made most his income from being a moonshiner and endorsement from his association with Sugarland Distilling Company. He is also said to have had a good salary while in the discovery show. His estimated net worth is $200,000.

Image of Jim Tom Hedrick from Moonshiners net worth is $200,000

Jim Tom Hedrick from Moonshiners net worth is $200,000

Jim Tom Married Life with Wife and Children

The reality TV personality is among those who have kept their private life completely out of the public. There is hardly anything known on whether he is married or not, and if he has children. We can only suspect that he had some relationships while he was a young boy. This is from the stories he tells about his childhood on how he used to have affairs with girls.


The American star can almost be termed as a jack of all trends. This is from his involvement in multiple things which he has done in his lifetime. Among his many involvements include plumbing, electrical works, vehicle maintenance, and ham radio operator.

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Moreover, he is also known for his prowess in music. He has recorded several songs, but his hit song which catapulted him to fame was “Golly That’s Good.” He is also known to be a great storyteller.

The celebrated actor made his debut in the show Moonshiners in November 2012. This was during its second season. The show is rather a bit controversial with the episodes including scenes where the cast engage in brewing moonshine while evading the authorities in the Appalachian region of United States. Ironically, the authorities have not found any illegal activities by its cast in their real life. It is however alleged that at one point, Jim Tom Hedrick was put under police custody for being drunk.

Image of Jim Tom Hedrick from Moonshiners show

Jim Tom Hedrick from Moonshiners show

As age has been catching up with him, the TV star has started to go slow on his appearances. His experience of over 60 years, however, still makes him an invaluable addition to any team that he joins.

His last regular appearance at the show which airs on Discovery channel was in 2016. He appears to have left the show after that and as at present, we do not know whether he will ever make any return to the show shortly.

Besides being in the TV show, the celebrity also worked for constructions and cotton gin as well. He was a plumber and is known to have great experience serving as a vehicle maintenance guy as well as in dealing with electronics. He still knows how to identify the faults and what measures to use to improve the batch in a still. Jim is also an expert in customizing copper still as per the need of the situation.

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Wikipedia, Biography

Jim Tom Hedrick was born on Christmas day, 25th December 1940.  Jim age is currently 78 years. He is a resident of Robbinsville, North Caroline according to some celebrity websites. He is of the White ethnicity and an American national.

Jim Tom Hedrick also did most of his growing up in Graham County, North Carolina. Besides that, there is no information about his parents and whether he has siblings or not. He is said to have done his high school studies at Robbinsville High School.

In addition, the TV star is a great storyteller who is blessed with perfect height and a slim structured body.

Is Jim Tom Hedrick Dead? His Health Problems

It is true that on 31st October 1962 Jim Tom Hedrick was involved in a tragic road accident. He had been in a race together with the husband to his girlfriend’s sister. He was driving his 1961 “Starliner 390” at a speed of 115 miles/hr. At one of the road curves in Robbinsville, he had an head-on-collision with Jerry’s father who happened to have been coming from the opposite direction at 85 miles/hr. He was driving his  1955 Ford Station Wagon.

The accident left the actor with grave injuries. He had to be taken to Andrew’s hospital where he got several stitches on his head. It was so bad that a steel rod had to be implanted into his right leg.

Other than that, the now retired actor is said to have some health challenges as a result of his old age. His specific health problem has, however, not been disclosed.

All said and done, Jim Tom Hedrick is very much alive. He is not dead as some rumors have been doing rounds.

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