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Pio La Ditingancia ‘Abreu Sosa’ Biography, Net Worth, Disease, Parents, Wiki

How often can you detect someone disguising his age, well up to an extent, you can but not in the case of Pio La Ditingancia. The distinctive media personality can blow your mind with his fun talks, which on the first glance is already blown by his age. His real name is Jonathan Abreu Sosa, but the social media gave it a further enhancement. Today he is called as Pioladitingancia Abreu, aka, “NO FOCKIN BABY.”

He emergence as a social media personality, and his looks are attributed to something; he has no control over, which is further discussed in this article. There are other figures about the net worth of Pio La Ditingancia, his girlfriend and family live briefly.

Who is Pio La Ditingancia ‘Abreu Sosa’?

Pio La Ditingancia ‘Abreu Sosa’ was born on October 5, 1993, at Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic.  He, at his young age, was diagnosed with a hormonal disorder, where the body is unable to produce the growth hormones. His mother was told of the condition in which the child would be unable to make growth past the height and body of a six-year-old child.

The health complications and financial pressure made his family migrate to New York City. It is the same child Jonathan, who made his health condition an advantage to attract millions of fans, not out of his begging’s or sympathy, but with his entertaining abilities and confidence.  Perhaps, social media owes a special thanks from him.

Despite the Childs aspirations to learn acting and architecture, his fate pushed him to work for food in the groceries. However, in his youth, the social media platform worked as a boon for him. His story is an inspiring tale of what a human being can achieve with a bit of struggle and inspiration. Pio La Ditingancia ‘Abreu Sosa’ is an example of a person who earns a splendid amount by doing what he socially desires.

He has a magnificent fan base of about 3.4 million fans on Instagram and over 58k subscriptions on his YouTube channel.

Image of Pio La Ditingancia from movie I Got the Hook Up 2

Pio La Ditingancia from the movie I Got the Hook Up 2

Additionally, he is an aspiring and promised actor, and cast in the movies Trabajo Sucio (2018), La Maravilla (2019) and I Got the Hook Up 2 (2019) heightens his career to a new level.

Pio La Ditingancia Net Worth. How much is Pio La Ditingancia’s worth?

The net worth of Pio La Ditingancia’s is contributed to a good extent by the Instagram followings, which brings him further business and sponsorship opportunities. His associations with the BET network and movie associations is speculated to further summon to his assets. Pio La Ditingancia’s actual net worth has been estimated at  300k – 400k USD as of 2017.

Image of Instagram star, Pio La Ditingancia net worth is $400,000

Instagram star, Pio La Ditingancia net worth is $400,000

Is Pio La Ditingancia Married to Wife or Dating to Girlfriend?

Pio La Ditingancia’s official relationship status is single but his posts and photos, mostly with hot girls, on the contrary, does hint for something else. His luxurious and epicure life must have been an attractant to many, but he has been able to filter the prying eyes of public and media to glance on him at a personal level. Pio La Ditingancia’s girlfriend, in rumors, is assumed to be Sarodj Bertin, with whom the Instagrammer has been spotted at multiple instances in the beach.

Image of Pio La Ditingancia

Pio La Ditingancia is currently single

Meanwhile, for the dude, there is no much need to be on a commitment or to be married, when you already have a pile of resources to keep the 25-year-old child stimulated to his best.

Pio La Ditingancia Parents

It was once in his Instagram; he posted a photo of his mother calling her a “mamichula,” which means lady in red in Spanish. Except for this post, the information on Pio La Ditingancia parents, especially his father, is not known. He also has a disguised family and educational background.

Image of Pio La Ditingancia with his mother

Pio La Ditingancia with his mother

Disease, Hormonal Disorder. How is he doing now?

Jonathan Abreu Sosa is known to have a hormonal disorder, which produces the growth hormone stimulation in the body. As per the implications are given to his mother, he is supposed to have the height and growth of a six-year-old child. He is, however, known to be free from other diseases and health complications.

Personal life

The hormonal abnormality in Pio La Ditingancia ‘Abreu Sosa’ gives him a height of 140 cm, and he looks the charm of a teenager, despite he is already in his mid-twenties. His self-esteem and energy are the ones to keep him directed to a successful life.

Image of Pio La Ditingancia height is 4 feet 5 inches

Pio La Ditingancia height is 4 feet 5 inches

Quick Facts on Pio La Ditingancia ‘Abreu Sosa’

Full name Jonathan Abreu Sosa
Age 25
Birthdate October 5, 1993
Birth Place Dominican Republic
Nationality Dominican/ American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Profession Instagram star/ Youtuber
Spouse N/A
Net worth 300k – 400k USD
Height 140 cm
Weight N/A
Marital Status Single
Children N/A
Zodiac Libra
Social Media Instagram


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