Natasha Raskin Net Worth, Husband, Married Life, Age, Wiki and Bio

History is a critical thing treasured by all from Kings to commoners. An average person’s general understanding of History, however, is too scarce even to recognize arts and antiques that have a very significant symbolism in the history. Among the group of people that do have knowledge and experience in the field of local antiques and art is Scotland’s Natasha Raskin.

Natasha Raskin is an antiques and art expert especially the category of Scottish contemporary art who has starred in various arts and antiques related shows like ‘Antiques Road Trip’ and ‘Flog It!’. Learn more about her career as an expert and the net worth that arises from it. Also, take a look at her married life for the introduction of her husband. Do not forget to check out her age, wiki, and bio.

Natasha Raskin Net Worth

Natasha Raskin is a famous Scottish art and antique expert. Her works have been known all around the country and many parts of the world thanks to her involvement in the show ‘Antiques Road Expert.’ She has also made an appearance in many similar other arts and antiques related reality TV shows like ‘Celebrity Antiques Road Trip,’ ‘Flog it!’, ‘Bargain Hunt,’ ‘For What it’s Worth’ and ‘Baggage Battles.’ Her involvements in such shows play a huge role in the collection of a large sum as her net worth. Her apparent net worth, however, is still under review and yet to be reviewed. Her salary is also under-review but judging from her long career in TV it is not hard to speculate that she has a humongous net worth and salary.

Natasha Raskin Net worth house car lifestyle

Caption:- Natasha Raskin current age is 32, and her Net Worth is Yet unknown.

Raskin had always not seen interested in the career as an expert in arts and antiques. In fact, she even got into law school but left her pursuit for the degree just a year later. The Antiques Road star then decided a career in fashion designing by working for Alice Temperley Fashion House. She worked in the 2008 elections for Barack Obama under the fashion house. She managed to catch his eye, and the former President of United States even wrote her a signed reference for her work.

After that, Natasha Raskin again joined the Glasgow University and graduated with a degree in History of Arts and French. After that, she entered an auction house in Glasgow called McTear’s as an official auctioneer. She later became Head of Pictures there, and her works in that post are documented in her show ‘Antiques Road Trip.’

Natasha Raskin Married Life and Husband

Natasha Raskin is a successful woman when it comes to her career, but you can get a sense of that just by watching her shows. Something that many people do not know about is the ‘Ancient Road Trip’ star’s personal life. In her own life, she is married to husband, Joe Sharp. Her husband Joe Sharp is a famous award-winning director and producer who also works in the show. So her full name, in fact, is Natasha Raskin Sharp.

Natasha Raskin husband Joe Sharp married life kids dating

Caption:- Natasha Raskin with her husband, Joe Sharp

Natasha and Joe have been married for more than half year after pronouncing each other husband and wife on 18th September 2016. There is very less information when it comes to their personal life. So, it is no wonder that divorce rumors have also arisen speculating as to the end of their married life. However, as no reliable sources have claimed such divorce rumors, we can conclude that there are no problems in their married life at least one leading to a divorce.

Natasha Raskin Age, Wiki, and Bio

Natasha Raskin Shape was born in 1986 and by yearly calculation is 32 years of age this year. She was born in 1986 as a middle child in a family of art and antique lover including her father, Philip Raskin. Philip Raskin was quite a famous artist himself specializing in the same field as his daughter Natasha that is Scottish contemporary paintings. He loves to draw landscapes and seascapes but also has done some TV presenting.

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