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Omari Hardwick Wife Jennifer Pfautch, Married, Children, Net worth, Family, Married, Siblings

Omari Hardwick is an American actor who gained popularity from his work playing different roles on the various movie and series like The A-team, Kick-Ass, Power, Miracle at Sta. Ana, and more. The actor has a career which could easily result in an enormous net worth of millions. Learn his exact net worth along with information of his married life, his role as a husband, and children from his bio. 

Who is Omari Hardwick? 

Omari Hardwick is a 46-year-old Hollywood actor best known for his role in Miracle at St. Anna. Omari was born in 1975, January 1, Savanna, Georgia. Hardwick was always fond of writing poems and playing sports since the early days.

During his high school, he was brilliant at playing Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Due to that, he was easily provided with a scholarship from the University of Georgia. Though he was good at it, he minored in acting and poetry. We also got to know that he is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

Image of American actor, Omari Hardwick's amazing net worth and married life

American actor, Omari Hardwick

Omari Hardwick’s Net worth:

Omari Hardwick’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. He paved his way surpassing all the hurdles that came to bother him to reach his current success and net worth. He is well known among the people, and fans love him for his work.

Image of Jennifer Pfautch's husband Omari Hardwick net worth is $5 million

American actor, Omari Hardwick net worth is $5 million

Now, you might be wondering if his wife’s net worth is the same or not right? Let me tell you about it.

Hardwick’s wife Jennifer Pfautch has the net worth of $1.5 million. If adding their net worth together, it becomes $6.5 million. Both of them are happy with their current situation and loves one another as much as they loved when they tied the knot in 2012. The husband and wife are not just a perfect duo in their personal life but professional also.

Omari Hardwick Married Life as Jennifer Pfautch’s Husband:

Omari Hardwick’s married his current wife Jennifer Pfautch in 2012 after dating secretly for years. They even married in secret, so many did not even recognize Omari Hardwick as Jennifer Pfautch’s husband.

His love for his children is enormous. However, the couple is very loving to one other. To them, family always comes first. The duo named their children Nova and Brave. I personally love the children’s names and think they’re lovely.

Image of Omari Hardwick wife Jennifer Pfautch, their married and family life

Omari Hardwick with his wife, Jennifer Pfautch

Talking more about Hardwick’s wife, she enjoys life very much. She is a producer and a publicist. But, their marriage was not as smooth as other celebrities had. The fans opposed the wedding and gave harsh comments. But what kept them strong was their unconditional love and support to each other

Omari Hardwick’s Children.

Omari Hardwick doesn’t have any other marriage besides his wife, Jennifer. But, that doesn’t mean he was not into any other relationship.

Omari had a girlfriend whom he dated for years. They were pretty happy with each other. They had a lovely child.  If it were the same, Omari would now have three children, two sons, and a daughter. But misfortunes always gets the best of us.

Image of Omari Hardwick wife Jennifer Pfautch and daughter, Nova

Omari Hardwick with his wife Jennifer Pfautch and with their daughter, Nova

On an unfortunate day, Omari and his ex-girlfriend had to lose their only child. In 2007, the ex coupe lost the apple of their life. The more heartbreaking news is that the son was still an infant when he lost his soul from his body.

Omari and his then-girlfriend dated for three years. They were different in the race, which resulted in her whole family with her parents disowning her. However, Omari and his parents gave her all the emotional support she needed.

However, seeing all this leaves no doubt that Omari backfired the fans who bashed his beautiful wife calling her “ugly” and “masculine.” Who wouldn’t want to defend the love of their life right? Don’t you think you would do the same? Cause I know, I would.

Hardwich’s Siblings:

Among all the four siblings, Omari and his third sibling, brother are the only ones remaining alive. His sister died at a young age. She was only 33 when she passed away. The power superstar Omari’s sister was called Shani Hardwick. Similarly, Malik Harwick, Omari’s brother, also passed on the age of 45. 

It looks like the family was not so blessed with family members looking at the number of unfortunate deaths that have occurred to date. 

Who is Omari’s Wife, Jennifer Pfautch:

Jennifer Pfautch is a 36-year-old American producer and publicist. But, her fame rose only after marrying to the power star, Omari Hardwick.  As per her body measurement, she is quite tall, 5ft. 9inch and weighs around 70kg. 

Image of Publicist, Jennifer Pfautch

Publicist, Jennifer Pfautch

Just how we’ve mentioned above that the couple loves keeping their life personal, Omari’s wife Jennifer is strict on sharing her information. So we don’t very much know about her.

Quick Facts about Omari:

Name Omari Hardwick
Age 39
Birthdate 1st July 2011
Birthplace America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actor
Spouse Jennifer Pfautch
Net Worth Approx. $5 million
Height  Average
Weight Average
Marital Status Married
Children 2
Social Networking Instagram



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