Who is Ricky Berwick? What Disease and Disabilities does Ricky have?

If you are common with a smartphone, then you most likely know what a meme is and by so doing probably have seen Rick Berwick. You just didn’t know him yet. Berwick is vast on large social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where he uploads creative and satirical comical videos. If you still have no clue as to who he is, worry not as we’ll highlight his wiki here. We’ll also break down some of the scientific terms used to describe his rare disease and what it’s up to live with the disability. Learn about Ricky Berwick’s disease, age, wiki-bio.

Who is Ricky Berwick?

The best words to describe Ricky Berwick would be a visionary Canadian comedian and entrepreneur with greater followership on social media. Ricky is a king on YouTube with 1.2 million subscribers, 310.9K followers on Instagram, and 201K followers on Twitter.

His YouTube skits usually take about 30 seconds. However, there have been some which last quite longer when he gets to self-express himself. The YouTube sensation currently resides in Ontario, Canada with his parents.

He is very passionate about cats and owns two. Their names are Shady and Ronny. Furthermore, he is also a fan of reptiles and kept a bearded baby dragon as a pet. He even named it Flick.

Ricky Berwick’s Disability, Disease, and Medical Conditions

Aside from his rad tongue-flicking skills which you will likely see in his viral videos, Berwick was born with a disability. It is a rare genetic disease known as Congenital Contractural Arachnodactyly (CCA) or Beals Hecht Syndrome for short.

Image of Ricky Berwick Disabilities

Ricky Berwick Disabilities

The medical condition is only transmitted through hereditary acquisition. Scientists have found its source as caused by a mutation in a particular gene. Simply put, it’s a connective tissue disorder visible by a greater arm span than the person’s height. They usually have very long fingers and toes.

Some good news from all of this is that it doesn’t affect the life expectancy of the person suffering from it. Otherwise translated to more of Ricky Berwick’s funny videos for YouTube subscribers of his channel.

Ricky Berwick married to Wife or dating Girlfriend? His Net Worth

While the disability may render him short in stature, Ricky Berwick age is relatively in the mid-twenties. Many people have been wondering whether he is married to a wife or not. Rest assured that he isn’t. Some may think, why not have a wife to help him out and show support? Well, that’s what family is for. He still lives with his parents in Canada. However, he has done quite some videos about his alleged girlfriends.

Nevertheless, he has proven that he can do fine on his own by working independently and garnered quite a lot. Quite contrary to most beliefs, the YouTube star doesn’t just make money off of social sites but also through his businesses. You can buy his branded shirts and hoodies can online at www.fanfiber.com. Social media is his market tunnel, and with the huge following that he has, his company keeps on expanding. Rick Berwick’s net worth is yet to be unveiled, but many speculate that it is in hundreds of thousands.

Image of Ricky Berwick net worth is not available

Ricky Berwick net worth is not available

Ricky Berwick Wiki-bio

Name Ricky Berwick
Age 26
Date of Birth April 23rd, 1992
Place of Birth Canada
Profession YouTube entertainer
Net worth N/A
Girlfriend Not disclosed
Kids None
Height N/A
Disease Beals Syndrome
Star Sign Taurus

 According to his wiki, Ricky was born on April 23rd, 1992. His parents are Barbara and Devon Berwick. His birthplace is still his current home city and country, Canada making his nationality that of Canadian. Away from the camera, there is not much to go on since he doesn’t share much on his family.

Nevertheless, we do know that his parents were born healthy but carriers of the gene. The Instagram Star couldn’t walk during his earlier days and had to use a wheelchair to move about. His condition mostly affects the knees, ankles, hips, and elbows.

Moving onto his career, Berwick took a giant leap into stardom back in 2006, but as fate would have it, it just wasn’t his time yet. Fast forwarding into the future, the 26-year-old uploaded a video on Twitter that got reposted on Facebook before it went viral.

On seeing that Twitter did his work justice, he worked on his stuff for about a year before reopening his YouTube account. The reception was very conducive, and millions of followers were proliferating. It only took him two years to change his status into an internet celebrity.

Moreover, it was not limited to YouTube since he also made his debut into television as a guest on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0. The exposure opened up other opportunities to work with other celebrities like Daniel Keem.

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